The Statue of Uncertainty

When choosing a profession in Stardew Valley, there is pressure to make the right decision based on your playstyle. If you are regretting the choices that you made, or you are looking to explore all options with different professions, the Statue of Uncertainty provides you with the option to change your profession.


Once the sewers have been unlocked, you will have access to Krobus’ Shop, the mutant bug lair (which also requires the dark talisman quest to unlock), a new fishing location, and the Statue of Uncertainty.

The Statue of Uncertainty is located in the sewers of Pelican Town on the opposite end of Krobus. To unlock the sewers, you will need to donate 60 minerals/artifacts to Gunther in the town museum. The following day, Gunther will stop by your farm and drop off a “rusty key.” You can then unlock the sewers from the grate at the south end of the Cindersap Forest and from the sewer cover in the town.

Switching Professions

Statue Of Uncertainty Guide - Stardew Valley

It is most beneficial to switch professions when you are at level 10 of that skill. This will let you reset the entire branch of the skill. You will need to gather your financial resources to switch professions. Each profession you decide to change will cost 10,000g. 

When you select the statue, a menu will pop up and allow the change of any skill that the player desires. You will be able to change both your level 5 and level 10 profession selection at once. You can keep level 5 the same if you only want to switch your level 10 selection, but the cost will be the same.

All profession bonuses will reset the night that the new profession is selected.


At level 5 of the foraging skill tree, you will have the option of selecting the forester or the gatherer professions. 

The forester profession will allow the player to gain 25% more wood when chopping trees, stumps, and logs. At level 10, you will have the option of selecting the lumberjack or the tapper professions. The lumberjack profession will give all trees a chance of dropping hardwood when chopped. The tapper profession increased the value of syrups by 25%.

The gatherer profession grants a 20% chance for a double harvest of foraged items. At level 10, there will be the options of botanist and tracker. the botanist professions makes it so that all foraged items are always iridium quality. Tracker allows the player to have all the locations of forgeable items revealed. 


At level 5 of the farming skill, you will have the option of selecting the rancher or the tiller profession.

The rancher profession increases the value of animal products by 20%. At level 10, you will have the options of coopmaster and shepherd. The coop master increases the relationship with coop animals faster. It also cuts the incubation time for eggs in half and improves coop product quality. The shepherd profession increases the relationship with barn animals faster. Sheep will also produce wool faster and the quality of barn animal products will increase. 

The tiller profession increases the value of crops by 10%. At level 10, you will be able to select either the artisan or the agriculturalist profession. The artisan profession will increase the sale price of artisan goods by 40%. The agriculturalist will allow crops to grow 10% faster.


At level 5 of the fishing skill, you will have the option of selecting the fisher or the trapper profession.

The fisher profession increases the value of fish by 25%. At level 10, you can choose the angler or the pirate profession. The angler profession increases the value of fish by 50%. As a pirate, the chance to find treasure when fishing is doubled.

The trapper profession reduces the amount of resources required to craft crab pots. At level 10, you can select either the mariner or the luremaster profession. As a mariner, crab pots will no longer produce junk or trash items. As a luremaster, you will not need to use bait in crab pots.


At level 5 of the mining skill, you will have the option of selecting the miner or the geologist profession.

The miner profession will increase the amount of ore per vein by one. Al level 10, you will have the option of selecting the blacksmith or the prospector profession. As a blacksmith, metal bars are worth 50% more. As a prospector, you will have double the chance to find coal. 

The geologist profession increases the chance for gems to appear in pairs by 50%. At level 10, you will be able to select either the excavator or the gemologist profession. As an excavator, the chance to find a geode is doubled, including the omni geode. As a gemologist, gems are worth 30% more.   


At level 5 of the combat skill, you will have the option of selecting the fighter or scout profession.

The fighter profession increases attack damage by 10%. You will also gain 15HP with this profession. At level 10, you can select either the brute or defender profession. As a brute, you deal 15% more damage. This will stack with the 10% gained initially. If you select defender, you will add 25HP to your existing health stats.

The scout profession increases your critical strike chance by 50%. At level 10, you can choose either acrobat or desperado as your profession. As an acrobat, the cooldown time for special moves is cut in half. As a desperado, critical strikes are 2x stronger, making them deadlier.

You can change any of your skills at any time by using the statute of uncertainty. Be sure to try out any of the perks that you have not yet to explore even more gameplay within Stardew Valley.

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