Cute Farm Names for your Farm in Stardew Valley

Are you starting a new farm again on Stardew Valley? If you’re running out of ideas for cute farm names for your new playthrough, this article is for you!

Cute farm names for Stardew Valley
Can’t think of a farm name?

Stardew Valley has been out since February 2016. Thousands of people play the game daily, and some even have multiple save files. Some people have story playthroughs, some try out mods, and some base their game on certain characters. It stands to reason that players would run out of creative farm name ideas.

Cute Farm Names for Stardew Valley

Most people can consider the graphic style of Stardew Valley already very cute. Some can even make their game and characters look even more adorable with various mods and shaders. If you’re looking for cute farm name ideas, this one’s for you!

Farm NameDescription/Source
Cute ValleyBased on the mod of the same name, that makes everything in Stardew Valley pink!
LittlewoodsThis is just a cute name for a forest farm, especially with its little patches of wood.
Blossom FieldIf you love flowers and plan on planting loads of them, then this name’s perfect!
MooncrestFor those who love the moon and all its phases.
Honey Bee/BumblebeeThis is for people who plan on crafting thousands of beehives and ruining the economy of the valley.
Daisy DaleFor those who love Daisies and alliteration.
Pixie HollowThis is for fans of Disney’s “Tinkerbell.”
Flower HavenFor those who plan on planting flowers upon flowers in Stardew Valley.
Apple AcresAnother alliteration for apple appreciators.
Rainbow/Rainbow HillsThis is for those who love rainbows and plan to make their farm as colorful as possible.
Garden ValleyIf you plan on filling your farm with pretty plants and flowers, this is the perfect name for it!
Cotton FieldFor those who love making clothes in the game, plus “cotton” just sounds cute.
Sunny AcresThis is for people who love the sun and all the bright, happy things in life!
Pink/Rose MeadowFor those who love the color “pink” and plan to make their farm as pink as possible.
Star ShoreFor those who love the stars and the beach at the same time.

Cottagecore Farm Names

Stardew Valley is one of the most perfect games if you’re into cottagecore. It has that small-town, rustic charm, and a farming-foraging aspect that people just adore. In fact, there are hundreds of cottagecore mods and playthroughs around. Check out this list if you’re looking for cute farm names for your cottagecore Stardew Valley playthrough!

Farm NameDescription/Source
Bramble HillBramble is a commonly found plant in the woods and is foraged for food and drink.
RosewoodThis is a pretty name for a farm and it’s also inspired by the hit series “Pretty Little Liars.”
FlowersongFor those who love both flowers and singing! A cute farm name for a cottagecore-themed farm.
Sleeping FairyIf you were that kid who waited up for the tooth fairy or loved fairies in general, this one’s for you.
WildwoodThis is for people doing a wild-themed playthrough, even using the forest or wilderness farm.
Grassy KnollFor those who plan to surround their entire farm with patches of grass.
Bloom ValleyThis is for people who plan on filling not just their farm but the valley with flowers.
Spring Creek This is perfect for people who love the Spring season and the relaxing sounds of a creek nearby.
Mystic FallsInspired by the fictional town in “The Vampire Diaries,” for those using farm maps with waterfalls.
EvergreenFor those who love plants and plan on making their farm as green and lush as possible.
Sugar PlumThis is for fans of Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s beautiful ballet, The Nutcracker.
Stars HollowIf you love Gilmore Girls,” this is the perfect name for your cottagecore farm.
MoonridgeFor those who just love the moon in general.
Sunny HillsIf you love sunshine and pretty views, this is a pretty great farm name for you.
Moss BlanketIf you recognize this, it’s a location in “Slime Rancher,” another relaxing farming simulator.
Hearts HallowFor those who plan on romancing certain characters in town and developing relationships with everyone.

Fairytale Themed Farm Names

A fairytale playthrough is such a fun and cute idea for Stardew Valley. The setting of a small town with a close-knit community of curious villagers is very perfect for any fairytale, not to mention all the sprinkles of magic and mystery. If you’re looking to enter the valley with a magical storybook twist, this list is for you!

Witch Cottage by the Sea
Farm NameDescription/Source
NeverlandInspired by Disney’s Peter Pan. The fictional island is somewhere kids always dream of going.
RivendellThis is a pretty name for a farm and it’s also taken from the dreamy city of the elves in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.
Emerald CityFor those who love the Wizard of Oz, the enchanting tale of ruby slippers and yellow brick roads.
HogwartsIf you were that kid who waited for their Hogwarts letter when they turned eleven.
Cair ParavelThis is for those who love the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. Cair Paravel is the citadel where Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy lived during their reign.
ArendelleIf you love Disney’s Frozen, then this name would be perfect for your farm. It will be a hit during winter!
Hundred AcreThis is for people who grew up watching or reading Winnie The Pooh. He and his friends live in the Hundred Acre Wood.
Gavaldon This is perfect for people who love the School for Good and Evil. Gavaldon is the hometown of main characters, Sophie and Agatha.
WonderlandInspired by the strange and whimsical fictional land in Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll.
WinterfellFrom the hit series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, Winterfell is the home of the Starks in the North.
Swan LakeThis is for fans of Tchaikovsky’s beautiful story of the same name.
Cloud CityIf you love Star wars,” this is the perfect name for your dream farm. It’s the ultimate fantasy location.
FairytopiaFor those who are fans of the Barbie movies, especially Fairytopia. It’s the magical city where all fairies and their friends live.
AndalasiaIf you love the movie “Enchanted,” you’ll love this name for your farm. This is perfect for stunning sceneries, cozy cottages, and cute critters.
Mt OlympusThis is where the ancient greek gods and goddesses live in Greek Mythology and is one of the settings of Disney’s Hercules.
StorybrookeBased on the fictional town in the hits series “Once Upon A Time.” Storybrooke is home to all the fairytale characters we know and love.

Beach Farm Names

The Beach Farm is one of the latest farm types in Stardew Valley. It features white sand instead of soil and the farm is surrounded by the sea. It’s certainly a beautiful option for your Stardew Valley farm. If you’re looking for names for your new beach farm, then this is for you!

Farm NameDescription/Source
ParadiseBeaches are paradise. Period.
WaikikiThis is a popular beach in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Shell CottageThis is where Bill and Fleur Weasley (from Harry Potter) lived and provided sanctuary.
Mermaid BayIf you were that kid who thought they’d become a mermaid when they turned 18, this is for you.
Pirate CoveThis is for people doing a pirate playthrough and using all the pirate-themed items in the game.
Neptune BayNeptune is the Roman god of freshwater and the sea. His Greek counterpart is Poseidon.
Mako IslandThis is for fans of the hit TV show, “H20.” Mako Island is where mermaids are created and found.
Palm BeachThis would match the palm-themed decorations and Banana Trees.
MoonlightInspired by the Moonlight Jellies that appear during the summer. Who doesn’t love the moonlit beach?
Atlantica/AtlantisFor those who love Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” and “Atlantis” respectively.
MermaidiaThis is for Barbie Fairytopia fans! The second movie is all about the underwater world called Mermaidia.
Starfish PointIf you love starfish, this is the perfect name.
MotunuiFor those who love Disney’s “Moana.” The island of Motunui is the setting for the story.
Willow ShoreFor those who love willow trees or Taylor Swift’s song by the same name.

If, however, none of these options work for you, there’s another way! Listed below will be a bunch of words you can mix and match to create your very own cute farm name for Stardew Valley.

Example: Lemon + Wood= Lemonwood Farm | Fairy + Valley = Fairy Valley Farm


There you have it! Here are a few lists to help you find a cute farm name for Stardew Valley. Have fun playing!

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