What Are The Stardew Valley Lost Books?

Have you already encountered various Stardew Valley lost books? Do you know how to find them or what you can do with them? Then take a look at this guide for Stardew Valley and learn more about these items in the game!

Stardew Valley lost book
Stardew Valley lost book: Book by Marnie

What is the Stardew Valley Lost Book?

First thing first, the Stardew Valley lost book can be considered as a collection of books that your character will have to find during the game.

Most of the books will come with plenty of useful information that you can later use in the game, so you will definitely want to find them! Of course, you need to keep in mind that you will have to be patient. It might take a while to find all of them, but finding all 20 lost books in Stardew Valley will be very rewarding.

The information in the books will be closely related to the gameplay, so you will quickly learn more about Stardew Valley once you start collecting the books.

So, how do players find them? One of the best ways would be to use a hoe and dig up artifact spots! If you don’t have the time for that, then you can also try to find some fishing treasure chests!

What Lost Books can you find in stardew?

Let’s get to the main part of this guide!

What are the books you can find in Stardew Valley? What can you learn from them about this game?

Let’s take a look at the most popular Stardew Valley lost books!

Tips on farming

Once you find this book called Tips on Farming, you will learn plenty of useful information!

For example, you will learn that you can use fertilizer to make your farming easier and more effective! Also, some crops (for example, kale and wheat) should be harvested with a scythe.

Other than that, you will find out that Stardew Valley fruit trees will take a season to grow! However, they are quite easy to take care of, so it can be a great addition to your farm!

Stardew Valley farming
Stardew Valley farm (Source)

On Foraging

Since foraging is one of the most useful skills in Stardew Valley, it’s no surprise that one of the Stardew Valley lost books will give us more information about it!

For example, this book will help you learn that you can find wild produce in the local woods and mountains! Also, don’t forget to take care of the weeds, stumps, and stones that you will find nearby! This way, you will have plenty of space for your farm.

mysteries of the dwarves

While the Stardew Valley dwarves might be very confusing, one of the Stardew Valley lost books can help you to learn more.

For example, the book comes with information that the Dwarves call themselves ‘Smoluanu‘, which translates to ‘sky people’. The book mentions that it is an odd name for a group that lives deep underground, but it’s quite nice, right?

Other than that, you will learn that the dwarves might be the remnants of a once advanced civilization whose interplanetary vehicle crashed on this planet long ago. While this might seem a bit crazy, this book by M. Jasper allows you to learn more about these mythical creatures.


Once you start farming more, you will notice that scarecrows are extremely useful in Stardew Valley! That’s why this particular Stardew Valley lost book will give you more information about them!

First of all, you will learn that you will be visited by some crows once you start farming more and more. That’s why it will be great to think about getting yourself a scarecrow. Well, who would want their crops to be eaten by a bunch of crows?

Did you know that you can track how successful your scarecrows are? That’s right! They keep track of how many crows they stopped, so you can learn if they are in the best possible spot.

And these are just some of the lost books in Stardew Valley! Are you ready to go on a journey and start looking for them in various artifact spots?

Well, just be patient and have fun learning more about Stardew Valley thanks to these books!

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