Stardew Valley Banana Tree Everything You Need To Know!

Banana Trees are one of the newest fruit trees in Stardew Valley. They’re not available in the wild, so obtaining their saplings can be difficult. Here’s a complete guide to everything you need to know about them and the goods they offer!

banana tree stardew valley
Look at all those tall Banana Trees!

Many Stardew Valley Players like growing Banana trees because It’s lucrative and serves a purpose in the new game features and quests. Its fruits can help construct buildings, cook recipes, and replenish health and energy. Moreover, this tree’s produce is profitable, especially once processed into Artisan goods.

The hardest part of growing this is obtaining its sapling. Despite this, the benefits of planting it are worth your time and effort once you look at the bigger-picture.  Keep reading this complete guide, and we’ll teach you how to grow a Banana Tree on your farm.

What is a Banana Tree in Stardew Valley?

The Banana Tree is one of the Fruit trees added in the latest 1.5.0 update in the game. This tropical tree comes from the fully grown Banana Saplings. It also produces one Banana daily, which you can harvest in the Summer in Pelican Town or all-year long on Ginger Island or the Greenhouse.

The fruit’s quality also improves each year following this fruit tree’s development. It can bear higher quality fruit up to Iridium Star quality after three years of full maturity.

Additionally, in the game, lightning can also strike this fruit tree during a storm. After that, it will stop producing any crop and only generate Coal. But, once four days have passed, it will return to normal.

How To Get Banana Saplings in Stardew Valley?

banana tree banana sapling
Get your Banana Saplings here!

To get a hold of this sapling, you must first travel to Ginger Island after going to Willy’s Fish shop to repair the boat in the backroom. Upon reaching the island, you may rely on luck or hard work to acquire this item.

Here are a couple of ways to get its sapling in the game:

  • Purchasing from the Island Trader in exchange for five pieces of Dragon Teeth that you can get from the Volcano Dungeon.
  • Cracking open a Golden Coconut.
  • Receiving it as a reward alongside six Golden Walnuts from Professor Snail after completing the Large Animal Collection quest in the Island Field Office.

how to grow banana trees in stardew valley?

banana tree stardew valley
Plant your Banana Saplings on the Farm, Greenhouse, or Island Farm!

The first step to growing these tropical trees is to plant its sapling on the untilled ground of the farm, greenhouse, or on Ginger Island. Note that it can only grow at the center of a 3×3 grid, wherein each square must be kept clear from terrain features, floorings, and objects.

After successfully planting the sapling, watch it undergo its five stages of growth within 28 days. 

Here are the following Growth stages of the Banana Tree in Stardew Valley:

Stage 1

The first stage starts once you plant a sapling on the ground. This whole process takes seven days, and in that time, it won’t produce any crops yet. 

Stage 2

Its height, trunk, and leaf size will increase in the second stage. Moreover, it’ll also stay in this stage for seven days.

Stage 3

In the third stage, there’s only a slight difference in its appearance. Moreover, this stage will start 15 days after planting and will only last for seven days.

Stage 4

Compared to earlier stages, the number of leaves and height of the trunk will significantly increase at this phase. But this will likewise take seven days, just like the preceding stages above.

Stage 5

This final stage of its growth starts 28 days after plowing the seed on the ground. At this point, it has reached its maximum height and size. It can also produce one crop per day now throughout its harvesting season.

If this isn’t in Ginger island or Greenhouse, it stops bearing fruit when the season changes. Its appearance doesn’t change much during the Spring and Fall. However, when Winter comes, its leaves disappear and only return once the cold season is over.


Do Banana Trees need to be watered?

Fruit Trees, in general, don’t need to be watered in the game. After planting it on the ground all you need to do is watch it grow. They will naturally mature after 28 days and produce one crop a day as long as it’s in season. 

Can you use Tree Fertilizers on a Banana Tree? 

According to the 1.4 update of Stardew Valley you can’t use Tree Fertilizers on any Fruit Tree. You may only sprinkle this on Wild trees to ensure it grows rapidly even during the winter. Unfortunately, there aren’t any fertilizers yet to speed up the growth of Fruit Trees.

When were the Banana Tree and Banana first introduced? 

The game’s developer recently added them in the latest 1.5 Stardew Valley update. It all started from a Twitter poll by Eric Barone, aka “ConcernedApe,” wherein the Banana was dubbed the poll’s winner. 

The next tree added by the creator in the new update is the Mango Fruit tree since it’s the poll’s second runner-up. On the other hand, the creator dropped the following fruit tree of Avocado and Passion Fruit after gaining the least amount of votes.

What Happens When You Chop Down a Banana Tree?

If you chop this down with an axe, it will react like any Fruit tree in the game. It’ll yield regular wood. You can use this loot for your Crafting and Construction projects.

How do you get a Banana In Stardew Valley?

The most reliable way to get this delicious tropical fruit is from Banana Trees. However, there’s a small chance you can also get it from a Blue Discus Fish Pond. Once the fish pond population reaches four occupants, it’ll have a 5-15%  daily chance of producing one of this sweet and starchy fruit. 

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