How to Make and Use the Red Plate in Stardew Valley?

Have you already received the Stardew Valley red plate recipe in the mail? Would you like to learn how to use this dish and what its qualities are? Then keep on reading this guide where you will get all the information you need to help your character prepare the best red plate of their Stardew Valley life!

Stardew Valley Red plate

What is the Stardew Valley red plate?

To get things started, what is the Stardew red plate? There are so many items in this game, so it’s no surprise that it might get a bit confusing!

In simple terms, this is a cooked dish that you can use in Stardew Valley in multiple ways. Once you get the recipe (more about that below), you will be able to consume it for health benefits or simply sell it! This is one of the profitable recipes that you will encounter in Stardew Valley, so it might be useful to keep this recipe in mind!

The Red plate recipe

Let’s get to the main part of the guide – the recipe! Some of you might already know that players get the Stardew Valley red plate recipe from Emily after the 7 hearts event!

If you would like to reach that stage, you will have to find out what Emily likes and give her plenty of gifts to improve the friendship with this NPC.

If you would like to learn more about this particular recipe, here it is: 1 Red Cabbage and 1 Radish. Sounds simple enough, right?

Once you get the recipe, you can prepare it either in the kitchen, by using a cookout kit, or if you have an upgraded farmhouse.

Another good thing to know about this is that it is a profitable recipe! Meaning, even the lowers quality ingredients will give you quite a good profit, so this becomes a great way to make some quick cash in Stardew Valley. The selling price is actually 400 gold coins, so that’s quite a lot of money in this game for one item!

How to use the stardew valley red plate?

Now that you know how to get the recipe and make the Stardew Valley red plate, let’s take a look at what you can actually do with this dish.

First of all, you won’t need this for any bundles or quests! However, there are a few things that tailoring fans should know. For example, you can use the red plate to make the red tuxedo! Just head to the sewing machine and improve your style.

Also, you can use this as red dye in Emily and Haley’s dye pots.

When it comes to gifting, this Stardew item can be quite useful. Penny actually loves the Stardew Valley red plate! Also, such NPCs as Abigail, Marnie, Pam, Vincent, and even Dwarf like this dish.

Just don’t give the red plate to Krobus, Leo, or Willy! They will hate it, and that won’t help to improve your friendship at all.

Stardew Red plate health benefits

Like with most Stardew dishes, this one can also be use to improve your character’s health and give you plenty of energy!

So, what can you expect from this particular dish?

The red plate will actually give you 432 energy points and 194 health points if you have Qi Seasoning in the game, so it is a very useful thing to have in your collection once in a while. If you don’t, then we are looking at 240 energy points and 108 health points.

It will also give you a red plate buff that will increase your energy to the max (Max Energy Buff). As some players might already know, one buff like that can be simultaneously received from a dish and one from a drink! If the red plate is not enough for you, then try to have, for example, some green tea in your inventory. The red plate will only last for 3m 30 seconds, so it might be useful to have some additional energy objects in your collection just in case.

So, do you already know what you will do with the red plate dish once you get the recipe from Emily? Improve your friendship with her and add something great to your recipe collection!

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