What’s So Special About Stardew Valley Cookies?

Chewy chocolate chip cookies are a staple of Grandma’s cooking, and the world within Stardew Valley is no different. This detailed guide will cover how to get the recipe for cookies, the bundles, and quests that require them, and who love getting gifted these delicious desserts!

The Cookie Recipe In The Kitchen.
The Cookie Recipe In The Kitchen.


Cookies are a cooked dish in Stardew Valley. They are described as being very chewy and they look like a batch of three chocolate chip cookies perfectly browned. While they are not a profitable dish to cook, it does serve several important purposes!

Cookie.pngStardew Valley Cookies

How to get Cookies In Stardew Valley

There are more than a few ways to get your hands on cookies in Stardew Valley. You can craft cookies in the kitchen, receive them as a gift from Evelyn at the Feast of the Winter Star, buy them at the Stardrop Saloon or Krobus’ shop, find them in the garbage outside Evelyn and George’s home, or enclosed in a letter from Mom. Though, you will only get cookies in a letter from Mom if your character is male.

Preparing Cookies Yourself

To be able to craft this dish for yourself, you need to be able to cook, you need to have the recipe, and you need to have the correct ingredients. These three barriers are relatively easy to overcome, they just require some time to gather and unlock.

Cooking Skill

The ability to cook in Stardew Valley unlocks once you upgrade your farmhouse for the first time. Upgrading your farmhouse requires a trip to Robin. Pelican Town’s resident carpenter lives and works in the Carpenter’s Shop.

The easiest path to take to the Carpenter’s Shop is the path northwest of your farmhouse. Taking this small path will lead you north over Pelican town. It takes you directly to Robin’s house with the added bonus of foraging along the way.

The Carpenter’s Shop is open from 9 AM to 5 PM every day except Tuesday (closed) and Friday (closes early at 4 PM). As you enter the building, Robin is straight ahead behind a wooden counter. Just walk up to her and start a dialogue, then select Upgrade House.

The first house upgrade costs 10,000 gold and 450 wood, and adds a kitchen to your humble abode. After three days of construction, your house upgrade is complete and you are now able to cook!

The farmhouse after the first upgrade showing an added bedroom and kitchen.
The farmhouse after the first upgrade showing an added bedroom and kitchen.

Alternatively, after you become a level 9 forager you unlock the ability to craft a cookout kit. These small cooking campfires to-go allow you to cook anywhere on the map, not just in your farmhouse’s kitchen. The downsides are that each cookout kit costs 15 wood, 10 fiber, and 3 coal to craft. Also, they only last for the day, as any campfires will disappear overnight.

This recipe is relatively easy to obtain. After you achieve four hearts of friendship with Evelyn, you need to enter Evelyn’s home while she is inside. This will trigger a cutscene where Evelyn will be in the kitchen baking cookies, she offers you some and then will ask what you think.

You will even have a dialogue option to say whether it was delicious (boosting your friendship by 100 points) or that eating the cookie was like chewing on a hockey puck (taking 100 points from yours and Evelyn’s friendship). Regardless of the chosen dialogue option, Evelyn will give you the cookie recipe.

Evelyn is a hopeful and kind gardener, who likes milk which will be a steady way to increase your friendship with her. Her loved items include beets, chocolate cake, diamonds, fairy roses, stuffing, and tulips.


However, if you happen to experience a bug where you do not get the recipe even after seeing Evelyn’s 4-heart event, the recipe will then be sold at The Stardrop Saloon for 300 gold.

There are three simple ingredients that go into making a Stardew Valley salad: wheat flour, an egg, and sugar.

You can obtain wheat flour through placing wheat into the mill building on your farm, by purchasing it, or in supply crates on the Beach Farm. Wheat flour is for sale at either Pierre’s General Store for 100 gold or JojaMart for 125 gold. Also, if you are waiting for supply crates, keep in mind they will only drop wheat flour after the player has upgraded the Farmhouse at least once.

You can obtain sugar through the exact same measures as you can get wheat flour, except when interacting with the mill you need to put in beets instead of wheat.

Lastly, eggs are animal products that are obtained from white, brown, or blue chickens. Also, Marnie may possibly gift you 12 eggs at the Feast of the Winter Star.

Buying Cookies

It is available for sale in the rotating stock at The Stardrop Saloon. Gus’ welcoming restaurant and bar is located directly in the center of Pelican Town. You can find the Saloon above Mayor Lewis’ house and to the left of Evelyn, George, and Alex’s home.

The Saloon is open from 12 PM to 12 AM every day. Once you enter the building, Gus can be found behind the wooden bar in front of the door. Interacting with him allows you to buy a variety of different food, drink, and recipes, including salad. It can be bought for 300 gold per dish.

The Stardrop Saloon
The Stardrop Saloon

Cookies can also be bought from the rotating stock at Krobus’ shop on Saturdays. To buy this cooked dish from Krobus, you need to travel to his shop in the Sewers. After you obtain the rusty key from Gunther, you can enter the Sewers through two ways. One way is through the sewer cover in the south of Pelican Town. The other way is through the metal grates located in the south area of Cindersap Forest. After entering the Sewers, Krobus’ shop is located in the right-hand side of the are. 

What to do with Cookies in Stardew Valley

Since cookies are classified as a cooked dish, it can of course be sold or eaten, but these are not the only uses for this dish.

If you do choose to sell cookies, the base sell price is only 140 gold (210 gold with Qi’s seasoning) thus it is not profitable to sell it. This is why it always is better to do one of the following uses with cookies.

If you choose to eat it, it gives 90 energy points and 40 health points. If you add Qi’s seasoning it will help you even more by giving 162 energy points and 72 health points.

Crafting with cookies

Cookies can be used in the sewing machine located in Emily and Haley’s house to craft a shirt. Alternatively, it can be placed in the dye pots to craft orange dye.

Shirt077.pngThe shirt crafted using cookies.


Cookies are a fantastic way to increase your friendship points around Pelican Town because mostly everyone likes receiving these delicious desserts as a gift. The only villagers that dislike getting cookies are Harvey, Krobus, Leah, Leo, and Willy.


The only quest that cookies might be required for is if you build a Blobfish Fish Pond. A single cookie might be requested by the fish to raise their capacity from 5 fish to 7 fish.


Normally, cookies are not needed in any bundles, unless you choose the remixed bundles in which a single cookie is an option for the Children’s bundle in the Bulletin Board. Three items out of a list of four will be required and a reward of three battery packs will be given. The list of four items to choose from includes 10 salmonberries, a cookie, an ancient doll, and an ice cream.

Finishing the Bulletin Board improves the friendship rating with every non-romanceable villager by two full hearts, so it is an amazing “room” to complete.

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