Can You Recover a Lost Sword in Stardew Valley?

Are you currently that unlucky Stardew Valley player who lost their sword? Very sorry to hear that because it’s just so annoying, we get it. However, is there a way to recover a lost sword in Stardew Valley? What can you do if you lose it? What are the best options for you in that case? We will go over all of that in this Stardew Valley guide, so keep reading below:

The player standing with different swords in Stardew Valley.
Here are every swords in the game.

Lost Your Sword in Stardew Valley?

There are a few different reasons why you might lose your sword in Stardew Valley: trashing it by accident, dying in the Mines, etc. Once you lose your sword, it feels like the whole game is just “broken” because you don’t have your best weapon anymore.

That’s why many players are wondering if you can recover a lost sword in Stardew Valley. Well, the answer is “depends”.

You might get lucky and find another sword in the mines or while fishing. However, it might not be such a good idea to go there without a sword! Unless you really need some Prismatic Jelly! Your best choice would be to use your axe, pickaxe, or ever a scythe. In all fairness, many players are choosing the scythe as their alternate weapon due to the fact that it doesn’t use energy.

You might want to also check the Lost and Found box in Lewis‘ house, but it’s hard to say for sure whether you will get it back.

That’s why we have another suggestion for you below.

How to get another sword in stardew valley?

That’s right. You might want to consider getting another weapon once you have lost a sword in Stardew Valley.

Now it just depends on how much you have progressed in the game. Some players might be able to just go to one particular location to buy it, while some might have to work a bit harder to add one more weapon to their collection.

For example, if the guild is already open, then you can just go there to buy a new one. That is probably the easiest way to solve this issue and continue playing Stardew Valley without any issues. Basically, the Adventurer’s Guild is the way to go.

What is the stardew adventurer’s guild?

The player talking to Marlon at the Adventurer's Guild to replace a lost sword.
Inside the Adventurer’s Guild.

If you haven’t visited the Adventurer’s Guild yet, this might be the best time for that!

However, before you can access it, you will have to finish a quest called “Initiation“. Once that is done, just feel free to go to this locations anytime from 2pm to 10pm for any weapon needs.

Just some of the Stardew Valley weapons that you can buy include:

ItemPrice for buyingPrice for selling
Iron Dirk500g50g
Silver Saber750g100g
Pirate’s Sword850g100g
Wood Mallet2,000g150g

Of course, you can also find something more interesting if you are after that. There are plenty of items to choose from in the shop of the Adventurer’s Guild, so feel free to choose whichever weapon fits your needs the best.

How to Complete “Initiation” in stardew valley?

The player doing a special move with a Rusty Sword deep below the Mines.
Once you’re inside the Mines to complete the quest, you have to be defensive.

If you want to get your lost sword “back” in Stardew Valley, you will have to complete one of the most complicated tasks in this game. However, it will be worth it!

Here is what you need to know about “Initiation” in Stardew Valley:

The main requirement will be to defeat 10 slimes in the Mines.

Basically, once you enter the Mines you will receive a Rusty Sword, and your quest will start. That’s when you need to prepare for quite a fight! Different types of slime will try to attack you while you will have to work hard to win in this quest.

The text of the quest “If you can slay 10 slimes, you’ll have earned your place in the Adventurer’s Guild.” is pretty easy to understand, so no worries about getting some random puzzles!

Once you complete this task, you will be on the right path to being able to buy one more sword in Stardew Valley!

We understand this having your favourite sword in the collection makes the game much easier, so follow these recommendations to get it back.

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