Robin’s Lost Axe Quest in Stardew Valley- Where and How To Find It

On the 11th day of the first year of Spring, you’ll receive one of your first story quests as a letter from Robin requesting help to find her lost axe arrives in the mail. Once you accept the quest it will show up under your quest log as “Robin’s Lost Axe”. You can access it by clicking on the exclamation point to the right of your screen.

The letter written by Robin requesting help finding Robin's Lost Axe in Stardew Valley.

Who is Robin?

Robin is the local carpenter in Pelican Town, and she handles all the upgrades to your farmhouse, construction, and unique furniture recipes (like the deluxe red double bed). She lives with her husband Demetrius, daughter Maru, and son Sebastian in the Carpenter’s Shop located in the Mountain Lake area, north of Pelican Town.

The Mission: Find and Return Robin’s Lost Axe

The quest reads:

MISSING: I lost my favorite Axe! If you find it, please return ASAP. I’m having a tough time without it. There’s 250 gold in it for whoever can finds the thing.


After opening the letter, players can then select the “Accept Quest” button to accept and close it. You’ll find the quest available to view at any time by clicking the exclamation mark, which opens your journal. 

In the journal, on selection of the quest, you get additional information: “Robin lost her favorite axe. The last she remembers using it, she was cutting wood south of Marnie’s ranch.”

Though this task may seem daunting at first, this is actually one of the easier quests, and we’ll tell you exactly where to find it. 


If you are at your Farmhouse, head to the southern exit of your farm area, and go south of Marnie’s ranch and Leah’s house. 

If you are in town, you can head to the ranch by going southwest, passing Jodi‘s house to loop back to the forest area.  

Keep heading south until you reach a body of water (this won’t be the small pond with the dock, it will be the river that goes through the forest, with a bridge.) At the top of the water, you should see the bridge. Cross the bridge to the small island, and continue across the next one, following along the path until you have made it across the river. Continue to head southeast, following the cliff ledge. You will find Robin’s axe located at the southeastern part of the forest near a tree with pink leaves and above the sewer drain. 

This area is called Cindersap Forest. It contains many artifacts, foragables, fish (including the legendary Glacier Fish), and (in year 3) Trash Bear so it’s good to return here from time to time. 

Note: The axe location is the same in Stardew Expanded. 

To finish off the quest, you have to bring the axe back to Robin, but there is no time limit on it, so you return the axe to her whenever you want.

Claiming The Reward: Return Her Favorite Axe

You can find Robin at her carpenter’s shop (located north of Pelican Town, left of the mines) from 09:00a – 05:00p every day except on Tuesdays and some part of Friday. On Tuesdays, Robin goes to Pierre’s General Store for Caroline’s exercise class, so you might catch her there. On Fridays, Robin can still be found at her shop before 04:00pm, and is at the Stardrop Saloon until 09:00pm.

When you see her, put her axe in your hands, and gift it to Robin to complete the quest. 

After she gives you her thanks, you can claim your reward of 250g from your Journal by right-clicking the exclamation mark under the current date and time. 

Completing the quest also gives you a friendship heart for Robin, increasing your friendship level with her. When you reach eight, she’ll gift you a recipe and will send you free recipes, so it’s beneficial to be a better friend.

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