Stardew Valley: Different Ways To Make Money In Every Skill

Are you new to the game? Diving into Stardew Valley with many things to learn is a bit daunting. And one of the things you need to know is how to make money. Where do you start with various ways to earn a profit? Don’t worry. This guide will teach you the way!

Stardew Valley is a game about living a virtual life on a farm. Naturally, you have to earn money as a mechanic. As you make money in various ways, you have to spend it eventually. Whether spending it on seeds to replant crops or expand your farm, managing your gold is essential.

Why is money important?

Money is a crucial mechanic in Stardew Valley as it’s a tool to perform almost any task. Although the game’s aspects don’t require spending, it’s a component of progress. Investing in items and materials is the backbone of in-game growth, so spending cash is vital.

But to spend money is to assume you have it, so what can you do to earn some? We can use five skills to help guide you into making a profit.

These five skills are Farming, Fishing, Mining, Foraging, and Combat.

With each skill comes its way to making money. Farming involves crops and ranching animals, while Mining requires searching for minerals. Foraging involves exploring the world for goods, and Fishing consists of patience in waiting for fish. And lastly, Combat tests your might by slaying monsters.

All these core aspects of the game will provide you with all the money you need. This guide will discuss how to utilize each skill’s mechanics to help maximize your profit. 


Stardew Valley is a farming game at its core, so we naturally start farming in the early game. Every player will always start with this method. And it’s always the best way to begin your in-game journey. This section will showcase what you can do with your farm to increase profit.

Planting crops

Planting is the core of early game profits and the most sustainable source for beginners. This mechanic is straightforward. Buy seeds, till dirt with a Hoe, plant, and water them until harvest.

Growing your crops can be made more profitable with fertilizers. Using these can increase the chance for high-quality crops to be harvested. So remember to add them before planting.

Growing fruit trees

Fruit Trees are an excellent investment as they are consistent and live throughout each year. Although it’ll only bear yields in certain seasons, it’ll stay alive even in winter – that’s why it’s worth the steep investment.

A Tree Sapling will grow any season, so you can prepare a tree to sprout a season earlier. Once matured, a Fruit Tree will produce up to three yields, which is the perfect time to pick them!

It would be best if you considered planting your Trees in the Greenhouse or on Ginger Island to maximize your profits because you can harvest throughout the year.

Artisan goods for crops

Selling your crops and fruit is an excellent way to make money, but let’s take it further! Artisan Goods are an easy way to increase the value of your produce. Although it’s an excellent way to make money, you’ll need to unlock equipment by leveling up different skills.

The primary way to make Artisan Goods with crops is with the Preserves Jar and Keg.

You can use Preserves Jars to make Jellies with Fruits and Pickles with Vegetables. You usually use this machine with low-value crops since it is preferable to process high-value crops with the Keg. Don’t fret, as the machine can double the value of your yield in two to three days.

On the other hand, Kegs make Wine with Fruits and Juice with Vegetables. You can use this machine to process high-value crops as it has a larger selling price multiplier. Expect to have more than double the profit when using the equipment.

Wine and Juice aren’t the only drinks you can make with a Keg. A couple of beverages you can make are Beer with Wheat and Pale Ale with Hops.

professions to take in farming

As you level up with Farming, you can take specific Professions to boost your profit. The notable Professions you should take are at levels five and ten.

At Farming Level Five, you can take the Tiller Profession as it’ll increase your crops’ value by 10%. And at Level Ten, it is optimal to take the Artisan Profession to increase every Artisan Good’s value by 40%. 


Another basic mechanic for money-making is raising animals. Farming animals is the next step most players take after securing a respectable amount of gold from crops. You must have a couple of buildings for raising animals, mainly Coops and Barns. 


Coops are the first building available to be constructed in the early game. Although it can only be a Chicken Coop with four to start, it’s a worthwhile investment. As you upgrade your building, you can house different animals with higher value drops.


Investing in a Barn is one of the best ways to make money with Ranching. This building houses high-value animals, which means high-value drops. Same as the Coop, it can only house four cows with a standard structure. As you upgrade your building, you can accommodate different types of animals.

Artisan good for ranching

As you level up in Ranching, the option to make Artisan Goods comes into the picture. Like crops, partaking in producing Artisan Goods is the best way to raise the value of animal products.

You will use many machines in Ranching, including the Cheese Press, Mayonnaise Machine, Loom, and Oil Maker. Animal products are used in these machines to boost their selling price.

Milk is profitable on its own, but you can make it better. Turning it into Cheese with the Cheese Press almost doubles its selling price. It’s not only used with Cow’s milk. You can make Goat Cheese too!

Eggs are easy to come by, and selling them straight is profitable. But turning them into Mayonnaise is an excellent way to capitalize on its profit. With a Mayonnaise Machine, you can triple the value of your egg in just three hours!

Sheep and Rabbits drop quality Wool, and you can capitalize on that with a Loom. Although Wool is an excellent money maker, you can squeeze in a bit more gold if you sell it as Cloth. Only taking four hours to craft, it’s a quick way to increase your profit.

In the late game, you would want pigs on your farm as they dig up precious Truffles. Although it’s one of the most valuable drops you can obtain, you can double its price using an Oil Maker. Making Truffle Oil in these machines is a wise investment with just six hours to process.

professions to take in ranching

Ranching is in the same skill category as Farming but will take a different Profession by Level Five. It would be best if you took the Rancher Profession as animal products are worth 20% more. At Level Ten, you should still take the Artisan Profession.


Stardew Valley’s more relaxing way to make money in the game is Fishing. It can be as easy as catching and selling fish, or you can farm them in a pond for Roe. Whichever you choose to pursue, you can expect some profit.

selling fish

As you fish, you tend to collect different types. Selling your catch to Willy or in the Shipping box is the quickest way to profit, And the rarity and quality are crucial for its value.

crab pots

If you are interested in quick on-day profits, the Crab Pot is one of the best. The pot only needs to be set up with bait in a body of water. Once set up, you only need to wait until the next day for it to catch an item. You are likely to see trash regardless of luck and fishing skill 38% of the time (though they’re beneficial for recycling). The type of items you may catch will depend on what body of water you place your Crab Pot in.

fish ponds

Fish ponds are akin to Ranching as they are a way of farming items from fish. The primary way you profit from this method is the Roe that fishes produce. It’s required to have multiple fish in the pond to make Roe, but it benefits the most from creating rare but valuable drops.

artisan goods for fishing

Like other Artisan Goods, you can turn Roe into Aged Roe. All you need is a Preserves Jar and wait two to three days. 

Caviar, on the other hand, is a bit more tricky to produce. It may take a while before you can start, as you’ll need a Sturgeon. Once the fish is acquired, you must populate the pond with a couple more. Don’t forget to bring their requested items if you want their population to expand!

Once you have completed all these steps, you can collect Sturgeon Roe in a few days. And all that’s left to do is put it in a Preserves Jars.

Professions to take in Fishing

Fishing Professions are available at Levels Five and Ten. You should take the Fisher profession by Level Five as it makes selling fish 25% more profitable. Level Ten does have a few promising Professions, but taking the Angler profession is the optimal choice considering the 50% bump in selling fish.


Another core mechanic in Stardew Valley is Mining. Usually done to farm materials for craftable items, it’s also a profitable endeavor. Though it may take a while to dungeon crawl to lower levels, it is a worthwhile investment as it’ll reward you with more valuable minerals.

Selling minerals

The primary way to earn money with Mining is to sell all the valuable materials to Clint or place them in the Shipping Box. A full day of Mining can reward you with sizable profits. If you dare to mine the lower levels of the Mines or Skull Cavern, expect to uncover a profit.

duplicating minerals with crystalarium

A way to increase your profits with minerals in the late game is with a Crystalarium. It’s Unlockable after achieving the 25,000 Bundle in the Community Center or donating 50 minerals to the museum. Now, all you need is a mineral you want to duplicate and place it in the machine.

professions to take in mining

The two professions you should take for Mining are achievable in Level Five and Ten. Level Five’s Geologist profession gives you a chance for gems to appear in pairs. Partnered with Level Ten’s Gemologist profession, those rocks are worth 30% more.


The least complicated way to make money is by Foraging. Roaming around the land and finding Wild Loot is the core of this profession. It’s an essential mechanic that provides free energy to do basic tasks. Also, it’s an excellent way to pocket money if you sell Wild Loot.

Selling wild loot

Selling your loot is essential to profit early in the game as it requires no energy to perform. As you level up this skill, you have more options to maximize the value of each Wild Loot you pick up. 

professions to take in foraging

At Foraging Level Five, you can pick the Forester profession to get a chance to double harvest for every foraged item. The Botanist profession at Foraging Level Ten guarantees that you get the highest quality Wild Loot. Keep these in mind when you level up.


Alongside Mining, Combat is a part of the game’s mechanics regarding the Mines. You’ll encounter various enemies in your journey with decent loot to sell.

Selling loot

Selling loot is the primary way you earn a profit with the skill. Loot can be Monster Drops, Rings, or Footwear. You can find these valuables when you slay monsters and break wooden barrels/crates and chests.

You’ll find Monster Loot when you slay monsters as you roam the Mines. Generally, these loots sell for a small amount. So, consider this as extra pocket money rather than a source of profit.

Crates and barrels are usually in every level in the Mines and respawn every time you enter. These drop random loot once destroyed, and it’s possible to collect multiple copies in one crate/barrel.

Most money you’ll make when collecting loot is with Rings and Footwear. These are found on every ten levels in the Mines and at level 10+ in Skull Cavern. Selling these items, assuming you don’t need them, is how you make money by exploring the enemy territory.

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