How Long is a Day in Stardew Valley?


Have you ever wondered how long a day is in Stardew Valley? In this Stardew Valley guide, we will go over everything you need to know about time in the game. 

Whether you are a new player or you have already been enjoying Stardew Valley for a while, this might be new information to you because this is something that not everyone takes into account (which can be a huge mistake)!

Let’s dive deeper into the details.

How Long is a Day in the Game?

For your character, the maximum amount of hours you can have in 1 day is 20 hours. this should be enough to get the most out of your gameplay! During this time, you can go visit other characters, harvest your crops, or even go on an adventure if there are some tasks that need to be finished.

These 20 hours will pass in 860 seconds or a bit over 14 minutes in real time. This means that the day in Stardew Valley doesn’t last for too long so you don’t have to be afraid of having to endure very tiring gameplay. Sounds good so far, doesn’t it? 

If you are interested in statistics, then here is what you can expect: one hour in the game lasts for 43 seconds, so please keep in mind that it can get dark quite soon in the game! A lot of players underestimate just how much time they actually have in one day, and they end up forgetting the main things we plan to do before it gets dark. That’s why it is always better to plan out your day and set the main goals that you want to achieve just in case.

Fun fact, have you ever wondered how long is a year in Stardew Valley?  Any guesses? If not, then we will tell you this little secret. It’s actually just a bit over 26 hours. That’s right, it might seem that this game will take a lot more time, but you can actually enjoy it without having to spend a whole year or more.

Why Do We Need to Know the Day Length?

Now that you know how long a day is in Stardew Valley, let’s talk about why it is important.

It is very easy to underestimate just how fast your character can get tired and then you will find yourself in an unlucky situation. If your clock reaches midnight, your character will become very tired and exhausted. Meaning, we will need to get back to bed immediately. If you do end up staying until 2 am, then your character will simply pass out. No one wants that, right?

Sadly, you will lose some of your gold if you do end up passing out. Of course, there are some exceptions, for example, when your character falls asleep when you are already inside the  house. 

Other Time Concepts in Stardew Valley

Now that day time is clear, we can look into other confusing timelines. For example, have you ever fought how long each season is in the game? A lot of players do know it, but each season is actually 28 days long.

This is the same for the summer, fall, winter, and spring. Of course, you will experience very different things in each season, so it’s good to be prepared and know when the season will change. This can help you to prepare more in the game and plan what you need to do now.

How Does Your Farm Change Depending on the Time?

There are actually some things that you should take into account when it comes to your farm.  For example, it might get dark around 8, but the game already considers 6 p.m. as nighttime.

Around this time, your animals will already start going to sleep in the barn and you will not be able to interact with them. If you would like to become better friends with your animals, you will have to give them attention in the morning because it will be impossible to work on the Heart level after it gets dark.

Also, there are some activities that you cannot do in the evening, for example, catching some fish

Now you know everything about how long a day is in Stardew Valley, how long a season lasts, and more.

We know that an hour goes by very fast in the game, but time also goes by extremely fast when you are having so much fun in Stardew Valley! 

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