Who is in The Abandoned House | Introducing THE HAT MOUSE

Abandoned house with hat mouse

The Cindersap Forest in Stardew Valley‘s Pelican Town is filled with various useful resources. When exploring this part of town, you may come across what appears to be an abandoned house on the west side of the river. 

As soon as you earn your first achievement in the game, the house turns into a hat shop run by the hat mouse. A letter will be sent in the mail that reads:


Me sell hats. Okay, poke?

Come to old old old haus, poke. 

Bring coines.

-hat mouse.”

The hat mouse sells bows, caps, and various other hats. Each hat sells for 1000g, but can only be purchased after certain achievements are unlocked. Each hat will take up its own inventory slot and cannot be stacked.

Festival Hats

When attending festivals, you have a chance of winning a hat when competing in the competitions. At the egg festival, you can unlock the Straw Hat by collecting the eggs in the egg hunt and beating Abigail. You unlock the Sailor’s Cap by winning the Ice Fishing competition at the Festival of Ice, beating Willy. 

Straw HatEgg FestivalWin egg
Sailor’s CapFestival of
Win fishing

Achievement Hats

While there are many hats that can be purchased after you complete your first achievement, there are others that are only unlocked after completing specific achievements. 

Money Achievements

The Good Ol’ Cap is unlocked when the Greenhorn achievement of earning 15,000g is completed. The Lucky Bow is unlocked when the Cowpoke achievement of earning 50,000g is completed. The Cool Cap, Bowler Hat, and Sombrero are unlocked when the Homesteader (250,000g), Millionaire (1,000,000g), and Legend (10,000,000g) are unlocked respectively. 

Good Ol’ CapGreenhornEarning
Lucky BowGreenhornEarning
Cool CapThe HomesteaderEarning
Bowler HatMillionaireEarning

Museum Achievements

In addition to the items unlocked as rewards in the museum, 2 additional hats become available to purchase at specific milestones. Upon completing the Treasure Trove achievement of donating 40 different items to the museum, the Blue Bonnet hat is unlocked. When the museum collection is a complete collection, you will be able to purchase the Cowboy Hat from the hat mouse.

The Blue BonnetTreasure TroveDonate 40
different Items
Cowboy HatA Complete
Collect and donate
All Items

Friendship Achievements

Making friends around Pelican Town provides many rewards. When making friends, you unlock more hats to purchase. The Butterfly Bow and the Mouse Ears are earned when you reach a 5-heart friend level (A New Friend Achievement), then a 10-heart friend level (Best Friends Achievement) with someone. Cat Ears are unlocked when you reach 10 hearts with 8 people, completing the Beloved Farmer achievement. Reaching 5 hearts with 5 (Cliques achievement), 10 (Networking achievement), and 20 (Popular achievement) people will unlock the Tiara, Santa Hat, and Earmuffs.

The Butterfly BowA New Friend5-heart
friend level
Mouse EarsBest Friends10-heart
friend level
Cat EarsThe Beloved Farmer10-heart
friend level
W/ 8 people
friend level
w/4 people
Santa HatNetworking5-heart
friend level
w/ 10 people
friend level
w/ 20 people

Cooking Achievements

When you try new recipes in the game, you unlock new hats to purchase. When you become a Cook after cooking 10 recipes, you unlock the Delicate Bow. After cooking 25 different recipes and becoming a Sous Chef, you unlock the Plum Chapeau. Once you have made every meal in the game, you become a Gourmet Chef and unlock the Archer’s Cap and Chef Hat.

Delicate BowCookCook 10
Plum ChapeauSous ChefCook 25
Archer’s CapGourmet ChefCook every
Chef HatGourmet ChefCook every

Building & Crafting Achievements

When upgrading your home, there are 2 different hats that you unlock. With the first upgrade, you complete the Moving Up achievement. You can then purchase the Tropiclip. When your home is upgraded to the maximum size and you are Living Large, you can purchase the Hunter’s Cap.

Crafting unlocks 3 additional hats. Crafting 15 unique items completes the D.I.Y. achievement and unlocks the Daisy clip. As an Artisan with 30 items crafted, you can purchase the Trucker Hat. Once you have crafted one of every item and become a Craft Master, you can purchase the Gnome’s Cap.

TropiclipMoving upUpgrade
your house
Hunter’s CapLiving LargeUpgrade
your house
Max size
Daisy clipD.I.YCraft 15
Trucker HatArtisanCraft 30
Gnome’s CapCraft MasterCraft every

Fishing Achievements

Becoming a Fisherman requires you to catch 10 different fish, which unlocks the Sou’wester hat. To become an Ol’ Mariner and unlock the Official Cap, you need to catch 24 different fish. Once one of every fish is caught, you will be considered a Master Angler and can purchase an Eye Patch. Catching 100 fish total rewards you with the Mother Catch achievement and you can then purchase the Watermelon Band.

Soul’westerFishermanCatch 10
Official CapOl’ MarinerCatch 24
Watermelon BandMother
Catch 100
Eye PatchMaster
Catch every

Errand Achievements

Pierre’s shop board is always full of errands that the people in town need you to complete. When completing 10 of these quests, you are considered a Gofer. This will unlock the Polka Bow. If you want to keep yourself extra busy, complete 40 “Help Wanted” quests to be a Big Help in the town and unlock the chicken mask.

Polka BowGoferComplete 10
“Help Wanted”
Chicken MaskA Big HelpComplete 40
“Help Wanted”

Shipping Achievements

Be sure to plant 15 of at least one crop to earn the Polyculture achievement and unlock the Cowpoke hat. To unlock the Cowgal hat, you need to ship 300 of one crop to earn the Monoculture achievement. When you ship one of every item to complete the Full Shipment achievement, you unlock the Goblin Mask.

Cowpoke HatPolycultureShip 15 of
each crop
Cowgal HatMonocultureShip 300
on one crop
Goblin MaskFull ShipmentShip every

Final Hat

When all achievements have been completed, the Elegant Turban is unlocked.

Elegant TurbanAbandoned
Earn all

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