Stardew Valley: The Best Way to Find a Prismatic Slime

Finding a Prismatic Slime in Stardew Valley is what most players have a hard time doing. Do you want to see one to finish an important quest? We’ll help you spot one in the best and easiest way possible!

There are new quests in Pelican Town for you, farmer! One of them is extracting a Prismatic Jelly for the Wizard‘s list of endless experiments. However, it’s essential to spot the evasive Prismatic Slime first — which is no easy task. 

With the Special Orders board, Stardew Valley became much more challenging (aside from the Qi version). Although most tasks are unrepeatable, each of them is remarkable and fun to finish. Your journey starts by accepting the “Prismatic Jelly” quest. Along the way, we’ll accompany you to success with this guide.

What is a Prismatic Slime?

The Prismatic Slime is a unique monster that appears in the Mountain Mines, Quarry Mine, and Skull Cavern. They’re non-existent until you accept the Wizard’s request to collect their goop from the Special Orders board. However, its 1.2% chance of appearing proves more challenging to Stardew Valley players.

Generally, Slimes have varying difficulties depending on the area and floor level you are in. In your first season, the weapon you’re wielding might feel too weak to one-hit monsters. However, It’ll change after getting a better arsenal such as Galaxy Sword or Infinity Blade and their Hammer and Dagger counterparts.

Comparing regular Slimes to its Prismatic variant is an interesting find. The purple ones you can find in the Skull Cavern — the strongest so far — have 240 HP and 15 ATK. Meanwhile, the special one has 1000 HP and 35 ATK. They’re a bit tanky, but you can kill them with the right weapon.

Best Way to Find a Prismatic Slime

Since this active special order quest has a seven-day time limit, it’s unsurprising that many Stardew Valley players are rushing to get its Jelly. One working trick is proven to guarantee the monster’s appearance. But we recommend maxing out your Daily Luck first to get the best results!

From floor 0, take the Elevator and jump to levels 95, 105, and 115, as they’re the best place to go. It’s impossible to miss the dangerous Prismatic Slime within a few tries, or you’re purely unlucky! However, repeating the process is a sure guarantee of finding the evasive creature!

If none works, restart the day or save your progress. There’s plenty of time to work with, and the quest is repeatable if you fail your first set of runs.

Although Rainbow Slimes guarantee a loot drop, getting more than one (by wearing a Burglar’s Ring) and finishing the mission will vanish the item. It’s an automatic response to display the exotic loot, but keeping one is impossible.


At the Wizard’s Tower, M. Rasmodius offers the farmer 5,000g and a Monster Musk recipe upon finishing the task. The new item recipe increases the spawn rate of enemies in the local caves, Skull Cavern, or Quarry Mine. Because of its utility, Monster Musk is excellent if you’re finishing the Monster Eradication Goals or extracting the Ectoplasm from Ghosts.

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