Stardew Valley Farming Level: Full Guide to increasing it!

What’s your Farming Level? If you feel like honing your skills in this field is pointless, better check this guide to learn about every reward you’ll unlock. Here we discussed every Farming Level in Stardew Valley!

A player on Farming Level seven in Stardew Valley.
Are you up for this challenge?

Farming isn’t only a fun task. It’s also a great way to expand your place in Stardew Valley. For starters, it’s the primary skill you need in the first chapter of your stay. Some may find it boring, but what’s great about it is the more you hone your skills, the more benefits you’ll receive!

This guide will teach you how to advance your farming level and the advantages you’ll get from it!

What is Farming Level in Stardew Valley?

Farming Level shows your proficiency and experience in the field of farming. You may find it on your Skill Tab. You may think it’s challenging to increase your avatar’s talent, but spoiler, it isn’t! All you need to do is to gain more experience by doing the following tasks:

  • Harvesting crops.
  • Taking care of animals.
  • Milking goats and cows.
  • Shearing a rabbit or Sheep.
  • Picking up animal products from Farm Buildings.

Moreover, advancing your expertise helps you get more high-quality crops. It also adds a +1 proficiency of tools like Hoe and Watering Can which reduces its consumption of energy.

How Many Farming Levels are there in Stardew Valley?

There are ten levels associated with this skill. Each upgrade in your talent gives you more crafting recipes, professions, and more. If you want to get this benefit, you better get more Farming XP! Below are the benefits of leveling up your character from one to ten!

Level One

A player reaching Farming Level One in Stardew Valley.
That’s a good start, keep going.

You’ll get the crafting recipe of a regular Scarecrow and Basic Fertilizer on your first progress. The decoy helps you frighten away birds that eat your fresh crops, while the latter helps improve the soil quality on your farm. Anyhow, both things are handy for beginner farmers!

Scarecrow50 Wood
1 Coal
20 Fiber
Basic Fertilizer2 Sap

Level Two

A player reaching farming level two in Stardew Valley.
Another level? You’re starting off good.

Reaching this advancement grants you the knowledge for making Stone Fences, Mayonnaise Machines, and Sprinklers. The first item is a more durable security system lasting 118 to 122 days, while the machine aids in making a Mayonnaise!

On the other hand, the Sprinkler automatically waters four adjacent tiles every morning, saving you from extra chores.

Mayonnaise Machine15 Wood
15 Stone
1 Earth Crystal
1 Copper Bar
Stone Fence2 Stone
Sprinkler1 Copper Bar
1 Iron Bar

Level Three 

You can slow down a bit.

This Farming Level offers more advanced items like Bee Houses for making Honey, Speed-Gro Fertilizer, and Farmer’s Lunch recipe. Learning to craft the fertilizer helps speed up your crops’ growth by 10%.

While the new cooking recipe you obtained is not only useful in rejuvenating your health and energy, you can also profit from it! But you’ll need a kitchen or cookout kit to produce it in Stardew Valley.

Bee House40 Wood
8 Coal
1 Iron Bar
1 Maple Syrup
Speed-Gro1 Clam
1 Pine Tar
Farmer’s Lunch1 Omelet
1 Parsnip

Level Four 

A player reaching farming level four in Stardew Valley.
Take a rest, you’ve been playing for quite some time.

You’ve almost reached half of the Farming Levels in-game. The more progress you make, the better the rewards. At this stage, you’ll get the recipes for Basic Retaining Soil, Preserves Jar, and Iron Fence. 

The first item aids in keeping the soil on your farm watered. It retains 33% moisture. While the Preserves Jar helps you discover more profitable businesses like producing the following products:

  • Aged Roe
  • Caviar
  • Jam/Jelly
  • Pickles

Lastly, the Iron Fence is a more durable version of the Stone Fence and can stay for 248 to 252 days. It saves you more time from doing extra work on the farm.

Item Recipe
Preserves Jar50 Wood
40 Stone
8 Coal
Basic Retaining Soil2 Stone
Iron Fence1 Iron Bar (equals ten pieces of this thing)

Level Five

A player reaching farming level five in Stardew Valley.
You’re halfway through it already, which one will you choose?

We bet you’re excited to reach this stage in Stardew Valley. Here you can choose between the Rancher or Tiller Profession. The first career increases your animal products by 20%, while the other raises your crops’ value by 10%.

These two are very different since if you choose the first one, your following professions will focus on your livestock. It benefits your Pigs, Ducks, and other farm animals. While if you become a Tiller, you’ll focus on crops like potatoes, cranberries, and more.

Which one do you think is more beneficial? If you’re having a hard time making a decision, click here.

Level Six

A player reaching farming level six in Stardew Valley.
A total hustler, we see.

Since you’re more than halfway through mastering this skill, you’ll obtain a Cheese Press, Hardwood Fence, and Quality Sprinkler recipe. The machine is for making cheese from your livestock’s milk. While the fence is the most heavy-duty barricade that lasts 558 to 562 days. 

On the other hand, Quality Sprinkler covers eight adjacent tiles and only requires cheap materials to be crafted. 

Cheese Press45 Stone
45 Wood
10 Hardwood
1 Copper Bar
Hardwood Fence1 Hardwood
Quality Sprinkler1 Iron Bar
1 Gold Bar
1 Refined Quartz

Level Seven

A player reaching farming level seven in Stardew Valley.
You’re learning more about fertilizers and artisan goods.

This rank only offers two crafting recipes; Loom and Quality Retaining Soil formula. But don’t be disappointed. These items are still handy, especially the Loom, as it’s used to make pieces of cloth from your Farm Animals’ wool. As for the soil fertilizer, it retains the ground’s moisture by 66%.

Loom60 Wood
30 Fiber1 Pine Tar
Quality Retaining Soil3 Stone
1 Clay

Level Eight

A player reaching farming level eight in Stardew Valley.
Two steps away from the finale!

You’re two stages away from reaching the end. Here you’ll acquire Oil Maker, Keg, and Deluxe Speed-Gro recipes. The first machine helps produce one of the most expensive items in Stardew Valley– Truffle Oil. The Keg, on the other hand, makes a variety of beverages. 

Moreover, the last formula quickens your crop’s growth by 25%. It helps cut your waiting time and immediately harvest great products.

Item Recipe
Keg30 Wood
1 Copper Bar
1 Iron Bar
1 Oak Resin
Oil Maker50 Slime
20 Hardwood
1 Gold Bar
Deluxe Speed-Gro1 Coral
1 Oak Resin

Level Nine

A player reaching farming level nine in Stardew Valley.
You’re a step away. What’s the tenth level gonna be?

On this level, you’ll get the recipes for Seed Maker, Iridium Sprinkler, and Quality Fertilizer. The first equipment replicates your seeds, while the new variation of the Sprinkler covers 24 adjacent tiles. Lastly, the crop enhancer helps you get more excellent quality crops.

Seed Maker25 Wood
1 Gold Bar
10 Coal
Iridium Sprinkler1 Gold Bar
1 Iridium Bar
1 Battery Pack
Quality Fertilizer2 Sap
1 Fish

Level Ten 

A player reaching farming level nine in Stardew Valley.A player reaching farming level ten in Stardew Valley.
Finally! Were you satisfied with your choice?

Congratulations if you’ve reached this Farming Level in Stardew Valley! However, here you may have a bit of regret for choosing one profession from the other. You’ll have two choices still, but they depend on what you pick in the fifth stage.

Choices for RancherDescriptionChoices for TillerDescription
CoopmasterYou’ll easily befriend your Coop Animals and speed up the incubation time of your hatchlings.ArtisanIncrease the value of your Artisan Goods by 40%.
ShepherdEasily develops good bonds with your Barn Animals and quickens your Sheep’s wool production.AgriculturistAids in hastening your crop’s growth by 10%.

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