Where to Find an Ectoplasm in Stardew Valley (Full Guide 2022)

Are you looking for a powerful goop known as the Ectoplasm? It’s an item you’ll need to deliver to the Wizard so you can complete the Special Order. Read this easy Stardew Valley guide to find the elusive item fast!

The player holding an Ectoplasm near a Ghost in Stardew Valley.
This translucent green material is what the Wizard is searching for!

M. Rasmodius – most known as the Wizard – is one of the villagers in Stardew Valley. He’s not an average purple-haired man because he practices arcane magic, which is strange enough in Pelican Town. In his list is an Ectoplasm that you’ll need to retrieve for his unfathomable and mysterious experiments.

This simple and short guide will help you locate the item he’ll need so that you can finish the “A Curious Substance” quest. Moreover, we’ll include the most efficient way to get it without worrying about the deadline. Sounds interesting? Let’s get into it!

What is an Ectoplasm?

An Ectoplasm is a unique item added in-game alongside the Special Orders board update. It’s one of the latest massive versions aside from the Ginger Island expansion.

In appearance, it’s a thick and slimy goop that Ghosts drop. You’ll encounter different Ghost types in the Mines or Skull Cavern. The most common is the white variant, Carbon Ghosts that you can find on Calico Desert, and Putrid Ghosts in the Mines (dangerous state.)

Although the item is worth the display because of its rarity, it’ll unfortunately disappear. It’s either the Special Order is completed, or it’s past the deadline.

How to Find an Ectoplasm?

To start finding the elusive Ectoplasm, you’ll need to activate the “A Curious Substance” quest first. This task is available after the Special Orders board is built in front of Mayor Lewis’ manor on Fall 2, Year 1. The mission will take time before appearing, but you can immediately start if you’re lucky.

Ghosts are your primary source of the gooey substance. Killing them will give a 9.5% chance of dropping the item, which is significantly low. This ordeal means you’ll have to kill more of the same monster type to increase your odds of getting an Ectoplasm.

In the Mines, you can find the monster on floors 51 to 79. It’s the same if you’re dealing inside its dangerous state. However, Carbon Ghosts only appear in the Skull Cavern (Mummy levels). Ideally, it’s best to stick inside the Mines.

The best strategy is to consume a Monster Musk which spawns more enemies, increasing your odds further. You can craft the potion with Bat Wings (30) and Slimes (30). However, it’s accessible only after finishing another quirky quest from the Wizard, “Prismatic Jelly“.


The player using a Mini-obelisk in Stardew Valley after completing fetching wizard an Ectoplasm.
Cut that long travel time!

Congratulations if you’re successful in finding an Ectoplasm in the game. It’s one of the rarest items in-game, and getting one is tricky. The Wizard will give you 2500g and a Mini-obelisk recipe for compensation.

The Mini-obelisk is a handy piece of equipment where you can teleport from anywhere on the Farm. Make sure it’s not inside the Farmhouse and anywhere else as it won’t work. You can place two Mini-obelisks, and productivity is finally yours.

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