Stardew Valley Junimo: Everything you need to know!

Are you ready to know about Junimos in Stardew Valley? Yeah, me too!

First, what are Junimos? Well, Junimos are basically your local ghosts, well, not really, but spirits. These spirits are dwelling within the Community Center before you repair it.

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By completing multiple tasks and donations, Junimos will be collecting them in their stash. Rewards await players who complete tasks. You can get yourself a Junimo Hut from the Wizard after the Goblin Problem Quest.

Junimos will retreat to their hometown, the forest after all the stars are completed. Stars are rewarded based on the player’s accomplishments in the valley. NEVER buy a JojaMart membership or all the Junimos will go away.

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Stardew Valley Junimo Hut

If you’re wondering what’s a Junimo hut, basically this houses the junimos. Each morning, three junimos will be harvesting plants and crops. But there’s a lot to cover, especially with the optimized Junimo hut layout.

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There are certain factors you need to do in order to have the most optimized farming experience. For example, Junipos aren’t gonna collect crops once it starts raining. Another thing to note is that Junimos pretty much act as harvest bots. And these “harvest bots” stops collecting at exactly 7:10 PM. Don’t forget to make an alarm or you won’t get any crops auto-harvested if you end the day too early.

Oh yeah, use Junimo auto-farming during midgame to the endgame, when you don’t need skill points. Farming exp points will not be applicable if you’re using them as your farming slaves.

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Stardew Valley Junimo Hut Layout

There are several Junimo Hut layouts you can try in Stardew Valley. One of which is this type of layout.

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This type of layout is very profitable and doesn’t seem to obstruct the pathways of the Junimos. Remember, if a Junimo is not collecting and harvesting, it’s probably because you placed an obstruction in their doorway.

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One of the best farming layouts was made by a Reddit user. Check this pretty layout with the maximum profit possible.

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Junimo Kart and Kart Cheats

The Junimo Kart is a type of arcade game inside the game that you can from the Saloon. Here’s a mod to make it a little bit simpler and easier.

Junimo Chest and Village

You can buy Junimo Chest from Qi’s Walnut Room for 30 Qi gems. Also, Junimo’s village sits at the Lost Woods. And that’s it for our Junimo guide. Hopefully, you’ve learned something about them. Check out the latest guides here on Stardew Guide. Happy farming!

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