Stardew Heavy Tapper: Full Guide to Obtaining It

Do you want a quick and easy way to obtain various tree products in Stardew Valley? If so, a Heavy Tapper might be the item you’re looking for. Here we’ll talk about its uses, products, and more!

Trees with heavy tapper in Stardew Valley.
What happens next?

In your first run in Stardew Valley, you may find it difficult to obtain items such as Maple Syrup. It becomes extra challenging too if you neither have a Heavy nor a regular Tapper. Spoiler, these items give you easy access to different tree products which also help in cooking and crafting recipes.

Anyhow, here we’ll discuss how you can obtain the first item mentioned and its difference from its customary counterpart.

What is a Heavy Tapper in Stardew Valley?

It’s a crafted item that can extract goods from trees more efficiently than its regular version. You can easily craft it after receiving the recipe, but you can’t resell it. While the items it spawns, on the other hand, benefit from the Tapper Profession which adds 25% more to its base value.

How to Get a Heavy Tapper?

A player purchasing the heavy tapper recipe in Stardew Valley.
Do you have enough gems?

You may only get it by crafting. While its recipe is only available in Qi’s Secret Walnut Room which costs 20 Qi Gems. After obtaining the formula, you’ll need to gather 30 pieces of Hardwood and one Radioactive Bar.

How Does a Heavy Tapper Work in Stardew Valley?

A player collecting tree products from a Heavy Tapper in Stardew Valley.
Things are getting more interesting this time!

You only need to attach it to a tree to make it work. Its function is pretty straightforward since all you need to do afterward is wait for it to collect the loots. It doubles the production rate of certain goods compared to the regular version. Once you attach it to a lumber, you may remove it by hitting it with an Axe or Pickaxe.

However, you must beware that lightning can destroy a tree. And once it does, this item alongside some products gets wiped out too. While in terms of the production of goods, regular trees continue to make their items. While special trees like Mushroom Trees won’t yield anything during winter.

Below are the products it can spawn alongside the other details. 


ItemSourceTimeSell PriceSell Price with ProfessionHealthEnergy
Maple SyrupMaple T.4 Nights200g250g2250
Oak RaisinOak T.3 Nights150g187gInedibleInedible
Pine TarPine T.2 Nights100g125gInedibleInedible
Sap Mahogany T.1 Night2g-2
Common MushroomMushroom T.Varies40g1738
Red MushroomMushroom T.Varies75g-50
Purple MushroomMushroom T.Varies250g56125
Note (T) refers to Tree.

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