Volcano Dungeon (Stardew Valley) – Tips, Facts, and More

Are you hesitating to travel to the Volcano Dungeon? Do you need guidance to make a safe trip to this location in Stardew Valley? Read this complete guide to know more!

The player standing near the entrance to the Volcano Dungeon in Stardew Valley.
One of Stardew Valley’s wonders – Volcano Dungeon.

After reaching the endgame in Stardew Valley, it’s not far-fetched that you’ve entered the Mines or Skull Cavern. Furthermore, you might have the Golden Scythe in your Inventory upon discovering the Quarry Mines.

Mining and Combat are two in-game elements as they maintain suspense between gathering valuable ores and defending from monsters’ attacks. Regardless, mastering each location can be an easy task, given your consistency to do so.

As of 1.5, which now’s also available to mobile devices, a new place has been introduced. Enter the Volcano Dungeon – a scorching hot area brimmed with Cinder Shards and Rocks. Read this in-depth guide as we reveal everything inside the new location, from treasures to monsters!

Where to Find the Volcano Dungeon

Before entering the Volcano Dungeon, it’s sensible first to reach the place where it belongs.

The first step should be completing the Community Center (or Joja Warehouse). Then, you’ll get access to Willy’s Boat, which you’ll use to travel to Ginger Island.

We advise going to the Jungle first (East entrance) and picking up the Golden Walnut. Afterward, befriend the Parrot and Leo to start your journey! Later, a Magma Sprite will lead you to the Volcano’s entrance, thus the Dungeon.

Volcano Dungeon Interior

The place is unique in every possible way. Instead of the Mines and Skull Cavern, where you descend floors, it’s the opposite for Volcano Dungeon. There are also nine floors filled with monsters, although there are lingering ones beyond the large lava pool.


Volcano Dungeon's entrance.
There’s more than those snapshots. Feel free to explore the real place.

After entering, you’ll notice a locked gate on the right side – a shortcut route to the Forge. In the opposite direction is a water reservoir. A few steps ahead is a pool of slow-moving lava and the sound of water and lava combined. A walkable block is noticeable, hinting at the Water Can’s functionality to help you cross.

Later on, you may build a bridge nearby for Golden Walnuts (5). This option saves you time from creating walkable paths with your water Can.

At the far Southwest area is a hidden exit passage that leads outside. From there, you can collect bonus Golden Walnuts.

Levels 1 to 9

The first nine levels of Volcano Dungeon will feature lava for the most part. Magma Sprites are present on all floors, but their stronger counterpart (Magma Sparkers) starts appearing on levels six to nine.

Since the floor generation is random, you may encounter islands, mushroom floors, or even hidden easter eggs. Proceeding through the next or previous levels is accessible by entering passages. Unfortunately, using a makeshift ladder (Staircase) won’t work as you’ll need to go upward instead of downward. Nonetheless, the final floor (Volcano Dungeon) has a shortcut you can use.

It’s noteworthy that the ninth floor has traps laid, aside from already-overwhelming counts of Magma Sprites.

For the most part, you’ll get every type of Ore Nodes in Stardew Valley. A higher Luck guarantees rarer drops like fossils and Prismatic Shard.

Dwarf’s Shop

The Dwarf's Shop in Stardew Valley.
A quick rest for your journey. Would you like to leave or continue?

On the fifth level of Volcano Dungeon is the Dwarf’s Shop. There are three destructible metal crates, a Water Reservoir, and a Parrot that transports you to the entrance. 

The following are all items you can purchase from the Dwarf’s Shop, alongside their prices:

Bomb600gSold daily
Cherry Bomb300gSold daily
Cinderclown ShoesCinder Shard (100)Sold daily
Ginger Ale Recipe1,000gSold daily (one-time)
Mega Bomb1,000gSold daily
Pink Bow10,000g25% chance of availability
Roots Platter1,200g50% chance of availability
Super Meal1,200g50% chance of availability
Warp Totem: Island Recipe10,000gSold daily (one-time)

Gated Doors

Gated Floors inside the Volcano Dungeon.
Find those buttons to activate the gate.

On some levels, an entry point toward another floor has a locked door. Opening it requires the activation of one to three pressure plates. Of course, you need to find it/them until the gate switches from red to green.


Island Floors inside the Volcano Dungeon.
Use your Watering Can to create walkable pathways toward them.

Occasionally, you may enter islands with surrounding lava in every direction. You can traverse towards it using the Watering Can, as they sometimes contain valuable treasure and even pressure plates.

Mushroom Floors

The Mushroom Floor inside the Volcano Dungeon.
The rare Mushroom Floor on sight.

This unique area inside the Volcano Dungeon is filled with Magma Caps – a rare mushroom type for regen/trading. However, False Magma Caps also use the forageable as a disguise to attack you if unseen.

Volcano Caldera

The Volcano Caldera.
What a beautiful view in Stardew Valley!

The Volcano Caldera is the topmost part of the area, containing the Forge for weapon and tools enhancement/enchantment. Moreover, the lava pool here is suitable for fishing, unlike lower levels. It’s also noteworthy that achieving Perfection will let you interact with the monkey and hand over the ??? Hat.

If you attempt fishing in the Volcano Caldera, you may get the following:

  • Lava Eel
  • Random Junk
  • ‘Physics 101’ Painting

To exit the Caldera, head over through another passageway on your left. It’ll lead back to the Entrance.


Volcano Dungeon is such an excellent place to unravel and collect fantastic riches. Aside from several ores and pieces of Stone, the following treasure chests and crates contain specific loot:

Metal Crates

A chest found on Volcano Dungeon containing all items you may get upon breaking Metal Crates.
Items from a Metal Crate.

A Metal Crate is a destructible object that contains various loot. There’s a 24% chance of a Dwarvish Sentry appearing upon destroying them.

Amethyst (1)8.57%
Cave Carrot (1 to 2)3%
Cinder Shard (1)1.11%
Coal (1 to 2)8.57%
Copper Ore (2 to 5)8.57%
Curiosity Lure (1)1.11%
Diamond (1)1.11%
Dwarvish Sentry (1)23.57%
Emerald (1)3%
Gold Ore (1 to 3)8.57%
Golden Walnut (capped)10%
Hardwood (2 to 5)8.57%
Iridium Ore (1)1.11%
Iron Ore (2 to 5)8.57%
Omni Geode (1 to 2)4.11%
Pineapple Seeds (1 to 2)1.11%
Ruby (1)3%
Taro Tuber (1 to 3)1.11%
Topaz (1)3%
Warp Totem: Farm (1)1.11%
Warp Totem: Island (1)1.11%

Common Chests

A chest found on Volcano Dungeon containing all items you may get upon opening Common Chests.
Items from a Common Chest.

By appearance, a Common Chest is rusty in color and has green and red dots visible.

Cinder Shard (1)1/7Used in the Forge to enchant and enhance Weapons and Tools.
Dwarf Dagger (1)1/21For combat.
Dwarf Hammer (1)1/21For combat.
Dwarf Sword (1)1/21For combat.
Golden Coconut (1)1/7Contains Ginger Island-exclusive goods once pried open from the Blacksmith.
Pineapple Seeds (5)1/7Grows Pineapples.
Protection Ring (1)1/7Activates a short time of invincibility upon receiving damage.
Soul Sapper Ring (1)1/7Bonus energy
Taro Tuber (8)1/7Grows Taro Roots.

Rare Chests

A chest found on Volcano Dungeon containing all items you may get upon opening Rare Chests.
Items from a Rare Chest.

Rare Chests look similar to its Common counterpart, save for six red dots and a rustier look.

Cinder Shard (10)1/9Used in the Forge to enchant and enhance Weapons and Tools.
Deluxe Pirate Hat (1)1/9Wearable item.
Dragonscale Boots (1)1/9Wearable item.
Dragontooth Club (1)1/27For combat.
Dragontooth Cutlass (1)1/27For combat.
Dragontooth Shiv (1)1/27For combat.
Golden Coconut (3)1/9Contains Ginger Island-exclusive goods once pried open from the Blacksmith.
Hot Java Ring (1)1/9Increase Coffee drops from slain monsters.
Mermaid Boots (1)1/9Wearable item.
Ostrich Egg (1)1/9Hatches into an Ostrich.
Phoenix Ring (1)1/9Revives you after getting knocked out in combat..


This section will talk about every enemy existing within the Volcano Dungeon. There are eight unique types in this area, although most of them resemble monsters from the Mines and Skull Cavern.

Dwarvish Sentry

The Dwarvish Sentry chasing the player in Stardew Valley.
A slow-moving monstrosity in the Volcano Dungeon.
Kill EXPDamageHealthArmorSpeedLoot Drops
151830053Diamond (0.05% to 10%) 

Prismatic Shard (0.05%) 

Amethyst (10%) 

Aquamarine (10%) 

Emerald (10%) 

Jade (10%) 

Ruby (10%) 

Topaz (10%)

Slow-moving but tanky, Dwarvish Sentries are one of the fewer monsters you’ll find in the Volcano Dungeon. Regardless of their knockback power, no weapon can maintain your and the enemy’s distance (except by using movement keys).

A Dwarvish Sentry may spawn from a metal crate after being broken. Be extra careful and take fewer steps, or you might get damaged by this enemy.

False Magma Cap

The player encountering a False Magma Cap inside the Volcano Dungeon in Stardew Valley.
Don’t let that creature near you!
Kill EXPDamageHealthArmorSpeedLoot Drops
141529033Diamond (0.05%) 

Prismatic Shard (0.05%) 

Cinder Shard (20% to 50%) 

Magma Cap (99%)

False Magma Caps are the rarest enemy you’ll ever encounter in the Volcano Dungeon. They live on special Mushroom floors that rarely generate in Stardew Valley.

Behavior-wise, they disguise themselves as Magma Caps – a unique forageable in Ginger Island. However, a False Magma Cap can surprise you (like a Rock Crab) upon getting too close. We recommend hovering your mouse cursor on the Magma Cap first and see if the “+” icon will appear. If it doesn’t, it’s the petty monster waiting to strike.

Hot Head

A Hot Head (Metal Head variant from the Volcano Dungeon) idling.
Slash, dash, ka-boom!
Kill EXPDamageHealthArmorSpeedLoot Drops
161821582 (<25 Health = 5)Diamond (0.05%) 

Dwarf Scroll III (0.05%) 

Prismatic Shard (0.05%) 

Dwarf Scroll IV (0.1%) 

Bomb (10%) 

Coal (10%) 

Copper Ore (10%) 

Iron Ore (10%)

Pineapple Seeds (10%) 

Solar Essence (65%) 

Squire’s Helmet

The Hot Head is a remarkable enemy in the Volcano Dungeon, able to convert into a living bomb before dying. By default, it behaves like a Metal Head, slowly approaching you to deal contact damage. But once their HP is below 25, they’ll chase you and explode after 2.4 seconds.

We recommend taking advantage of the Hot Head’s capability by luring it near destructible rocks. They’ll destroy everything in the surrounding area, making mining easier. However, don’t get too close, or you might take damage.

Lava Lurk

Lava Lurks spewing fireballs from their mouth in the Volcano Dungeon.
Don’t let those fireballs touch you!
Kill EXPDamageHealthArmorSpeedLoot Drops
121522052Diamond (0.05%)

Prismatic Shard (0.05%)

Dragon Tooth (15%) 

Bone Fragment (20% to 50%)

A submerged Lava Lurk is invincible to any damage you may try giving. Upon ascending, they’ll shoot four destructible fireballs that deal massive damage. When making a walkable path from the Lava using your Watering Can, avoid running into them. Lava Lurks will deal contact damage that way.

Because of their nature, Lava Lurks can be pretty intimidating. Wait for them to pop their heads and strike them instead. Moreover, always prioritize them after Magma Sparkers and Magma Sprites to make your Volcano Dungeon trip safer.

Extra Tip: All loot drops from a Lava Lurk will go into your Inventory. Make sure it has enough space, or it’ll be gone forever.

Magma Duggy

The Magma Duggy blindly impaling a dirt patch inside the Volcano Dungeon.
Always check those dirt patches in Stardew Valley.
Kill EXPDamageHealthArmorSpeedLoot Drops
181638002Diamond (0.05%) 

Prismatic Shard (0.05%)

Cinder Shard (15% to 40%) 

Mega Bomb (40%) 

Taro Tuber (50%)

Have you seen a dirt patch in the Volcano Dungeon? They’re pretty rare, but if you spot one, consider the possibility of a Magma Duggy popping in and out.

Like their lesser counterpart in the Mines, Magma Duggies deal contact damage by surprise. But because of their predictability, running around and baiting them to come out is the best solution. Exploit the small time frame where they show themselves and swing your weapon.

Magma Sparker

A group of Magma Sparkers charging towards the player in the Volcano Dungeon.
Make your dodge, now!
Kill EXPDamageHealthArmorSpeedLoot Drops
171531082Diamond (0.05%) 

Prismatic Shard (0.05%) 

Cinder Shard (20% to 50%)

The Magma Sparker is the Magma Sprite’s stronger version, able to deal damage and inflict a game-changing debuff, Burnt. The debuff causes massive changes in your stats, but you can dodge them by running or blocking with a Sword.

Magma Sparkers start appearing on floors six to nine.

Magma Sprite

A group of Magma Sprites chasing the player inside the Volcano Dungeon.
When they never stop spawning, never stop killing too!
Kill EXPDamageHealthArmorSpeedLoot Drops
264023Diamond (0.05%) 

Prismatic Shard (0.05%) 

Dwarf Scroll IV (0.1%) 

Gold Bar (0.1%) 

Dwarf Scroll II (0.5%) 

Coffee Bean (1%)

Crystal Fruit (2%) 

Frozen Tear (2%) 

Coal (50%)

The Magma Sprite is the Magma Sparker’s weaker counterpart, dealing damage upon contact. They’re found in all Volcano Dungeon levels and appear in groups. We recommend using Swords or Hammers to deal with them efficiently because of AoE.

Tiger Slime

Tiger Slimes wandering around the Volcano Dungeon.
How about try getting their Eggs?
Kill EXPDamageHealthArmorSpeedLoot Drops
202341502Dwarf Scroll IV (0.1%) 

Tiger Hat (0.1%) 

Dwarf Scroll III (0.5%) 

Mango Sapling (0.5%) 

Diamond (1%) 

Tiger Slime Egg (1% after building the Slime Hutch) 

Pineapple Seeds (1.6%) 

Jade (2%) 

Ginger (9%)

Taro Tuber (10% first time, 50% next time) 

White Algae (10%) 

Sap (50%) 

Slime (80%)

This monster type is the most recent addition to the Slime family in Stardew Valley. They sport Tiger-colored skins that you can also find in the Tiger Slime Grove. A Tiger Slime deals contact damage and, occasionally, the Slimed debuff.

We recommend wearing a Slime Charmer Ring to negate any damage or debuff. Alternatively, equip a powerful sword like the Infinity Blade to defeat them.

Volcano Dungeon General Tips

The player consuming an Oil of Garlic, using a Bomb to destroy rocks and ore nodes, creating walkable paths on the lava with an Iridium Watering Can, and recalling with Warp Totem: Farm and Return Scepter.
Game-changing Stardew Valley tips you should copy while inside the Volcano Dungeon.

Remember: During your first time visiting the Volcano Dungeon, it’s best to prioritize reaching the Caldera. It may sound trivial, but the Forge is a superior feature in Stardew Valley for upgrading your weapons. If you haven’t got to the topmost floor, consider following the tips we’ve prepared:

  • Bring Swords or Hammers. Even if you’re good at Daggers, you’ll eventually get overwhelmed. Notice what’s lacking in those weapon types? AoE. Swords and Hammers have full AoE control to take down multiple enemies simultaneously. It’d be better to play safely and efficiently to reach your destination.
  • Consume Oil of Garlic. The Volcano Dungeon will be swarmed by multiple enemies at times – be on guard. A proper, game-changing solution is consuming an Oil of Garlic, reducing enemy count. As always, we’d hate to restrict your fun by having lesser challenges. Thus, feel free to use Monster Musk at your risk.
  • Upgrade Your Watering Can. Even though Stardew Valley may have fantasy elements, walking across Lava is nigh impossible. It’s the same for Rivers, Oceans, and other bodies of water, so why not use it to your advantage? Fill up your Watering Can and create hardened, walkable lava. However, make sure to upgrade it to an Iron Watering Can!
  • Bombs Are Your Best Friend. It’s true that every time you break a Stone Node in Stardew Valley, you’ll get multiple pieces of the resources. However, it’ll be more efficient if you bring and place Bombs in the right place! Be sure to maintain the gap, so you don’t get damaged.
  • Bring a Warp Totem: Farm or a Return Scepter. When things go South inside the Volcano Dungeon, it’s best to have a quick escape route. A Warp Totem is a cheaper alternative if you don’t have the Return Scepter. A single click will return you to the Farmhouse at will! Note: Use them if it’s getting late at night.

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