Stardew Valley Statue of True Perfection: Is it Worth It?

Do you want a piece of furniture that can give you a handy resource in Stardew Valley? If you haven’t heard of the Statue of True Perfection, then you’re missing a lucrative item you can’t resist. In this guide, you’ll learn everything about it and why it’s a must-have!

A player in front of Statue of True Perfection in Stardew Valley.
Are you ready for this money-making item?

Getting a Prismatic Shard is a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of event. You can’t tell when you’ll get one and how frequently you’ll obtain them. But luckily, the Statue of True Perfection exists, and it can give you this gem daily!

Unlike the Witch’s random event, you won’t acquire it by just encountering it “suddenly.” You have to work for it like what you did in the Statue of Perfection in Grandpa’s Shrine. Concernedape never fails to challenge its players, so read further to learn more about this item!

What is True Perfection?

A player checking the Perfection Tracker in Stardew Valley.
We’re far from 100%.

It’s quite similar to Granda’s Evaluation, but you’ll need to grind more and visit Ginger Island. Once you reach the island, you’ll need to visit Qi’s Walnut Room, interact with the Perfection Tracker, and get to 100%. They may look intimidating, but you can do it because it’s worth the effort!

How to Reach 100% Perfection in Stardew Valley?

A player standing in front of the Perfection Tracker in Stardew Valley.
Well, now you know where Mr. Qi’s Walnut Room is.

We have an in-depth guide to reaching this percentage; click here to learn about the effective ways to achieve it. But if you’re here to spoil yourself with future adventures, here are the tasks you’ll need to complete:

  • Ship your produced and foraged goods by foraging.
  • Build obelisks. Note that these items cost 500,000g.
  • Purchase the 10,000,000g Golden Clock from the Wizard.
  • Complete Adventurer’s Guild. Eradication Goal. This includes initiating combat with slimes. mummies, serpents, and more!
  • Complete all Cooking recipes. Make sure to watch all episodes of the Queen of Sauce every Wednesday! If you missed one, there’s always a re-run every Sunday. Additionally, this task also includes recipes from the town’s residents.
  • Accomplish all crafting recipes by crafting items.
  • Reach eight Friendship Hearts with Non-Marriageable Candidates and ten for the latter. You’re also required to get eight hearts with Kent, one of the game’s NPCs.
  • Obtain all Stardrops.
  • Collect all Golden Walnuts.
  • Catch all fish from your collection tab menu.

What Happens When You Get 100% Perfection in Stardew Valley?

Your effort pays off after completing the monster slayer hero, getting the gold clock, and all the other requirements. Below are the benefits you’ll get:

  • Golden Egg and Golden Chickens.
  • New Animal in Marnie’s Ranch for you Coops. It appears once you solved Journal Scrap #10 in the Volcano Dungeon.
  • Golden Witch Random Event.
  • Unlock the Summit.
  • Obtain the Statue of True Perfection.
  • ??? Hat. You’ll get this by interacting with the monkey.

What is the Statue of True Perfection?

A player holding a Statue of True Perfection in Qi's Walnut Room
Congratulations on reaching 100% Perfection!

Your accomplishments are one thing that’ll make you proud. But the fun doesn’t end here because the creator made sure to give a reward worth the trouble, and that’s the True Perfection’s Statue.

It gives you one Prismatic Shard every day. You read that right; after getting one shard, you’ll obtain another the next day! 

Additionally, you can ask your friends to help you to reach 100% perfection and obtain this furniture. But note that you can only get one statue in multiplayer mode. If you’re looking for the easiest way to obtain it on the game’s vanilla version, then there’s no way to do that.

However, mods exist to make your gameplay easier if you want to cheat your way out. But here comes the bad news, this fortune is only available on Android, PC (Windows and Linux), and mac OS. So, you’ll need to work for it if you’re playing Stardew Valley on your Nintendo Switch, iOS, Xbox, or other platforms.

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