The 10 Best Stardew Valley Mods

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New to Stardew mods? Or looking for something new to try out? Well, you are at the right place because I will write about the Top 10 mods for Stardew Valley. Keep in mind that this is just my opinion and ranking. It’s all a matter of taste, so let’s begin.

  1. Better Artisan Good Icons

Ah, you know the feeling when you go to your cellar to get a jar of cranberry jam, then you open it and find out that you took pickled pumpkin instead. Jokes aside, this beautiful mod reskins your artisan goods in the color of a fruit, vegetable, or flower used to make them. It adds beautiful variety to your game, and you can easily tell the goods apart without reading them.

9. Content Patcher Animations

This is another visually interesting mode that breathes somewhat more life into Stardew Valley by animating the textures of paintings, plushies, decorations, etc. When you enter your house after installing this mod, you will immediately see the difference, as almost every decoration will come to life.

8. Bigger Backpack

Personally, I am terrible at sorting things in chests, and instead, I love to keep things in my backpack. However, eventually, it always gets full, especially when I go on mining adventures. Thankfully this mod exists, so if you are the same type of player as me, or if you just want a bigger backpack, this mod will be perfect for you. It will spawn a 48-slot backpack at Pierre’s, and you can buy it for 50,000 gold. After you buy it, you will have a backpack just like Dora the explorer has.

7. Skull Cavern Elevator

Skull Cavern is a nemesis for casually laid-back Stardew players because sometimes it can’t get stressful in that infinite abyss. Also, you always lose your progress no matter what. This pure gem of a mod will add an elevator just like in the mines, and it will save your progress in the cavern.

6. Automate

If you want to save some time, and if you don’t enjoy waiting for your machines to finish so you can shove more materials in them, then try this mod. All you need to do is to place a chest with raw materials next to a machine you want, like a furnace, kegs, crystalariums, cheese press, etc, and the machine will take the materials from your chest.

5. Happy Birthday

This is one of the best immersion Stardew Valley mods out there, and after you install it, and start the game, Lewis will show up in front of your house to ask you when it’s your birthday. Then, when that day arrives, you will get a bunch of gifts from your friends in the valley. Also, if you have 5+ hearts with all the villagers, they will throw a party for you in the saloon.

4. Ridgeside Village

If you want to try something new, then I encourage you to try this gorgeous expansion mod. It will add a whole new area with over 50 characters, from which 14 are marriage candidates. Also, it adds a bunch of new places to visit, two new festivals, over 300 events and items, and a lot of other interesting things like new saplings, fish, and stores. Just head out to the stairs northeast of the bus stop, and a cable car will wait, ready to take you to this brand new location. 

3. Lookup Anything

As the name says, this mod allows you to look up anything by pressing the F1 key. Just place your cursor on an NPC, fruit, vegetable, crop, item, animal, artisan good, materials, fish, etc., and it will show you everything that you need to know. Which gifts specific NPC like, when is their birthday, or how much some vegetable, fruit, or artisan good is worth? It will even show you how long it will take your crop to fully grow, and the reason your animals are sad. Lookup Anything will surely make things easier for you. For example, if you meet your favorite NPC and you are not sure what they like, just hit the F1, and you will immediately know if you have something in your inventory that your friend likes.

2. NPC Map Locations

Forget about constantly googling and trying to remember the routes of your friends from the Valley, because this mode will help you keep track of their movement by just simply looking at your map. This is a must-have essential mod that will save your time, and it will help you create your daily route.

1. Stardew Valley Expanded

This mod is almost a whole new Stardew Valley game with its 50 new locations, 27 new NPCs, two farm maps, new quests, crops, festivals, objects, and many other interesting things like new farmers and six new monsters! New friendships and adventures await you! When it comes to locations, besides new farms and houses, you will find a whole new continent. Also, this mod is an overhaul, and it’s best for experienced players who spent a lot of time playing vanilla Stardew because it needs to be played on a clean save. With this mod, you will feel the same way you felt when you played Stardew Valley for the first time.

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