Quick Guide to Obtaining Fairy Stone in Stardew Valley

Have you ever heard of Fairy Stone in Stardew Valley? We’re not talking about actual faes here, but rather the mineral. Read further to learn more about this item!

A player holding a fairy stone outside the Blacksmith shop in Stardew Valley.
You seem to be lucky since you obtained it!

Gems in Stardew Valley come in various colors and shapes, but did you know that there’s a mineral that looks quite similar to an Amethyst? It’s a Fairy Stone! You can’t find them in regular nodes or stumble by them immediately, so searching for them is challenging.

However, if you’re up for the challenge, then continue reading to find out more about its uses, benefits, and more!

What is Fairy Stone in Stardew Valley?

A player holding a fairy stone in Stardew Valley.
You know who to visit when cracking a geode.

It’s a mineral suspected to be from the bones of ancient fairies based on an old miner’s song. Its color is quite similar to an Amethyst, while its shape is also irregular. In terms of its selling price, you may market it for 250g, but if you have the Gemologist Profession, its value increases to 325g.

Where to Farm a Fairy Stone in Stardew?

You can’t directly find this mineral, but you may potentially get it in Omni Geodes and Frozen Geodes. If you don’t have a Geode Crusher, you’ll need Clint’s assistance with cracking them open. Anyhow, you have a 1/30 chance of getting it in the Frozen deposit and a 31/2750 with the Omni one.


A player making a shirt with a cloth and fairy stone in Stardew Valley.
Another purple shirt that may suit your taste.

While placing it in a spool of the sewing machine gives you another outfit– a purple-colored shirt. It also makes a good dye for other dyeable clothing items. This also applies to dye pots. You may visit Haley and Emily’s home to add color to these things.


Unfortunately, only the Wizard sees this stone’s value. All the other villagers, even the local blacksmith, Clint, dislike this mineral. So, it’s best to sell it instead of offering it to NPCs.

Where to Use the Fairy Stone in Stardew Valley?

Interestingly, this gem doesn’t play a role in any quest, bundle, or crafting recipes. You can’t trade it with the Desert Trader, either. This means its function is pretty limited. The only choice you have is either sell it or offer it to the Wizard.

Additionally, despite being considered a mineral, you can’t donate it to the Museum either.

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