Best Stardew Valley Coffee Bean Guide in 2021

The coffee bean is a type of crop that you can plant in Stardew Valley. It takes them 10 days to fully mature and they’re best recommended to plant between Spring and Summer.

When placed inside the keg, the coffee beans will turn into coffee. Keep in mind that even if you’re a tiller, you’ll still not get any additional profit here. But if you choose to be an artisan, then you can turn coffee beans into thousands of gold real quick.

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What is a coffee bean in Stardew Valley?

Basically, a coffee bean is a seed that you can plant in order to harvest crops. As I’ve mentioned above, it takes 10 days for the plant to mature. It takes another 2 days to re-grow after being harvested.

Each plant can generate up to four (4) beans once every 2 days. You can also buy them from the Travelling Cart, but it’s not really recommended since it costs like 2.5 grand.

As a versatile crop, you can plant this either during Summer or Spring. To make coffee in a keg, you need to have 5 Coffee Beans from one stack and into the keg.

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Coffee Bean vs. Coffee

I think this one’s a no-brainer. Coffee takes the spot here as the best overall profit-maker. When you preserve the beans in the keg and turn them into coffee, your base profit is basically 150g. It makes sense since you need 5 coffee beans to make a coffee.

The iridium quality coffee beans cost sells at a price of 30g. But as a Tiller, you won’t get bonuses or anything like that since the coffee beans are considered seeds anyway.

If you opt for coffee, the base price is basically 150g. If you have the Artisan bonus, you can earn as much as 210g per keg and it only takes two hours to brew them.

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