Stardew Valley Ostrich Incubator: All You Need To Know

Have you obtained an Ostrich Egg and don’t know how to hatch it? These valuable eggs don’t hatch themselves; you’ll need an Incubator. Here’s a complete guide on everything you need to know about Stardew Valley’s Ostrich Incubator!

stardew valley ostrich incubator
Can’t wait for those Ostrich eggs to hatch!

Hatching one of the largest eggs in Stardew Valley is easy as long as you have the Ostrich Incubator. The hard part is getting your hands on this refining equipment and Ostrich Egg. Nevertheless, your hard work will pay off because this late-game feature can help you reap enormous profits in the long run.

Are you interested in getting this machinery but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you already possess it but are unsure how to use it. Continue reading this guide, and you’ll become an expert in using Ostrich Incubators on your farm!

What Is an Ostrich InCubator?

It’s a piece of refining equipment available after Stardew Valley’s 1.5.0 upgrade. This item came along with new fun crops, Island farms, recipes, and animals. Its primary use is to hatch the Ostrich Eggs in your inventory to develop into fully-grown Ostriches in your barn.

How To Make An Ostrich Incubator?

stardew valley ostrich incubator
This is the Ostrich Incubator recipe!

To make this equipment, you need to get its crafting recipe from Professor Snail. You can do this by completing his fossil collection and survey questions at the Island Field Office. Next, you have to gather the materials to build it. 

Here’s a list of ingredients you’ll need to craft this important item:

  • Bone Fragments (50)
  • Hardwood (50)
  • Cinder Shard (50)

How Do You Get the Ostrich Incubator Crafting Recipe?

To get your hands on its recipe, you must first finish all of the Community board bundles in the Community center. After this, you can now access the Ostrich Egg and Incubator’s blueprints in Ginger Island. Thus, begins your journey of acquiring this essential crafting recipe.

Here’s a simple breakdown of how you’ll get the incubator’s recipe:

1. Rescue Professor Snail

rescue professor snail stardew valley ostrich incubator
Blast away that boulder!

Your first mission is to free Professor Snail, who is trapped inside a mushroom cave because a massive boulder blocks its entrance. After paying the parrots ten Golden Walnuts, you can place a Bomb or Explosive ammo on the large rock. Once it’s blown into pieces, he’ll return to the Island Field Office on Ginger Island.

2. Donate to the Island Field Office

ostrich incubator donation Island field office
Got to collect them all!

After freeing him, visit him in the Island Field Office, where he’ll request you to donate fossils to complete his collection of skeletal displays. To collect the donation items, you must break Bone Nodes, dig Artifact Spots, crack open a Golden Coconut, and many more.

3. Answer Island Survey

Island Survey ostrich incubator
Guessing the answer is so fun!

To answer the Island Survey, you must go to the back of the Field office. Your task is to report the precise number of the island’s purple flowers and starfish. Additionally, you’re only allowed to guess once daily; when you get it wrong, you must wait until the following day and try again.

4. Collect Your Completion Rewards

ostrich incubator fossil collection
Complete the Professor’s Collection and you’ll be well compensated!

Once you complete all the tasks Professor Snail requests to finish his collection; you’ll receive compensation for your donations. See this table below for the types of rewards you can get per accomplished collection and survey:

Large Animal Collection● Golden Walnuts (6)
● Banana Sapling (1)
Snake Collection● Golden Walnuts (3)
● Mango Sapling (1)
Mummified Frog Collection● Golden Walnut (1)
Mummified Bat● Golden Walnut (1)
Island Survey 1● Golden Walnut (1)
Island Survey 2● Golden Walnut (1)
Fossil Collections (4)
Island Surveys (2)
● Ostrich Incubator  Recipe

How To Use A Stardew Valley Ostrich Incubator?

how to use ostrich incubator
One egg at a time please!

Once you build the Incubator, you must place one or more of this refining equipment inside a Barn. You can either choose to put it inside a Barn, Big Barn, or Deluxe Barn. Just make sure not to put it inside a bird coop because it won’t work there.

Next, you must place an Ostrich Egg in the incubator. and wait for it to hatch. Average hatching time takes around 15,000 minutes or 9 days and 10 in-game hours. However, with the Coopmaster Profession, it can hatch in 7,500 minutes or 4 days and 18 hours, and 20m in-game time.

If more than one Ostrich Egg is prepared to hatch, only one will do once you enter the barn. To hatch the other eggs, you must leave and come back inside as often as needed to spawn the rest of the hatchlings.

Additionally, If the barn is at full capacity, the egg won’t hatch until a place opens up in the barn. You can relocate or sell a farm animal to make space for your hatchling. Upon doing so, the eggs will immediately hatch when you enter the barn again.


How To Get An Ostrich Egg?

There are multiple ways to acquire this egg in Stardew Valley. You can get this in Ginger Island by solving Journal Scrap #10 or in rare chests on the ninth level of the Volcano Dungeon. The other option is to wait for a fully-grown ostrich to lay an egg once a week.

How Much Does An Ostrich Egg Cost?

You can’t buy this Egg anywhere in the game. Therefore, it doesn’t cost anything.  But once you obtain one of these eggs with the methods mentioned above, you can sell this for a hefty price.

What Do You Do With Ostrich Egg In Stardew Valley?

You can use the eggs to make Mayonnaise in a Mayonnaise Machine. It can also be a substitute for duck or chicken eggs in recipes. You can also use it to tailor a Warrior’s Helmet in the Sewing Machine.

Additionally, you can sell these eggs for a ton of money, and with the Rancher profession, its sell price can increase up to 20%. They also make great gifts for NPCs. See the list below to know which of the following villagers would appreciate receiving this:


  • Leo


  • Alex
  • Jodi
  • Leah
  • Marnie
  • Sam
  • Demetrius
  • Kent
  • Linus
  • Pierre
  • Shane

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