Stardew Valley Most Expensive Gem: Cheapest to Priciest!

We all know that gems are valuable. Aside from being a great gift, it’s also helpful in earning gold to expand your business, but what’s Stardew Valley most expensive gem? Read this comprehensive guide to learn more about them; we’ve ranked these valuable gems based on their value.

A player with all the eight gems in Stardew Valley.
Which one do you think is the most expensive gem in Stardew Valley?

The most irritating yet satisfying part of playing Stardew Valley is scavenging for items you barely know where to find. It includes searching for gemstones, and if you think you’re lucky to find a Diamond, you’re quite mistaken. Why? Is it not the most expensive gem? Spoiler, it isn’t 

If you want to know more about each gem’s value, we’ve ranked them from the cheapest to the most lavish stones you’ll find in-game. Continue reading to learn more about Stardew Valley’s most expensive gem!

What are Gems in Stardew Valley?

Gems are minerals you’ll find in the Mines, but you may occasionally see them in areas like Garbage Cans, Crates, and Barrels alongside the Quarry. They’re also useful in crafting recipes, but it’s best to offer some of them to your friends since they’re generally liked or loved by NPCs- especially by Clint, Emily, and Dwarf.

Moreover, you can use these stones in the spool of the Sewing Machine to make clothes or dyes. They also make great enhancements for defense tools once placed in the Forge. And aside from these benefits, the Museum also accepts them as donations. There are a total of eight precious gems in Stardew Valley, can you get them all?

Ranking for Stardew Valley Most Expensive Gem (Cheapest to Priciest)


A player holding a Topaz in Stardew Valley.
You’ve just found the cheapest gem, but what is it?

Selling Price (SP): 80g
SP with Gemologist Profession: 104g

It’s a yellow oval-shaped mineral that’s well-liked and loved by villagers in Stardew Valley, except for Pierre, Leah, and Linus, who dislike it. You can also use it in several quests to gain Friendship points and hearts from your friends.

Additionally, you can find it by using these methods:

  • Fishing for Treasure Chests.
  • Mining in the Mines.
  • Panning.
  • Breaking Gem and Topaz Nodes.


A player holding an amethyst in Stardew Valley.
It’s quite irregular in shape, but it still gives money.

SP: 100g
SP with Gemologist: 130g

This purple variant of quartz has a low selling price too. Similarly to the first one, you can’t do much with it aside from completing quests. Anyhow, you can still gift it to villagers and get points from them. 

If you still want to obtain them, here are some ways you can try:

  • Breaking Amethyst and Gem Nodes in the Mines.
  • Panning with a Copper Pan.
  • Slaying Green Slimes.
  • Getting Treasure Chest by Fishing.
  • Produce from Super Cucumber Fish Pond once it reaches a capacity of nine.
  • Scavenging the Garbage Can.


A player holding an aquamarine in Stardew Valley.
That blue stone looks more like a pearl than a gemstone.

SP: 180g
SP with Gemologist: 234g

It’s a blue-green gem you can use to complete the Dye Bundle in the Bulletin Board. It’s also an option to accomplish the Treasure Hunter’s Bundle in the Boiler Room (remixed). You can also craft items like a Marble Brazier if you have some Marble (1), Aquamarine (1), and Stone (100). 

To find this mineral, you may visit these locations and incorporate the following skills:

  • Mining Aquamarine Nodes and Gem Stones at level 40+ of the Mines.
  • Panning.
  • Fishing Treasure Chests.
  • Searching the Garbage Bin.


A player holding a Jade in Stardew Valley.
Looks like something from the ’80s.

SP: 200g
SP with Gemologist: 260g

It’s a dull decorative green stone that is commonly used as gifts or in completing quests. However, it doesn’t have other relevance aside from the stated benefits above. Here are some methods to obtain it in Stardew Valley:

  • Destroying Jade and Gem Nodes.
  • Killing Blue Slimes, Tiger Slimes, and Dwarvish Sentry.
  • Found in Treasure Chests obtained by Fishing.
  • Occasionally discovered in Garbage Cans.
  • A possible gift during the Feast of the Winter Star.


A player holding a ruby in Stardew Valley.
Do you have the heart to sell this one? It looks so good.

SP: 250g
SP with Gemologist: 325g

It’s a gem with a bright red color which is quite eye-catching. Like all the stated gems, it doesn’t have any relevance to crafting. However, it’s also an option to complete the Treasure Hunter’s Bundle and some quests in Stardew Valley. You can trade it as well with the Desert Trader and get a Spicy Eel in return.

Refer to the methods below to learn about the methods you can incorporate to obtain this stone:

  • Breaking Ruby and Gem Nodes.
  • Panning with a Copper Pan.
  • Searching the Trash Can.
  • Obtaining Treasure Chests by incorporating Fishing skills.
  • A probable gift during the Winter Star event in Stardew Valley.


A player holding an emerald in Stardew Valley.
What would you do with this Emerald?

SP: 250g
SP with Gemologist: 325g

Unlike Jades with unsaturated color, this gemstone comes in a bright green instead. You may obtain it the same way as getting a Ruby, but you’ll need to crush Emerald Nodes in place of Ruby Nodes. Trading it with the Desert Trader on Fridays is also viable as you’ll get Cheese in an exchange.


A player holding a diamond in Stardew Valley
Oh, wait! You know what that is, but are you ready to replicate it and get rich?

SP: 750g
SP with Gemologist: 975g

It’s a rare gem you’ll get in-game. Despite its reasonable selling price, you’d earn more with this mineral than Prismatic Shards. If this is a ranking for the most lucrative gemstone, a Diamond would definitely steal first place since you can replicate it. You can also use it in some quests and bundles. 

However, it’s best to utilize it in crafting the following items:

ItemsIngredient(s)Recipe SourceSelling Value
Ring of Yoba5 Iron Bar
5 Gold Bar
1 Diamond
Combat Level 7750g
Geode Crusher2 Gold Bar
50 Stone
1 Diamond
Clint, after completing his special order.Not Sellable.
Fairy Dust1 Diamond
1 Fairy Rose
The Pirate’s Wife Quest.500g

You may acquire this loot through these methods:

  • It may occasionally be dropped by slayed Copper, Red, Purple, Iron Slime, Duggy, and Wilderness Golem.
  • Breaking Gems and Diamond Nodes.
  • Panning.
  • Fishing Chests.

Prismatic Shard

A player holding a Prismatic Shard, the most expensive gem in Stardew Valley.
Stardew Valley- the most expensive gem of all time!

SP: 2000g
SP with Gemologist: 2600g

It’s considered one of the rarest gems in-game, and there are several yet challenging ways to obtain it. Additionally, you can’t replicate it in a Crystalarium due to its Electromagnetic Field’s (EMF)  negative interaction with the equipment; this is based on the Technology Report! 

Moreover, you can only craft one item with it, such as the Wedding Ring. You’ll get its recipe from the Traveling Cart in Stardew Valley. And to craft it, you’ll need one shard and five Iridium Bars.

It offers more benefits to rock collectors since it’s a way to obtain the Galaxy Sword and turn your children into doves by offering it to the Dark Shrine of Selfishness. Anyway, these are just a spoiler of its services in Stardew Valley.

After seeing its costly value, you must be intrigued about how to get it. These are a sneak-peek of every method you can use to obtain it:

  • Breaking Mystic Stones in the Mines at floor 100+, Skull Cavern, and Quarry (25%).
  • Occasionally obtained by destroying Iridium Nodes in areas like Skull Cavern, Quarry, and Volcano Dungeon (4%).
  • Crushing Omni Geodes. You may also purchase these geodes from Sandy or Krobus depending on their schedules (0.4%).
  • Fishing treasure chests after getting to the 6th Fishing Level (0.012%).
  • Killing Serpents and Mummies (0.1%); Shadow Brutes and Shamans (0.05%). And 0.5% from any monsters once you reach the pit of the Mines.
  • A possible drop from the Rainbow Trout’s Fish Pond once it teaches a population of 9 and above (0.09%).
  • Occasionally found in Skull Cavern’s Treasure Rooms (4%).
  • Obtained on your first arrival in the Volcano Dungeon’s chest.
  • Acquired daily after getting the Statue of True Perfection.

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