Stardew Valley Oak Resin: All You Need To Know

Trees are often overlooked in Stardew Valley, but this simple flora is not to be forgotten about! Oak resin is one of the exact reasons why you need these trees. After reading this complete guide you will know how to get oak resin for yourself, why it is so important, and everything in between.

Oak resin next to a tree tapper in an oak tree.
Oak resin next to a tree tapper in an oak tree.


Oak resin is described as being a sticky, fragrant substance derived from oak sap. Though it is classified as an artisan good, it is different from most other artisan goods because it does not benefit from the artisan profession. Instead, it gains a 25% value boost if you choose the tapper profession. Further setting it apart from other artisan goods, it is also inedible.

Oak Resin.pngOak Resin

You can sell oak resin for 150 gold normally, or 187 gold if you have the tapper profession.

How to get oak resin in Stardew Valley

There are three ways you can obtain oak resin: by tapping an oak tree with a tree tapper, by killing Haunted Skulls, or by processing Hardwood in a wood chipper. All of these reasons are described in greater detail below.

Tapping an Oak Tree

Before you can tap an Oak tree, you need a tree tapper. Tappers are refining equipment that are only able to be crafted when you hit foraging level three. They cost 40 wood and 2 copper bars to craft. Once crafted, you can hold a tapper in your hand and interact with an oak tree to affix it to the tree.

As soon as the tapper is affixed, it will automatically start working. After 7-8 days, your oak resin is now ready to be harvested. If you have the recipe for a heavy tapper, you can make resin twice as fast (3-4 days)! It is a little more difficult to craft though, taking 30 hardwood and 1 radioactive bar.

Tapper.pngA Tapper
Heavy Tapper.pngA Heavy Tapper


There is one mob in the game that drops oak resin when killed: Haunted Skulls. This flying mob behaves similar to bats and serpents because they move away from the player and through walls. Haunted Skulls have two methods of appearing, they can spawn regularly on any level of the Quarry Mine or normal mines. Secondly, they can appear randomly throughout the level shown by a screech to announce their presence.

The best way to take a Haunted Skull down is by standing still and swinging with preferably a sword (because of the wide-angle) when they get close. And you might have to kill a fair amount of them because Haunted Skulls have only a 1.3% chance of dropping oak resin upon death.

Haunted Skull Anim.gifA Haunted Skull

Processing Hardwood

The last way to obtain oak resin is by putting hardwood into a wood chipper. All you need to do is hold a piece of hardwood in your hand and interact with the chipper. After three hours, the chipper is done and you can collect your items. Unfortunately, there is only a 0.66% chance of outputting an oak resin.

Wood Chipper.pngA Wood Chipper
The only way to get a wood chipper is from the Carpenter’s Shop where you can buy one for 1,000 gold.

What to do with Stardew Valley Oak Resin

As stated previously, oak resin is a little different from other artisan goods you craft in Stardew Valley. You can not eat it, but it is used in various crafting recipes including an incredibly important fertilizer.


The incredibly important fertilizer you can craft with oak resin is deluxe speed-gro. This not only stimulates leaf production but increases plant growth rate by at least 25% when mixed into tilled soil.

Faster growing plants means more plants to sell in a month so this fertilizer. The recipe for this amazing fertilizer is 1 oak resin and 1 coral. Though getting this recipe means getting your farming skill up to level 8.

Deluxe Speed-Gro.pngDeluxe Speed-Gro

Secondly, oak resin is used to craft a keg. This artisan equipment is crafted using 30 wood, a copper bar, an iron bar, and an oak resin. Once craft, you can use kegs to craft numerous other artisan goods, including beer, coffee, green tea, juice, mead, pale ale, and wine. Kegs are wonderful equipment that will continue to produce more money for the farm.

Keg.pngA Keg

Lastly, oak resin can also be used to craft the floppy beanie using the sewing machine, or as green dye in the dye pots. Both of these are located inside Emily and Haley’s Home inside Pelican Town, 2 Willow Lane.

Floppy Beanie.pngThe beanie crafted using oak resin.


Only one villager likes getting oak resin as a gift, one of the romanceable NPCs: Maru. So overall, gift-giving is not a good use for the resin. All of the other Pelican Town residents dislike receiving oak resin as a present.


Oak resin is a mandatory item in one Community Center bundle and an optional one in another.

It is mandatory for the Enchanter’s Bundle on the Bulletin Board, along with wine, a rabbit’s foot, and a pomegranate. Completing this bundle will instantly give you 5 gold bars, but this is not the true reward. Finishing the Bulletin Board improves the friendship rating with every non-romanceable villager by two full hearts, so it is an amazing room to complete.

The other bundle oak resin can be used in is the exotic foraging bundle in the Crafts Room. For this bundle, you can choose 5 items from a list of 9. This list includes coconut, cactus fruit, cave carrot, red mushroom, purple mushroom, maple syrup, oak resin, pine tar, and morel. Completing this bundle will instantly give a prize of 5 dishes of Autumn’s Bounty, but there is more than that. Finishing the Crafts Room repairs the bridge to the right of the Mines, unlocking the Quarry.


The only quest an oak resin might be required for is if you have built a woodskip fish pond. There is a chance that the sticky tree sap will be requested by the fish to raise the pond from 5 fish to 7.

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