Help! I Lost the Rusty Sword! 2 Ways to Survive

The first time you enter the mines, you receive a Rusty Sword from Marlon. This is your only weapon against the monsters in the mines until you have access to The Adventurer’s Guild. So what happens if you lose the sword before you can buy a new one?

Player Character holding up the Rusty Sword with the text, "You received a Rusty Sword!"

What is the Rusty Sword?

On Spring 5 of your first year, you receive a note from the Joja Corporation saying that they have removed the landslide that blocked access to the mines. When you head to the mountains and enter the mines for the first time, you trigger a cut scene with Marlon

He tells you there’s probably still a fair amount of good ore in the mines, but you’ll also find some monsters. In order to protect yourself, he gives you the Rusty Sword. It is a level 1 sword described as, “A rusty, dull old sword.” It’s got a damage rating of 2-5 and a critical strike chance of 2%. It’s not much, but it’s invaluable to help you get through the first few levels of the mines.

What Happens if My Bag is Full?

Because it’s so early in the game, chances are high that you haven’t gotten your first bag upgrade yet, and even higher that your bag will be full when you trigger this cut scene. You can still get the sword, however! You’ll be given the option to choose something in your bag to replace with the sword, and you can either drop that item or throw it away.

The player's bag is open and the gift menu is above it with a rusty sword. The player's bag is full with their axe, scythe, watering can, hoe, 137 pieces of fiber, 18 field snacks, a maple seed, acorn, pine cone, 470 pieces of wood, and 161 pieces of sap.
Simply click on the space you want to replace with the sword, or drop the sword off to the side.

If there’s nothing in your bag that you’re willing to part with, don’t worry, you can still get the sword. If you drop the sword on the ground, you can come back for it when you have a little more space in your bag. In fact, even if you can’t get back the same day, it will still be there the following day.

Two side-by-side images of the player standing in the mine with the Rusty Sword on the ground. The first image is Fri 5 at 9:00 am, the second image is Sat 6 at 6:50 am.
Note that the sword is still there on Fri. 5 and Sat. 6.

But Wait, I Accidentally Threw it Out!

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Plenty of players – even experienced ones – find that they might accidentally throw out a valuable item. While weapons don’t show up in Mayor Lewis’ lost and found, there are still a few ways to navigate the mines until you can get a real weapon.

Use the Scythe to Kill Ten Slimes

While it’s not an ideal weapon, you can absolutely use your scythe to kill monsters in the mines. Incidentally, with a damage rating of 1-3 and a critical strike chance of 2%, it’s only a little bit worse than the Rusty Sword.

The player character attacks a green slime with the scythe. The scythe does one damage to the slime, while the slime does 5 damage to the player character. It's intense.
It’s not powerful, but it’ll work.

Get to level five in the mines and then go home and go to sleep. This will trigger an invitation from Marlon in the mail to The Adventurer’s Guild. He tells you that if you’re able to slay 10 green slimes in the mines, then you’ll be a certified member. Members have access to Marlon’s shop, in which you can purchase a Wooden Blade for 250g. This price isn’t terrible, considering it has a damage rating of 3-7 and a critical strike chance of 2%. 

The menu in Marlon's shop is open. The player is hovering over the Wooden Blade which costs 250 gold.
If you can’t afford it, check out how to make a ton of money in your first month here.

Get to Level 20 As Fast As Possible

Perhaps killing slimes isn’t your thing. Perhaps you’d prefer not to spend any money on a weapon from the Guild. No fear, because on level 20 of the mines, there is a treasure chest that contains the Steel Smallsword. This sword is significantly better than the Rusty Sword with a damage rating of 4-8 and a critical strike chance of 2%. 

The player character standing on floor twenty next to an open chest. They're holding a Steel Smallsword above their head as it glimmers.
Make sure you have plenty to eat!

The best way to do this is to wait for a day with maximum Luck. The fortune teller on the TV will tell you, “The spirits are very happy today! They will do their best to shower everyone with good fortune.” Luck increases the chance that you’ll find ladders while breaking rocks in the mines. It also increases the chance that you’ll get a freebie ladder without needing to break open rocks at all. By waiting until a day with the best luck, you’ll maximize your chances of getting to floor 20 as quickly as possible.

Getting an extra luck boost this early in the game is difficult, though not impossible. Gus has a random stock of cooked dishes that he offers at the Stardrop Saloon. You have a chance that he’ll sell Spicy Eel, which offers +1 luck, or Pumpkin Soup, which offers +2 luck. 

The player character standing a little way from an open ladder on the ground of floor 14. There is a blue slime in the way.
Luck will increase your chances of getting a freebie ladder.

Other Ways to Get a Weapon

There are a few other ways to get a weapon in the mines, though the chances are quite low. The crates and barrels on the early floors have a very small chance of dropping a Wood Club or a Carving Knife. You can increase these chances slightly by also waiting until a maximum luck day. Luck will increase the number of crates and barrels that you see on each floor.

You may also come across either a Special Green Slime or a Special Dark Green Slime. These little guys are identifiable by the yellow star on top of their antennae. Similar to the crates and barrels, they have a very small chance of dropping either a Wood Club or a Carving Knife. 

The player character standing near a Special Dark Green Slime. It's olive green and has a little orange star on its antenna.
The Special Slimes have a little star on top of their head.


It can be frustrating that there’s no way to get the Rusty Sword back after losing it. If you don’t have access to The Adventurer’s Guild, you might feel like you’re up a creek without a paddle. Luckily, you’re not completely lost. Follow this guide and you’ll be back slaying monsters in no time.

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