How to Save in Stardew Valley Easily (2022 Tutorial)

How to save in Stardew Valley across different platforms? How do you back up those files to prevent losing your own farm and starting from scratch? This complete guide will teach you everything!

Here's how to save in Stardew Valley inside the Load Game Menu.
Stardew Valley saves screen.

Having lengthy Stardew Valley gameplay hours means an apparent dedication and hard work. That’s why it’s sensible to keep track of your progress and back it up whenever possible. Otherwise, it’d ruin your enjoyment and inevitably quit the game.

The game has a remarkable way of saving: one that requires you to make the most of the day before resting. It’s just the gist, and we’ll guide you on how to save in-game.

Why is Saving Important in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley in the Steam Store.
Here’s where you can find the computer’s save location from Steam.

No one would like to have their hard work disappear instantly. Mine floors progress, getting bountiful loot, finishing the main quest, reaching secret areas, and so much more can be affected. If you also want to undo your actions, you can always load it up and play the previous day or even years!

There’s also the risk of repeating things (from your last checkpoint), deleting a day’s overall progress. Who doesn’t save their progress in games?

How to Save a Session in the Game?

Inside the Desktop - all folders (including Steam) compiled in "Program Files x86"
Here’s the Program Files folder since PC is the most common.

It’s a no-brainer that most players recognize the purpose of saving – but how? Well, there are two things we’ll discuss: the in-game way and the alternative one. Generally, the game saves progress after going to the character’s bed, ending the current day.

If you’re playing Multiplayer, all players must be tucked into bed. Otherwise, you’ll just recharge energy, and the save screen won’t appear. 

On the other hand, the alternative way will focus on backing up saves across different platforms.


Stardew Valley is best played on the PC version if you’re comfortable with a keyboard and mouse. You can progress way faster, especially if you’re into gaming before. But how to save on this platform, and where do I find them?

  • Press Windows and search for %appdata%.
  • Find the file folder of the software’s name.
  • Click on “Saves”.
  • Copy your character’s folder (better make it a zip file).

Alternatively, hold the Windows and R button and type in %appdata%/stardewvalley/saves to take you to the saves folder instantly.

After securing the save slot, you can safely go to the Options page (or Inventory menu) and exit to the Main Menu. You can continue playing by going to the game’s load game menu.


Despite having the most delayed updates, many players still play the game on mobile. Here’s how to save on Android:

  • Open the File Explorer or File Manager on your Android device.
  • Browse or use the search button to find the StardewValley folder.
  • Copy and paste the entire folder with a name like this: Jared_251625146 (save slot example).


For Apple users, playing the game on the platform could be one of the most fantastic experiences because of the lag-free guarantee. The big company comes with the high specs that everyone deserves.

iOS 13+

  • Open Files.
  • Choose the Browse button on the bottom-right side of the screen.
  • Under Locations, pick My iPhone/iPad.
  • Browse and click Stardew Valley.
  • Copy and paste the whole folder with a similar naming convention as Android.

iOS 12 or below

  • Tap and open the iTunes app.
  • Connect your device with a USB cable.
  • Find and select the device icon in the toolbar on top.
  • Select File Sharing.
  • An app list will load, and you’ll have to click on the game’s folder name.
  • StardewValley Documents’ panel will show up saves you can start copying from your iOS device.


Here’s how to back up your saves in Mac:

  • Click on Finder.
  • Select Go.
  • Select Go to Folder.
  • Enter the exact text: ~/.config/stardewvalley/saves
  • Enter again, and you’ll see your saves. You may copy the entire save folder.


Finally, here’s a self-explanatory, step-by-step process to have saves backup in Linux:

  • Open the Files app.
  • Click Go and Enter Location.
  • Copy ~/.config/stardewvalley/saves
  • From there, you can start duplicating your save files.

Why is my game Not Saving?

The fastest route for PC Stardew Valley players when finding saves.
Tip: Here’s a super shortcut to the computer’s saves folder in Stardew Valley!

If you’re confident about sleeping to save and have done everything, it might have to do with bugs. Once your game crashes and there’s no indication of saving, you can check this guide to solve the issue.

How to Save without Sleeping?

The player standing in front of the Carpenter's Shop and Stone Cabin.
Fun Fact: You may use the Cabin (for multiplayer) that you ordered from Robin.

It’s technically impossible, but not with mods. However, we don’t recommend mods if you’re starting the game, as it could ruin your experience. But if you’re down for it, you can check this website.

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