Stardew Valley Hilltop Farm: All You Need To Know!

Hilltop Farm: Too Difficult For a Beginner?

A lot of players have a hard time choosing which farm they should play in, but somehow, the Stardew Valley Hilltop Farm is rarely the first choice. However, some would say that it’s simply “misunderstood”, and it’s actually an interesting option if you don’t want to go the usual way.

Let this be a Hilltop Farm Guide. It’s time to take a look into the layout of this farm and how to design it. Some of you might already be eager to choose a map and name your farm, but there are some important aspects to know before you make a decision!

What is the Stardew Valley Hilltop Farm’s Layout?

Well, this farm map is quite tricky. If you’re wondering what would be the best layout for this farm, keep in mind that there are six different areas. This way, you can separate your crops and animals. 

Also, this farm layout has a huge river running through it and way fewer tiles than some of the other maps, so this might make building something bigger a bit more complicated than beginner players would want to experience.

On the other hand, it doesn’t necessarily have to be all bad. Plenty of bridges can improve the connection between your lands. 

Should You Pick the Stardew Valley Hilltop Farm?

Let’s take a look at choosing this farm from both sides. Some players might be more used to other farm layouts (for example, the Forest Farm). Yet, it doesn’t mean that this would be a horrible choice. Also, keep in mind that each farm has its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s hard to say that there are absolutely horrible layouts and perfect layouts.


Each farm type is connected to a special skill, and this farm is great for those who enjoy mining. There are tons of Stones and Ore nodes in the area, so this can be quite beneficial. However, keep in mind that sometimes you might need additional tools to reach nice areas because, for example, a Large Stump might be in the way. 


If you are a fan of farming, this might not be ideal for you. This farm layout has fewer farming areas, so you might need to be more creative when coming up with various layout or design ideas.

Also, this is not the best type of farm for fishing. Roughly half of the time, you will catch trash, so keep that in mind before heading over to the water. 


It’s no surprise that the Stardew Valley Hilltop Farm is not always the first choice of many players. This might be slightly too complicated for beginners, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a very bad layout.

More experienced players might actually enjoy the challenge, and trying out new farm maps can actually be very interesting. For example, you won’t need to go far if you need to get some Ore or Stones, so it definitely improves some aspects of the game. Also, living on top of the hill is not something many of us can experience in real life. Why not try it out in this game?

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