Galaxy Sword: How To Get The Best Weapon

Looking to upgrade your gear so you can face the deadly monsters of the Skull Cavern? The Galaxy Sword and Infinity Blade are possibly the best weapons in Stardew Valley. We’re here to help you get them!

A screenshot from Stardew Valley in which the farmer is wielding a Galaxy Sword.
Who will win?

What is the Galaxy Sword?

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

The in-game description of the Galaxy Sword

So first things first, what is a Galaxy Sword? The Galaxy Sword is one of the most powerful weapons in Stardew Valley. This weapon can deal up to 80 damage per hit, with 60 as its base damage. Additionally, this sword has a buff to attack speed (+4) which further increases your farmer’s damage-per-second.

You’ll need to get this sword before you can unlock other Galaxy Weapons and the Infinity Blade – the best weapon in the game. If you’re at all interested in mining, spelunking, or combat, you’ll want to find this sword.

How To Get The Galaxy Sword

In spite of the fact that it’s one of the strongest weapons in the game, you can get the Galaxy Sword basically for free, and with very little effort! The only catch is that you must have access to the Calico Desert, and have one Prismatic Shard to spare. Once both of these things are acquired, it’s only a matter of traveling to the desert and completing a simple “ritual” of sorts.

Step One: Getting A Prismatic Shard

Getting a Prismatic Shard is the most difficult part of this process. You won’t be likely to find this highly rare mineral before Year Two, though it can happen. These are some of the places where you can find a Prismatic Shard:

  1. Mystic Stones – These unique gem nodes have a 25% chance to contain a Prismatic Shard. They can be found in the mines past Floor 100, in the Skull Cavern, or at the Pelican Town Quarry.
  2. Iridium Nodes – You can find many Iridium Nodes in the Skull Cavern, Quarry, and Volcano Dungeon. These have a 4% chance to drop a Shard, but they’re far more common than Mystic Stones.
  3. Omni Geodes – There’s a 0.4% chance to get a Prismatic Shard from an Omni Geode. You can find these geodes almost anywhere, but they’re especially common in the Skull Cavern.
  4. Monster Loot – There’s a small chance that a Serpent or Mummy, common Skull Cavern foes, will drop a Prismatic Shard. Further, Shadow Brutes and Shadow Shamans from the mines can drop a Shard as well, though this is even less likely.

For more information on Prismatic Shards and how to find them, check out our more detailed guide below:

Step Two: Getting to the Calico Desert

To get to the Calico Desert, you’ll need to have access to the bus. The bus will be out of commission until you have either completed the Vault bundle in the Community Center or fulfilled the “Bus” development at JojaMart.

Usually, completing Community Center bundles is a lot more arduous than simply going with Joja, since the Center requires a plethora of random items, and Joja only wants money. In this case, however, it’s one and the same. To complete the vault bundle, you’ll need to donate 42.500 gold to the Community Center. To purchase the bus development, you need to spend 40.000 gold.

Assuming you want to get the Galaxy Sword as soon as possible, you might need to work extra hard to earn enough money. One of the best ways to earn money in Year One of Stardew Valley is to invest in fishing or Artisan Goods. Fore more tips on earning cash, check out the following guide:

Step Three: The Ritual

Now that the hard part is done, head on over to the Calico Desert with a Prismatic Shard in hand. You’ll need to head to the northeasternmost part of the desert and find three pillars that stand in the sand.

Simply walk into the center of these pillars while holding the Shard, and a small cut-scene will occur. In the end, you’ll lose your Prismatic Shard but gain the Galaxy Sword.

Walk into the centermost tile with the Shard in hand.

How To Get Other Galaxy Weapons

Not much of a sword person? Luckily, there are other Galaxy weapons out there in Stardew Valley. These, sadly, cannot be gotten for free and will actually cost you a pretty penny.

To acquire the Galaxy Hammer and Galaxy Dagger, you’ll need to follow the above steps and grab the Galaxy Sword first. Once you’ve done that, new weapons will be available at the Adventurer’s Guild.

Visit Marlon after getting the Galaxy Sword in the desert, and find that you can now purchase the Sword (50.000g), Dagger (35.000g), and Hammer (75.000g).

The Lava Katana used to be your best option.

How To Get The Infinity Blade

While the galaxy weapons are the best weapons you can buy from the Guild, there are also upgrades for each of these weapons that can be obtained in the Forge on Ginger Island. An upgraded Galaxy Sword has more damage output and it even ups your defense as well. It’s the perfect weapon for Stardew adventurers.

The Forge is located on Level 10 in the Volcano Dungeon. Here, you can spend Cinder Shards to combine weapons and tools with gems to enchant or otherwise upgrade them. In the case of forging the Infinity Blade, you must first acquire the Galaxy Sword, 60 Cinder Shards, and three Galaxy Souls.

Step One: Find Cinder Shards

Cinder Shards are a common resource you can find in the Volcano Dungeon. You find them by:

  1. Mining – You can mine Cinder Shards from Cinder Shard nodes in the Volcano Dungeon.
  2. Fighting – The Magma Sprite, Magma Sparker, Magma Duggy and False Magma Cap can all drop Cinder Shards upon death.
  3. Fishing – A Stingray Fish Pond will occassionally produce Cinder Shards instead of Roe.

Step Two: Find Galaxy Souls

The easiest way to find Galaxy Souls is to purchase them from Qi at Qi’s Walnut Room. To purchase the three souls you need, you’ll need to spend 120 Qi Gems.

Required to make the most impressive weapons in the game.

Galaxy Souls can also be purchased fromthe Island Trader for ten Radioactive Bars, but this can only be done on the last day of a Season, and only after you’ve killed at least 50 Dangerous Monsters.

Step Three: Forge!

Once you’ve got everything, you’re ready to forge the Infinity Blade. It’s easy, just place the sword in the left slot and the Galaxy Souls in the right slot. You’ll need to do this three times, consuming a grand total of three Galaxy Souls and 60 Cinder Shards.

The best sword in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can my Multiplayer Duo Get This Weapon?

You can get a second, third, or tenth Galaxy Sword by simply purchasing the weapon from Marlon at the Adventurer’s Guild. This requires that you have previously unlocked the sword in the Calico Desert.

2. I lost The Galaxy Blade! What do I do?

Similarly, if you’ve lost your Galaxy Sword by somehow trashing it or misplacing it, you can purchase a copy from Marlon for 50.000 gold.

3. Can I get Other Infinity Weapons?

Yes! If that’s your preference, you can also get an Infinity Gavel or an Infinity Dagger by following the same process. Place the Galaxy Hammer or Galaxy Dagger in the left slot at the Forge instead of the Galaxy Sword and you’re all set.

4. Can I get Infinity Weapons on Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately the infinity weapons are not available on every platform quite yet. However, the 1.5 Patch should be coming to other platforms by the end of the year!

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