Do You Have to Water Trees in Stardew Valley?


Have you noticed that the trees in your farm are just not growing? Is it because they are not watered? Or are there any other reasons that you should be aware of? So, should you water trees in Stardew Valley?

Let’s talk about whether you should spend time watering the trees on your land (if that’s beneficial at all) and answer other common questions about trees in Stardew Valley!

Here is what you need to know:

Should You Water Regular Trees in Stardew Valley?

Right now we are focusing on the regular trees that you will see on your farm the moment you start playing the game. They are mostly known and used for various resources that will help you go further in Stardew Valley.

Yes, we are talking about such trees as maple, oak, pine, and mahogany. They are perfect sources for Wood that will be needed in many Stardew Valley situations. For example, it is used a lot in crafting, building, and other reasons.

Other than Wood, you will also get such resources as Sap, Maple Syrup, and Resin. As long as you have enough space in your inventory or in your chest!

So, should you water such trees in Stardew Valley as the oak? Well, actually, you don’t need to do that!

Should you water trees?

These trees might take a rather long time to fully grow, but don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that they lack water. The possibility of the tree growing every day is just not that big, so you will have to be patient.

Just be sure that there is plenty of empty space. This way, the tree will have enough space to become bigger and bigger. If that happens, you will get more resources! Now that’s a win win situation.

Should You Water Fruit Trees in Stardew Valley?

Let’s take a look at Stardew Valley fruit trees. Should you water them? How do you take care of them?

Here are the basics that you need to know:

These trees are quite easy to take care of even for beginners. Another good thing is that these trees is that they won’t die in Winter and will just continue growing! Most things don’t grow during the colder season, so it’s no surprise why players love the fruit trees!

Also, the quality of what you get from the tree increases every year. As long as you are patient, the rewards from your hard work will just getting better.

Getting to the main question, you don’t even have to water the trees, so it’s quite easy to take care of them!

This means that you don’t have to water any of the trees that you come across or plant! Just make sure that they have enough space to grow (this is also important for your fruit trees).

The Best Stardew Trees

Speaking of fruit trees, which are the best options for you farm? Different seasons have different fruit trees that are the best for that time. Here are some of our suggestions:

Spring: Cherry Tree

So, why is the cherry fruit tree our choice for this season? Basically, for around 3k Gold you can get yourself a Cherry Tree! Yes, we do understand that it is not cheap! Even if the price is not the best, the Cherry Tree will produce a lot of berries, so you will quickly get your 3k gold coins investment back with more money!

Summer: Peach Tree

How much does this bad boy cost? 6 THOUSAND GOLD COINS! That’s right. However, a common Peach can be sold for 140 Gold, so the investment is definitely worth it in the long run. That’s just one of the reasons why it’s one of the best crops for the Summer. Even if it costs a lot, keep this one in mind because it will make your farm look great and bring you lots of money.

Fall: Pomegranate Tree

Have you considered getting yourself a Pomegranate Tree? This will produce a lot of fruit, so it will be easy to make tons of jam in the game! In all fairness, jam is one of the best items to make in Stardew Valley, so the Pomegranate will be very beneficial! 

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