Shrimp: Catching, Fish Pond Farming, and More

It’s challenging to encounter Shrimp, but is it possible to get them? It turns out it’s easy, and this guide will tell you everything from essential info to its uses!

The player holding a Shrimp in Stardew Valley.
This is one of the most delicious seafood across Stardew Valley.

There are some marine animals that you can’t hook with your Fishing Rod. Despite their “Fish” classification, they can be mollusks or crustaceans in Stardew Valley. However, relying upon unconventional means could introduce you to new species you’re yet to discover.

Shrimp is an exciting catch if you know how to get one. Spoiler: you won’t need any rod. We’ll teach you how to catch one, where to find it, and what you can do with it in Stardew Valley.

What is a Shrimp?

This pinkish-red scavenger feeds off every ocean floor between Pelican Town and Ginger Island. Despite being widely-priced for its meat, it can only grow from one to three inches. It’s also inedible, so you can’t get any healing effects.

Where to Catch a Shrimp?

Obtaining this crustacean is available using Crab Pots. However, you can only have them for normal quality. With the Mariner profession, you have a 14% chance of getting it and a 10% for an average one. Here’s where you can catch it:

Ocean (Pelican Town Beach)AnyAnyAny
Ginger Island (All Oceans – near the Island Farm, Docks, and Pirate Cove)AnyAnyAny

Alternatively, another merchant sells the product for your convenience:

Fish Pond

The player standing at a Fish Pond with a Shrimp.
You still can’t handpick one, sadly.

Placing a Shrimp in the Fish Pond will eventually increase in population every two days. From three to ten, quests play a role in reaching their limit. You’ll encounter valuable drops along the way, especially on population five.

Item Requests

Loots from Crab Pots are typically less demanding, making them the easiest to maintain when placed on a Fish Pond. Shrimp is no exception, but you still need to watch for its request after the population increases.

Initial CapacityItem RequestedFishing XPImproved Capacity
Three• Clay (5)30Five
Five• Bug Meat (10);
• Quartz (5)
Seven• Sea Urchin (1);
• Solar Essence (5);
• Wild Bait (1)


Most goods from this sea creature are junk items that you can convert into resources using a Recycling Machine. The rest are other foraged items from any water source, and Beach Warp Totem with the lowest chance.

ItemPopulationItem PercentageChanceFishing XP
Broken CD (1)1-44%0.9-1.8%+10
Broken CD (1)5-83%1.9-3%+10
Broken CD (1)9-103%3%+10
Broken Glasses (1)1-44%0.9-1.9%+10
Broken Glasses (1)5-84%2-3%+10
Broken Glasses (1)9-103%3%+10
Coral (1)5-86%4-5%+13
Coral (1)9-106%5-6%+13
Driftwood (1)1-44%1-2%+10
Driftwood (1)5-84%2.1-3%+10
Driftwood (1)9-103%3%+10
Nautilus Shell (1)9-102%1.7-1.9%+14
Roe (1)1-413%3-6%+12
Roe (1)5-812%6-9%+12
Roe (1)9-1011%9-10%+12
Sea Urchin (1)5-85%3-4%+16
Sea Urchin (1)9-104%4%+16
Seaweed (1-3)1-49%2-4%+10
Seaweed (1-3)5-89%5-7%+10
Seaweed (1-3)9-108%7-8%+10
Soggy Newspaper (1)1-44%0.9-1.7%+10
Soggy Newspaper (1)5-83%1.8-3%+10
Soggy Newspaper (1)9-103%3%+10
Trash (1)1-48%1.9-4%+10
Trash (1)5-87%4-6%+10
Trash (1)9-106%6%+10
Warp Totem: Beach (1)9-107%6-7%+10

Reminder: Population one to four has the highest chance of skipping everyday production. However, its value drops significantly after reaching almost full capacity to 50-46%

Selling Prices

Like many other Crab Pot fishes, Shrimp sells low. Turning its eggs into Aged Roe using a Preserves Jar is possible but will never be enough to compensate for the processing time. There are other uses for it, but check out the prices:

QualitySelling PricesWith FisherWith AnglerRoeAged RoeWith Artisan


Quality Fertilizer can be crafted with this item. In general, you can make it by using any fish in Stardew Valley. Applying the fertilizer to tilled soil will cause the planted crop to yield higher quality, giving more restoration effects and prices.

ItemCrafting SourceIngredients
Quality FertilizerLevel 9 Farming• Sap (2)
Shrimp (1)


The player holding a Sashimi, Maki Roll, Shrimp Cocktail, and Tom Kha Soup in Stardew Valley.
Different treats for your belly.

Four delicious dishes are waiting for you to cook using a Cookout Kit or from the Kitchen at the upgraded Farmhouse. Here are all stats upon consumption, selling prices, and regeneration effects with and without the Qi Seasoning:

RecipeIngredientsEnergyEnergy with QSHealthHealth with QSBuff + DurationBuff + Duration with QSSelling PricesSelling Prices with QSRecipe Source
Maki Roll• Rice (1)
• Seaweed (1)
Shrimp (1)
+100+180+45+81  220g330g• Watching the Queen of Sauce on Year 1 Summer 21
• Stardrop Saloon for 300g
SashimiShrimp (1)+75+135+33+60  75g112g• After reaching a three-heart friendship with Linus
Shrimp CocktailShrimp (1)
• Coconut (1)
• Wild Horseradish (1)
+225+405+101+182+2 Fishing, +1 Luck (10 minutes and 2 seconds)+3 Fishing, +2 Luck (15 minutes and 3 seconds)160g240g• Watching the Queen of Sauce on Year 2 Winter 28
Tom Kha Soup• Coconut (1)
• Common Mushroom (1)
Shrimp (1)
+175+315+78+141+2 Farming, +30 Max Energy (7 minutes)+3 Farming, +31 Max Energy (10 minutes and 30 seconds)250g375g• After reaching a seven-heart friendship with Sandy.


A Sailor Shirt but in a different color!

A dyeable Sailor Shirt results from combining the crustacean with a piece of Cloth at the spool of the Sewing Machine. The apparel is pink-colored, evident by the sea creature. However, you can also use it in the Dye Pots as a red dye.


Shrimp is an unpopular present among villagers in Stardew Valley. Demetrius, Elliott, Leo, Linus, Pam, Sebastian, and Willy are some with neutral reactions. Meanwhile, Evelyn, Haley, and Pierre will hate you for this item.


There’s no use to the pink crustacean in Stardew Valley, whether from the Help Wanted or Special Orders at the Pelican Town. Since the item is limited to its Tailoring and Dyeing purposes, it’s better to sell them.


One piece is needed at the original Community Center bundles in Stardew Valley (Crab Pot bundle at the Fish Tank). Finishing the set will enable the Copper Panning feature and the Glittering Boulder’s removal.

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