70 Unique Farm Names to Try in Stardew Valley

Can’t think of creatives names for your farm? Well, you can always make your creative juices flow, but we’re saving you from that trouble. We present the following farm names you should consider on your next save files!

Standard, Riverland, Hill-top, Forest, Wilderness. Four Corners, and Beach Farm in one frame.
The player can choose seven different map layouts at the start of the game.

Starting a new save file doesn’t require you to put all farm names you can think of. However, having one gives you the benefit of sounding cool to the rest of the gang (if you have one).

If you’re having difficulty coming up with excellent names for your new save file, we’re here to help.

Since there are seven farm maps in Stardew Valley, consider these 70 examples that you can use in your future games.


This layout is the first among seven maps and the most beginner-friendly. Planting crops and ranching livestock are your focus, which are the perfect things to do in a self-sustaining land. 

Have you thought of a farm name yet? Check these examples:

  • Prismatic Co.
  • Wheatbale
  • Junimo Jaunt
  • Ol’ Pop’s
  • Diggeroo
  • Spring Trout
  • Winterdeath
  • Silverstalk
  • Sunny Hills
  • Barking Dog’s


The Riverland layout enables fishing and planting that you can do simultaneously. With these two opportunities, it’s no surprise you don’t have to wander off far to make a living.

Here are the not-so-witty Riverland farm names you can try:

  • Rainbowland
  • Hydroactive
  • Salmonmouth
  • Cordial Seas
  • Twin Stone
  • Void Algae
  • Squarepants
  • Tequila Hook
  • Blossomdrop
  • X’s Manor and


Why go to the Cindersap Forest when you can have a part of it outside your house? With the thriving trees and bushes, you can pick berries and forage efficiently for completing Community Center bundles in no time.

Don’t let the excitement wait for you to explore the Forest layout. Here are ten of the classic names worth trying:

  • Oakwood
  • Firewood
  • Candletooth
  • Doomberry
  • Brownstump
  • Green Maple
  • Borealis
  • Deadcap
  • Grassdew
  • Acorn Heights


Going North of Town to mine precious ores and stone sounds fun. But what’s better is bringing a quarry just outside your rustic home. The Hill-top layout makes mining accessible as early as Day 1, at the expense of several tillable tiles.

Don’t worry. Thinking of a farm name is less of trouble on your to-do list with this one:

  • Exogeode III
  • Boulderbones
  • Pickaxe-Ho!
  • Starcrop
  • Crossroads
  • Stonehomes
  • Tranquil Hills
  • Dropbeast
  • Darkwood
  • Oakland


Spawning monsters at night is what excitement the Wilderness layout offers. Albeit intimidating to new players at first, Marlon and Gil have your back to make you the most heroic character in Stardew Valley.

Instead, try focusing to sound more intimidating to your foes with these farm names:

  • Misty Circle
  • Hero’s Abode
  • Secret Guild
  • Haunted Dusk
  • Blood Moon
  • Coven Kush
  • Cosmic Blood
  • Two Swings
  • The Divine
  • Golemville

Four Corners

This layout is second to the latest inclusion in the game. Combining four maps, you can now mine, forage, fish, and plant simultaneously. The only exception on the list is Wilderness, but that’s less of a headache.

Farm Names to try:

  • Seasonal
  • Rockberry
  • Pepper Rex
  • Evergreen
  • Wet Picnic
  • Pale Broth’s
  • Qi’s Oriental
  • Hilltop
  • Secret Haven
  • Quadrastate


Limited soil to plant, but better fishing opportunities – this is the Beach layout in a nutshell. It’s quite an early vacay, but you’ll be surprised how difficult it is for new players. You’ll get less gold than the previous layouts, but you’re good if you have other means.

Before you proceed to the challenge, why don’t you take a look at these great names:

  • Little Hawaii
  • Sandy Cove
  • Sandpea
  • Cinderpine
  • Lost Island
  • Ginger Beach
  • Dragontooth
  • Cocoscrap
  • Golden Nuts
  • Blue Haven

How to Come Up with Farm Names?

The main menu screen of Stardew Valley new game.
Making a Farm Name at the start of each save file in Stardew Valley is a must.

Out of all the 70 examples, a single one might not get your attention – and we don’t blame you for that. Let’s instead master the art of coming up with appealing farm names!

It’s easy. Think of anything – be it associated with the Farm Map or not – and combine it with the other. For instance, you’re a lover of Prismatic Shard and Beach. You can try Prismatic Cove or Prismatic Dunes

If you let your creative juices flow, you can think of unique farm names as many as possible and select the best. Just don’t forget to mind the character count limit while doing so. Otherwise, you can get help with this useful farm name generator for free.

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