Stardew Valley Maple Trees: Everything You Need To Know

maple trees every season show
See how beautiful the Maple Tree looks with each passing season!

The Maple tree is one of the common trees you’ll find almost anywhere in Stardew Valley. Want to know how these basic trees can improve your gameplay? Then, continue reading this guide; we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this Tree!

Trees are the primary source of various materials and resources essential to your gameplay. The items they provide are used to craft items and build new infrastructures on the farm. You can also make Artisan goods with it that you can sell in the shipping crate for extra gold.

Learning how to use this tree to your advantage can help you reap many benefits along the way. Are you curious about how to grow and utilize this tree to your advantage? Then keep on reading this complete Stardew Valley Maple Tree guide!

What Is A Maple Tree In Stardew Valley?

The Maple Tree is one of the common trees in the game, alongside the Mahogany Tree, Oak Tree, and Pine Tree. To use this, you can cut it down, shake it, or create an artisan good with it. 

If you cut this down with an Axe, you can acquire Wood, Sap, or some Maple Seeds. You can even obtain some Hardwood if you’re a Lumberjack. If you shake it, on the other hand, you’ll get seeds or a Hazelnut if you do this during the last two weeks of Fall.

If you decide to take the Forester profession, you can obtain up to 25% more or 15-20 pieces of wood when you chop it down. You can also use a Tapper or Heavy Tapper to produce Maple Syrup, Pine Tar, Oak Resin, and Sap. After installing this equipment, you can get delicious syrup every nine days.

Furthermore, you can get valuable resources and products such as its syrup. This product  makes an excellent gift for Pelican town residents except for Maru and can be used in Tailoring, Crafting, and Cooking. You can also use this to complete important Quests and Bundles in Stardew Valley.

How To Get Maple Seeds in Stardew Valley?

maple seed stardew valley
This is what the Maple Seed looks like in the game!

You can obtain these seeds in the game in a variety of ways. It’s obtained either directly from the tree or from other sources. See the following list to know how you can acquire it in the game:

  • Chopping down a Maple Tree with an Axe at Foraging Level 1.
  • Shaking a Maple Tree at Foraging Level 1
  • Searching in Garbage Cans.
  • Digging the ground with a Pickaxe or Axe for dropped seeds.
  • Obtained from the Woodskip Fish Pond when the pond population reaches 9.
  • Buying it from the Traveling Cart for 100-1,000g.

How to Grow Maple Trees in Stardew Valley?

You must plant a Maple seed on the ground to cultivate this tree. Then, you can sprinkle Tree fertilizer on the seed or sapling to speed up its growth. This fertilizer will help it to advance to one stage each night until the fourth one and fully mature two nights after.

Maple Seeds take a median time of 24 days to reach maturity after going through four stages of growth once planted. They also take five days to fertilize in any season. Although these seeds have a 20% chance to grow per day except in the winter when no trees can grow, individual trees have varying growth times.

In addition, when planted outside the farm and Pelican Town, it will respawn as Saplings in the third growth stage. They’ll also grow normally after that if the stump is removed.

Here are its Growth Stages in the game: 

Stages 1 & 2

maple tree stage 1 and 2
Can you spot the difference between the two stages?

The first stage will begin once the seed is on the ground. Remember to plant it eight tiles away from other tree seedlings or mature trees so it can grow past the 4th stage. After a few days, you’ll notice that when leaves appear on the seedling, it means that it has now reached its second stage of growth. 

Stage 3

maple tree stage 3
There are more leaves now than before!

Once the sapling reaches the third growth stage, it’s now called a sapling. You can quickly tell this stage and the previous stage apart by the height of the plant and the number of leaves present. 

Stage 4

maple tree stage 4 stardew valley
It’s now almost as tall as you!

The sapling grows taller and develops a thin and short trunk. It also takes twice the amount of time to reach the next stage. Moreover, this is the last growth stage before reaching full maturity.

Stage 5

maple tree stardew valley stage 5
This is worth the wait!

In the fifth stage, the Maple tree has reached its final growth phase. You may chop it down to gain resources or place a tapper on it to get some delicious syrup.


How to tap maple trees stardew valley?

The first thing you need to do is to acquire Foraging Level 3 to get the crafting Recipe for a Tapper. Another option is to purchase the Heavy Tapper recipe from  Mr. Qi’s Secret Walnut Room for 20 Qi Gems on Ginger Island. Then, gather the necessary ingredients and craft them.

After crafting the Tapper or Heavy Tapper, you must hold it. Then, click on a fully-grown Maple Tree, and you’re done. All that’s left to do is to wait for the container to fill up with this sweet syrup.

Note that this refining equipment can also be used on Pine to get Pine Tar and on Oak trees for Oak Resin. Additionally, Tappers will continue to work even during the Winter, but if it’s struck by lightning, they’ll get destroyed. Lastly, you can remove it with an Axe or Pickaxe and reuse it again.  

Do you have to water maple trees in Stardew Valley?

Unlike the crops in the game, you don’t need to water the Maple seeds after planting. These are low-maintenance, so you only need to remember a few things to ensure they grow. They’ll mature as long as they’re planted on the ground and distanced from other trees.

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