Stardew Valley Mushroom Floor Exploit: What’s New?

Quite a controversial subject. Stardew Valley Mushroom Floor Farming was for some considered to be a great source of gold, for others, it didn’t mean much. Let’s see what happened with it after some major Stardew Valley updates.

Stardew Valley Mushroom Floor 1.4

Mushroom Floor Farming was a great way to earn gold early on in the game. On lucky days, players could mine the floor and earn up to 50-60k of gold per day. For some, it was considered to be an easy road to riches. Also, it helped players spend time on other activities, not just fishing and farming the entire day.

Although the Mushroom floor required knowledge of the game. Most spots could easily net you 10k a day, which means you could easily make 250k+ within the first spring just from that.

Stardew Valley Mushroom Floor 2020

However, the mechanics have changed. Stardew Valley Mushroom Floor mining became a lot less profitable activity. It doesn’t enable you to earn the amount you could. Plus, it still takes away the time you could spend on other more profitable activities.

What exactly changed?

Well, in the latest update it’s just a random floor you can rarely find and it can probably net you about 1-2k if you’re on a lucky day. For something so rare, the activity became pointless. Instead, you can spend the same amount of time fishing as you could searching for the mushroom floor but earn 5x the amount. The update has made the floor practically useless. Moreover, it reduced one source of earning in the game. 


By reducing one way of getting gold, the game lost a bit on variety. However, it gained more challenge for those who like to work hard towards success. The game now challenges you to come up with new tactics and calculations. It is not impossible to make an amazing tactic that will earn you more money early on, so don’t get discouraged with Mushroom Floor being patched.

After all, Stardew Valley is a game full of surprises and its storyline is what makes it stand out among the others. With so many quests in the game, interactions, and challenges, Mushroom Floor being patched is not something that will take anything substantial out of the game.

From fishing, you can still earn very much early on in the game, so make the most out of this activity. It is equally time-consuming as Mushroom Floor mining, but a lot more profitable.

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