Stardew Valley: Spirit’s Eve, Golden Pumpkin (Full Guide 2022)

Do you want to know what’s on Fall 27 of Stardew Valley? It’s the Spirit’s Eve festival! The event is often associated with the Golden Pumpkin – a rare reward. Ready to enjoy the celebration? Read this complete and easy guide!

The player holding a Golden Pumpkin at the Spirit's Eve in Stardew Valley.
At this festival, you’ll need to find a Secret Passage to get this item!

Stardew Valley celebrates different events seasonally. From the notorious Egg Hunt Festival to the most exciting Festival of Ice. Opportunities and excitement await you with your Farm every time a new season appears.

During Fall, the 27th day is what’s notable in the month. Although the Stardew Valley Fair offers different mini-games, the Halloween festival is also important.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything about the festival. We’ll also reveal how to blast your way to the Haunted Maze and reap the Golden Pumpkin as a reward!

What is the Spirit’s Eve in Stardew Valley?

With the scary setup and displays (like Skeletons), Spirit’s Eve is considered Stardew Valley’s Halloween. Since the Town Center became a pure horror attraction, it’s safe to assume that it’s the Wizard’s creation. But if not, it’s the Haunted Maze that you should focus on traversing.

It’s important to arrive between 10pm and 11:40pm as it’ll be time when the festival starts. Entering at 11:50pm won’t count. On the other hand, leaving the Spirit’s Eve day will bring you back to the Farm at 12am. 

Fun Facts:

  • Wizard is responsible for setting up the festival (including all the scary shows).
  • The festival being the Pelican Town’s Halloween, is further backed by several dialogues from Abigail and Sebastian.
  • Gus referred to Pumpkins as a fruit (which is botanically correct).
  • The Abandoned House replaces the Joja Warehouse on the town’s right side. It’s inaccessible but can be seen from the map editor.
  • It’s not a coincidence that there’s a Full Moon during the Spirit’s Eve Festival. Every 27th of a season is known to have the moon phase.
  • There are some unused lines in the game’s data files
  • It’s strongly believed that the Wizard created the “silly maze” alongside his relationship with Linus. The Wizard said (dialogue) that the affairs of mundane folk matters little but love to see someone up close anyways. Linus then drops compliments, saying, “Good show, old friend (from the game’s data files)
  • Clicking at the moon several times (saving screen) will surprise you.

How to Finish the Maze

Before obtaining the Golden Pumpkin, you must traverse the Haunted Maze first. This puzzle is full of scary decorations that some villagers have phobias from. It’s well-designed that even Jas and Vincent might reach the reward on time if only they were not prohibited. Plus, a large majority of the townspeople are shocked or afraid of the maze’s existence.

To reach the Golden Pumpkin’s destination, follow the path drawn in the screenshot below:

In-game screenshot of the path to reaching the Golden Pumpkin in Stardew Valley (Spirit's Eve).

Explanation: This isn’t a huge maze, and you should reach the treasure section of the maze later. Before starting, it’s essential to have the “keep going left” mentality (other NPCs hinted about the bush passageway). 

Eventually, you’ll encounter Abigail. She presumably knows the area well but won’t continue because of her fear of spiders. Nonetheless, you’ll see Sam, later on, talking about a dead end. Look to the left and notice a signpost with the question mark sign.

Upon exiting the hedges, enter the cave. The trick is to navigate the place with a Glow Ring equipped, although it’s still doable by feeling the surroundings. After that, the Golden Pumpkin is yours!

The Golden Pumpkin is an item that sells for 2,500g. It can also be a universally loved gift for different villagers. Lastly, combining it with a Cloth at the Sewing Machine will make a Witch Hat.

Exclusive Items

The player at the house.
Items you can purchase at the Shopping Booth.

As always, Pierre’s Shop always sells exotic items, and the Spirit’s Eve festival is no exception. The merchant offers items that are exclusive to the celebration in Stardew Valley. Here’s a glimpse of Pierre’s inventory alongside their prices and functions:

Jack-O-Lantern (5)750gDecoration
Jack-O-Lantern recipe2,000gDecoration recipe
Rarecrow #2 (1)5,000gCollectible Scarecrow
Grave Stone350gDecoration
Funky Rug4,000gDecoration

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