How to Find A Lost Watering Can In Stardew valley?

Have you accidentally lost a watering can in Stardew Valley? Well, don’t worry, you are not the only one! Plenty of Stardew players have been losing their watering cans, and it’s quite annoying, right? In that case, it becomes harder to take care of your crops and ensure that everything is growing and going well.

While it’s not possible to say that you will definitely get your lost watering can back in Stardew Valley, but there are a few things that you can try. We have gathered a few solutions that were suggested by fellow Stardew Valley players.

Below you will find some of our favourite recommendations.

can you recover a lost watering can in stardew valley?

Let’s get to the recommendations.

Basically, if it’s not a glitch of some sort, then you will most likely receive it in the mail in the morning! Therefore, no worries! This is how this problem solves itself most of the time. Just be patient, everything will be alright! Focus on other harvesting tasks you have and spend more time in town to pass the time.

However, it’s possible that losing your watering can was a glitch. In that case, players are suggesting that you should reload your game without saving. This way, you will lose some progress, but you should have your watering can once your reload.

It’s really just about whether you can allow yourself to lose some progress! If you had a watering can when you started playing Stardew Valley, then everything should be alright!

Lastly, other players are suggesting that checking your inventory and chests just in case. Some players even found their Stardew Valley lost watering can in the fridge! Funny, right? Weirdly enough, this is a rather common situation.

Why do you need a watering can in stardew valley?

If you were just trying to learn how to use your lost watering can in Stardew Valley, then don’t worry. We will explain everything, so you’d be ready to get the most out of it once the tool is back in your inventory!

As mentioned above, it is one of the Stardew Valley tools that you will come across in the game. Players usually use this tool to water all types of crops (you don’t have to water trees though). While it might run out of water soon if it’s not upgraded, it is still one of the most useful tools for harvesting.

Don’t lose your watering can in Stardew Valley!

Just don’t forget to put enough water in your watering can! Just go near the ocean, a sink, or some ponds for a refill! That’s when you can walk near and on your crops to water them.

Upgrading Your Stardew watering can

Once your Stardew Valley lost watering can is back in your inventory, you might want to upgrade it!

Just like with all Stardew tools, there are a few levels that you can achieve:

  • Watering Can

This is the basic type of a watering can. It can hold up to 40 units of water for your plants.

  • Copper Watering Can

If you want to upgrade this tool, you will need a regular Watering Can, 5 copper bars, and 2000 gold coins. This can can (pun intended) hold up to 50 units of water. This is definitely a nice upgrade because now you can water 3 tiles in a row. Saves you some time!

  • Steel Watering Can

For this one, you will need a Copper Watering Can, 5 iron bars, and 5000 gold coins. This one is quite a nice tool upgrade because it can hold up to 120 units of water.

Now you can water 5 rows at once!

  • Gold Watering Can

You will need a Steel Watering Can, 5 gold bars, 10000 gold coins. This version can hold up to 198 units of water. This version is very good if you have bigger amounts of crops because it can water 3×3 tiles at once.

  • Iridium Watering Can

If you’d like to have an Iridium Watering Can, then you will need to have a Gold version, 5 iridium bars, and 25000 gold coins to spare.

Fun fact, it’s not known how many units of water this item can hold, but it’s definitely a lot!

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