How Does the Backpack Work in Stardew Valley?


Are you interested in learning how the Stardew Valley backpack works? This topic is often forgotten by many players, even though this will end up being one of the most important aspects of your game!

Do you have enough space for all the items that you’re trying to carry around in Stardew Valley? Are you afraid that you will have to leave some items behind (unless you put some items in the Stardew Valley chests)?

Let’s take a look at what can actually be done to take care of your Stardew inventory and upgrade it when needed.

What is the Stardew Valley Backpack?

So, how does this whole thing work and what is it?

The thing is, some players miss the point that the backpack and the inventory are pretty much the same thing. The inventory consists of what is in your Stardew backpack.

In the beginning of the game, you will have only 12 slots, and you might run out of them quite quickly!

One of the biggest questions in the beginning of the game is – how can we upgrade the backpack in Stardew Valley?

Let’s take a look at this.

How to Upgrade the Stardew Backpack?

The biggest amount of slots you can achieve is 36. While this might not seem like too much, it’s definitely better than the original 12!

The good thing is that you don’t need to wait at all in the beginning in the game until you can start buying upgrades.

Meaning, you can go straight to the Pierre’s General Store where you will be able to buy it whenever you want and have enough money.

If you’d like to buy the 24 slots backpack, you will have to pay 2000 gold coins, and the 36 slots one will cost you 10000 gold coins.

This might sound like a lot of money, but it is definitely worth it once you start collecting more and more items in your inventory! It would be such a shame to miss out on many amazing items just because you don’t have enough space in your backpack!

What Information Do You See in The Backpack?

According to the players (and the game, yes), here is what you can expect to see after opening the backpack in Stardew Valley, also known as your inventory:

Your backpack
  • Inventory Tab button
  • Hotbar (quick-access items)
  • Second and third rows of inventory. However, this is only seen while in the inventory menu
  • Equipped wearable items
  • Character’s image
  • Character’s name
  • Farm Name
  • Current Funds – this is the total Gold currently available to spend
  • Total Earnings – this is the Gold earned in the game to date
  • Trash Can – these are the unwanted items that can be permanently disposed of by dragging them to this section
  • Auto-Sort Button – This function sorts all inventory items in game order
  • Golden Scroll Icon – Click this place to view progress towards Community Center Bundles. This can only be done once it is unlocked, so you might not see it yet
  • Close Menu Button

As you can see, there is plenty of very useful information! Many of us forget your farm’s name or what kind of wearable items you have (and haven’t used yet!).

That’s why it’s always helpful to go back to the backpack once in a while for a little refresher!

How to Access the Stardew Backpack?

Figuring out all these Stardew buttons might seem like a complicated thing, so let’s get this thing clear.

If you want to get your hands on the items faster, try to put them in the highest row in your backpack. For this, you’ll need to press Escape or E buttons (also known as the inventory menu). That’s where you can move around your items easily.

Want an additional tip for the game to make everything easier? You can press Tab while playing on your PC to make available rows scroll to the top row.

Also, press Shift and Left-Click to move items to the top row of your inventory.

Now you’re ready to upgrade your backpack in Stardew Valley and rearrange the items in any order you want.

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