Stardew Valley Goblin Problem Quest: A Comprehensive Guide

Have you completed the Dark Talisman quest in Stardew Valley? If you have, you’re now up to another challenge, the Goblin Problem Quest. In this guide, we’ll discuss what it is and how you can complete it.

A player conversing with the henchman in Stardew Valley.
How can you convince him?

Before we hop into the Goblin Problem, it’s best to know how you can trigger it. First, you must explicitly complete the Dark Talisman Quest that the Wizard requests. In this task, you must retrieve a Magic Ink from the Witch’s Hut. But you have to find a wallet item known as the dark talisman to access the entrance from the Railroad.

After successfully finding the item in the Sewers, you’ll now meet a somewhat nice Goblin Henchman who secures the place. Convincing him does you no good since he’s certain that he’d lose his occupation if he lets you inside. So, how can you complete this special quest?

How Do You Solve the Goblin Problem in Stardew Valley?

A player completing the Goblin Problem Quest in Stardew Valley.
Can you complete it?

The Goblin or Henchman guarding the place is an obedient worker of the Witch. So, you can’t bribe him with common items or gold. To access the hut, you’d need to do the following steps:

Step One

Go to the Museum/Library and look for a book about Goblins. It’s a literary piece written by M. Jasper wherein he discusses the origin of these creatures and the items they love.

Step Two

Make a Void Mayonnaise in the Mayonnaise Machine. The random event with the Witch plays a crucial part in making this item. If you raised the Void Chicken, you wouldn’t have any trouble obtaining a Void Egg, but if otherwise, here are some alternatives:

  • Marrying Shane. If you become his spouse, you may get this kind of egg with him on rainy days.
  • Purchasing it from Krobus. You’ll find an unlimited quantity of it in Krobus’ fixed stock for 5,000g.
  • Collecting it from the Void Salmon’s Fish Pond. They may produce it once the pond’s capacity reaches nine.

Step Three

After successfully making the Void Mayo, you may revisit the Witch’s Swamp and offer it to the Henchman.

In which he’ll gleefully accept it and somehow forget his duty. This would be the last time you’ll see him in Stardew Valley. He’s a non-marriageable and non-giftable NPC, well, except for this quest.

Rewards for Completing the Goblin Problem

A player in the Witch's hut inn Stardew Valley.
We love the perks they offer!

Now that you’ve completed the quest, you may access the hut. You’ll find the Magic Ink on the table. And if you observe the place, there are three Dark Shrines there that you can use to your benefit. These statues are the Dark Shrine of Memory, the Dark Shrine of Selfishness, and the Dark Shrine of Night Terrors.

The first shrine requires you to offer 30,000g to wipe your ex-spouses’ memories. The second needs a Prismatic Shard to turn your kids into doves, while the latter spawns monsters at night if you offer a Strange Bun.

A player checking through the Wizard's Catalogue in Stardew Valley.
Well, that’s expensive.

Moreover, you’ll get to access the Wizard Buildings upon returning the magical ink. You also get to purchase the following structures as long as you have the money and materials. Below are the buildings you can make alongside their recipes:

Earth ObeliskTeleports you to the Mountain near the Carpenter’s Shop,500,000g
Iridium Bar (10) 
Earth Crystal (10)
Water ObeliskBring you to the beach.500,000g
Iridium Bar (5)
Clam (10)
Coral (10)
Desert ObeliskGets you to the Calico Desert.1,000,000g
Iridium Bar (20) 
Coconut (10)
Cactus Fruit (10)
Island ObeliskTeleports you to Ginger Island.1,000,000g
Iridium Bar (10) 
Dragon Tooth (10) 
Banana (10)
Junimo HutJunimos helps you in harvesting crops on your farm.20,000g
Stone (200)
Starfruit (9)
Fiber (100)
Gold ClockPrevents debris on your farm. It also prevents the fences from decaying.10,000,000g

Additionally, you can use the teleportation rune in the Wizard’s basement if you want to teleport quickly to the Witch’s place. You can also use the red rune in the hut to go back to the Wizard’s Tower. Note that you’ll access his basement once you earn four friendship hearts with him.

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