At some point in the Adventurer’s Guild, you will face Stardew Valley void spirit monsters – Shadow Shaman and Shadow Brute. Therefore, to move forward on your journey you will have to face these monster species and kill them.

Stardew Valley void spirits levels

Void spirits are dangerous creatures, so you should prepare a smart strategy before facing them. These monsters can be found in the Mines after level 80, and your goal is to eradicate 150 of them. It doesn’t matter whether you killed more Shadow Shamans or Shadow Brutes, both of these spirits count equally, as long as you reach the number 150.

To achieve the Monster Eradication goal, you should get to know the enemy, its strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, you should learn how to protect yourself and get the most out of this specific Adventurer’s Guild challenge.

Stardew Valley void spirit winning strategy

Floors 101-119 are THE places to find void spirits and face them fiercely. However, let’s step back, and get to know these guys a bit.

So, both Shadow Shamans and Shadow Brutes are killable, but they are magic users with the ability to heal themselves and all your enemies. Therefore, your task is to kill as many of them as possible, before they heal your other enemies. The enemies have to be in an immediate area to be healed, but still, these folks aren’t to be messed around with.

When fighting these void spirits, try to avoid their jinx spells. However, if you get hit by their spells, first retreat, so you can continue fighting with other enemies. Although it is not easy to avoid the jinx spells, with some tips and tricks, you will turn Stardew Valley void spirit into a void.

Shadow Shaman jinx spell

Shadow Shaman shoots a small green fireball with jinx spell that bounces around in an attempt to make you powerless. It lowers your power to defend yourself, making you weaker and less capable to kill the monsters.

Luckily, you can increase your immunity and defensiveness, by wearing specific footwear like Combat Boots or Dark Boots. Combat Boots increase defensiveness 3 times, while Dark Boots, which you can obtain after the 80th level, increase defensiveness by four times along with upgrading your immunity.

If you don’t have these specific boots, don’t worry, other boots increase immunity as well. The point is that you choose the ones that will allow you to fight the void spirits and minimize the potential damage.

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