TOP 10 Most Expensive Items You Can Sell Ignoring Profit

Erica Ziegler-Smith

There are plenty of lists looking at the most profitable items to sell, but have you ever wondered what the most expensive things you can sell are? Some items are unique, others aren’t reliably obtainable, but this list doesn’t care about that. Here, I’m just looking at what sells for the most cold hard cash. Sell at your own risk!

10. Golden Pumpkins

Golden Pumpkins cannot be grown, they must be earned. Specifically, you get them by completing the haunted maze during the Spirit’s Eve Festival on the 27th of Fall. They will also rarely drop from Artifact Troves, Artifact Spots, or the supply crates on the Beach Farm.

Golden Pumpkins always sell for 2,500g.

You can find out more about Golden Pumpkins here.

9. Pearls

Pearls are a rare find and serve as one off rewards for a number of activities in the game. They are also one of the few universally loved gifts of which every character is a fan, no exceptions. Your best hope of farming them is probably keeping a Blobfish Fish Pond with a population of at least 9 fish, giving you a small chance of receiving a pearl instead of roe.

Pearls always sell for 2,500g.

You can find out more about how to get pearls here.

8. Prismatic Shards

Prismatic Shards are the most valuable of minerals and gems you can find in Stardew Valley. They can be found in a large number of sources related to mining and combat, and inside fish treasure chests. Whilst you can’t replicate them in a Crystalarium, you will receive one daily after you get the Statue of True Perfection by achieving 100% on the Perfection Tracker.

They make the list for their selling cost of 2,000g, or 2,600g with the Gemologist Profession. Of course, they have a large variety of uses, so it’s worth hanging onto some rather than selling all of them, especially early game when they are still relatively rare finds.

You can find out more about Prismatic Shards here.

7. Radioactive Bars

Radioactive Bars are produced by smelting 5 Radioactive Ores and 1 Coal in a Furnace. Radioactive Ore is mined from Radiation Nodes, found in The Mines during the Danger in the Deep quest or after activating the Shrine of Challenge on floor 120. It can also be found in the Skull Cavern during the Skull Cavern Invasion quest. This requires you to have unlocked Qi’s Walnut Room.

Radioactive Bars sell for 3,000g, or 4,500g with the Blacksmith Profession. They can also be used to craft Heavy Trappers and Hoppers, so consider hanging onto some.

You can find out more about Radioactive Ore here.

6. Sweet Gem Berries

The Sweet Gem Berry grows from the Rare Seeds, obtained from the Travelling Cart. They take 24 days to grow, and typically will only grow during Fall, so they must be planted with this in mind. Or, if you’re lazy like me, you just put them in the Greenhouse. Unlike most crops, the Sweet Gem Berry cannot be processed by Kegs or Preserve Jars, so selling them as they are the most profitable option. Despite this, and their long growth period, they are still relatively profitable, especially if you get a high quality. Iridium quality can be obtained through Deluxe Fertilizer.

Sweet Gem Berries sell for 3,000g at base quality, 3,750 at silver quality, 4,500 at gold quality, and 6,000g for iridium quality. Professions have no effect on the selling price.

You can find out more about Sweet Gem Berries here.

5. Treasure Chests

Treasure Chests are rare… treasures! They can be find by fishing, from Artifact Troves, or provided by Spook Fish Fish Ponds. Despite their value and beauty, they are actually a universally hate gift. This is probably one of the most extreme breaks from reality in Stardew Valley. This means they are primarily intended for selling, and thankfully, they’re worth a lot!

Treasure Chests always sell for 5,000g.

You can find out more about Treasure Chests here.

4. Aged Wine

Aged Wine is the go to product for farmers focused on turning a reliable profit. The selling price of wine is based off the normal quality price of the fruit used. This can be increased to double the value when it is allowed to age to iridium quality. Growing crops and producing wine can take time, but it is predictable and still massively profitable. Your best options are of course the Starfruit, the most expensive fruit crop, or the Ancient Fruit, which doesn’t cost quite as much, but will continue to yield fruit throughout its life span, which will go on forever if in a Greenhouse.

Aged Starfruit Wine will sell for 2,250g at base quality, 2,612g aged to silver quality, 3,375g aged to gold quality, and 4,500g aged to iridium quality. It is also affected by the Artisan Profession, increasing the value by a further 40%. Aged Starfruit Wine of iridium quality will net you 6,300g if you’re an Artisan.

You can find more information on Aged Wines here.

3. Tiger Slime Eggs

Slime eggs are a rare drop from Slimes after you obtain the Slime Hutch. Most types can also be obtained by putting 100 slim into a Slime Egg-Press, with Tiger Slime Eggs being the exception. Tiger Slime eggs are primarily obtained by killing Tiger Slimes, found in the Volcano Dungeon and to the West of Ginger Island. Lionfish Fish Ponds may also produce them.

Tiger Slime Eggs always sell for 8,000g.

2. Legend Fish

The legendary fish all sell for a large amount of money, especially if you have the Fisher and Angler professions, but can only be caught once each. I repeat – they are unique! You can only catch these beauties once, and they’re the most difficult fish to catch in the game, so you probably will not want to sell them!

But as I mentioned at the start of the article, the goal here is to catalogue the items with the highest selling items, and the Legend fish is the most valuable fish in the game bar none! Well, with the exception of Legend II, from Mr Qi’s Extended Family Quest, the Legend’s successor.

As with all fish, selling prices vary depending on the quality of your catch. The Legend sells for 5,000g at base quality, 6,250g at silver, 7,500g at gold and 10,000g at iridium quality. The Fisher Profession adds 25% to these prices, and the Angler Profession adds 50%. An iridium quality Legend caught by an Angler will sell for 15,000g!

You can find out more about the Legend fish here,

1. Animals

Yes, you can sell your animals! They can produce a lot of valuable goods, but they are also by far and away the most expensive thing you can sell in the game. The price that an animal is sold at is affected by their friendship level, reaching their maximum value at 5 hearts. Pigs and Ostriches are the best sellers, with Ostriches being the best choice. Pigs and Ostriches sell for the same amount, but Ostriches are easier to predictably produce – so just place an egg in an incubator, rather than relying on RNG to impregnate your sows.

At 5 hearts, Ostriches and Pigs sell for 20,800g.

You can find out more about growing your friendship with your animals here.

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