How to Get Pale Ale in Stardew Valley | Full Guide 2022


Did you know that a simple vegetable crop can give you hundreds of profit? Pale Ale’s one of the most profitable Artisan Goods in Stardew Valley. To learn more about producing it, here’s a guide that can help you!

A player holding a Pale Ale in Stardew Valley.
Are you ready to get tipsy?

New equipment calls for new ways to increase your profit. Having tons of Hops has its perks since you can turn it into a Pale Ale. This beverage offers you buffs, decent amounts of healing effects, and great profits!

Important Questions

What’s a Pale Ale?

It’s an Artisan Good produced in a Keg. Like most alcoholic beverages, it’s best known for its hefty selling price.

Moreover, you’ll get a Tipsy buff and -1 Speed buff for 30 seconds upon consuming it. These effects aren’t ideal if you’re in a rush, but it restores some of your stats if they’re already at low levels. The amount of healing effects depends on the ingredient’s grade. 

Here’s the list of rejuvenation you get by using a normal quality to iridium quality crop in making it:

Silver Star+70+31
Gold Star+90+40
Iridium Star +130+58

How to Get Pale Ale?

Visiting Ginger Island’s Beach Resort can be a great idea since Gus’ Bar sells it for 1,000g. Unfortunately, you won’t find it in Pelican Town. But producing it would give you many monetary advantages.

How to Make Pale Ale?

A player surrounded by kegs, casks, and preserves jars in Stardew Valley.
Age them to get more gold.

It’s essential to have a Keg and Hops in creating it. But you have to reach Farming Level 8 before obtaining the artisan equipment’s crafting recipe. After that, you’ll need Wood (30), Oak Resin (1),  Copper Bar (1), and Iron Bar (1) to craft this equipment. 

Moreover, don’t forget to grow Hops before summer ends in Pelican Town, as it’s only available this time of the year. But you can visit your Greenhouse or Island Farm and wait for it to develop. This way, you can still produce it at any time. 

Here are the places you can grow these ingredients:

The island farm and greenhouse in Stardew Valley.
You can grow your crops here too!

If you don’t have Hops Starter, you may visit these local stores:

  • Pierre’s General Store- 60g
  • JojaMart- 75g
  • Traveling Cart- 100g to 1000g
  • Night Market on Winter 16- 60g

In yielding this product, you have to place its primary ingredient in a Keg and let it sit there for two days. 

Facts and Information

Selling Prices

Availing the final house upgrade from the Carpenter Shop has its perks since you’ll have a cellar in the basement of your farmhouse. You can place your Cask here and age your Pale Ale’s quality to increase profits. Earning the Artisan Profession would also increase their base value to iridium value by 40%. 

Additionally, you can remove the Silver to Iridium Pale Ale from the Cask by striking it with a hoe, pickaxe, or axe.

QualityWithout ArtisanWith ArtisanAging Duration (Days)Total No. of Days to Produce


A new outfit made from the sewing machine in Stardew Valley,
Best worn during hangouts!

It makes an excellent addition to your wardrobe as you can use it in the spool of a sewing machine to make a black leather jacket. It’s also helpful in dyeing your dye pots yellow. But unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to your dyeable clothing.


If you’re looking for a great gift, this drink got you. Pam loves it the most, but other villagers also like receiving it. Notable exceptions are Jas, Leo, Sebastian, Penny, and Vincent, who hate it. Best to give it to adults instead.


You can complete one quest using this item. Pam will request this alcoholic drink on the 14th of Summer via Mail. Completing “Pam’s Thirsty” gives you 350g and one Friendship Heart as a reward. 


This beverage is an option to complete the Brewer’s Bundle in the Pantry (remixed). You may choose between Wine, Juice, Green Tea, and Mead to finish it. Accomplishing this bundle gives you a Keg in return.

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