Stardew Valley Anime Mod: Features, Requirements, and More

Do you want to see NPCs in a new light? If so, Stardew Valley Anime Mod is for you; it redesigns your villagers to a Japanese cartoon art style. Check this guide to learn more about this portrait mod’s features, installation procedure, and more!

A player using anime mod in Stardew Valley.
Alright, we get it, Penny.

Concerned Ape’s character design is already pleasing to look at. However, if you want to see these NPCs in a different art style, you can try using Anime Mod in Stardew Valley. It spices up every villager’s look, making them fancier and cuter.

Do you want to know more about it? Read further to learn the things you need to get this modification!


  • Gives your villagers a new look. Despite being revamped as anime characters, they didn’t lose their assets. These NPCs still have the same complexion, hair, and eye color. 


  • None.

Installation Requirements:

It doesn’t have any other requirements aside from the game. But still, you’ll need SMAPI to mod the game successfully. And remember these add-ons only work on Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac; iOS users can’t use mods. Click here to learn more about modding Stardew Valley.

Mod Overview

A player scheming through the nexus website's Anime Mod for Stardew Valley.
Who do you find attractive among these candidates?

This basically changes the villagers’ look by giving them a different style but with the same pixelated graphics. Nonetheless, the developers managed to keep the characters aura, blowing off the same vibe despite the alterations. 

Moreover, all bachelors, bachelorettes, and non-marriageable candidates have their sprites available already!

Installation Instructions

Like other mods, you only need to follow these steps:

1. Download the Anime Mod on Nexus Mods.

2. Copy it and head to your game files.

3. Unzip the zip file in the mod folder.

Note: You may find this by going to your STEAM library, right-clicking the game, and checking its local files. 


Sebastian receiving an item he dislikes in Stardew Valley.
Don’t you feel guilty for giving something he doesn’t like?
  • Aesthetic-looking Anime Portraits. It has a more modernized look, with the characters still resembling their original design.
  • More expressive characters. You’ll see more emotions on their faces whenever they’re in disgust or when they receive their favorite gifts.

Gameplay Experience

Overall, the mod’s not bad. It’s a good change if you’re tired of seeing the same facial expressions of NPCs, but we did notice some flaws in the design. Despite giving the characters some resemblance to their original style, there are missing details, such as Maru’s glasses. Some were too rough up like Clint. 

We understand these alterations, but it can be a little shocking to see major differences.


Anime Mod by OhoDavi is no doubt a masterpiece. Its uniqueness is amazing, but we don’t really recommend it to most players since it’s purely for aesthetic purposes. Anyhow, if you want to give these villagers a new look in Stardew Valley, then we won’t stop you! Click here to download it.

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