How to Take a Full Stardew Valley Farm Screenshot?

Have you ever tried to take a Stardew Valley farm screenshot, and it’s just not enough? Sometimes players just want to get a full screenshot of their farm to take a look at it in all of its glory!

While it might be so easy to achieve without knowing a few tricks, don’t worry! This Stardew Valley farm screenshot guide will tell you everything you need to know!

Like with most things in Stardew, there are a few ways to achieve the wanted result.

Below you will find the easiest ways to get a full screenshot in Stardew Valley. Here are our recommendations:

Using Mods for stardew valley farm screenshots

Yes, you read that right! Have you thought about the possibility of using mods to achieve the best Stardew Valley farm screenshot? Stardew Valley mod creators always have our backs!

Let’s take a look at how that goes:

Once you open the SMAPI console, you will need to type export current all. That’s how a proper (full) screenshot of your farm will be saved to Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\MapExport.

That’s when you will be able to screenshot the farm in Stardew Valley and the place where you are in the map of the game. This feature/solution is also great when you want to export the pictures. If you ever run into any issues, just type export help.

This will be a great way to solve the Stardew Valley farm screenshot issue if you want a live view of how your farm looks right now. This will include all the characters with their locations, your crops, trees, and even animals. Nice, right?

However, if you don’t want to install additional things, this might not be the best option for you.

If you do try this option, you will be able to take screenshots with barely any effort!

Stardew Valley farm screenshot (Source)

Online tools for stardew farm screenshots

If you’re looking for something even easier, then we have a great option for you!

All you will have to do is go to Upload.Farm and upload your Stardew Valley farm file to get the farm screenshot.

If you’re planning to share how your farm looks right now with multiplayer friends and other players, you really should try this solutions because it will only take a few seconds. It’s very easy to use, so everyone can access the best screenshots.

Just keep in mind that you won’t be able to see all features of the farm. For example, you won’t be able to see trees, other characters, house upgrades. If that is alright with you, then go ahead!

Creating a stardew valley farm screenshot manually

Hear us out. We know that this might be a lot of work for some players, but it’s still a great option. If for some reason the other solutions are not working, then you might want to do this.

Yes, we are talking about stitching quarters of your Stardew Valley farm.

What you will have to do is zoom out completely and take 4 images of the farm. Once that is done, you will have to use some design tools to stitch them together. Also, keep in mind that there might be some overlap in those Stardew Valley farm screenshots, so you might have to edit that out too.

This is not the easiest way to achieve great results, but it can work! It really just depends on the quality of your screenshots since you might lack area in some places and overlap in others. However, if you do manage to get 4 great screenshots, then everything will be alright!

Which of these solutions is the best for you? Players can make all of them work with some patience, so prepare for some amazing screenshots!

Feel free to share how your farm looks right now with other players for some inspiration and ideas! We can always learn something from other and see how they used up the space in Stardew Valley!

Seeing a nice Stardew Valley farm screenshot can also help you to learn more about the map itself! It takes quite a while to walk through all of it, so keep the screenshot close to you to see how you farm changes and what else you can do with it!

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