6 Facts About Farming Radioactive Ores in Stardew Valley

Amongst all ores in Stardew Valley, Radioactive Ores can be the most peculiar item. With its glowing and seemingly dangerous vibe, what do you think is its relevance to your gameplay? Here we’ll talk about six things you may not know about it!

A player holding a radioactive ore in Stardew Valley.
Oh, here’s the green glowing ore!

Every resource in Stardew Valley plays a good role in crafting, completing quests, and other things. But have you ever acquired a Radioactive Ore? It’s a green glowing orb that can be turned into bars.

If you haven’t encountered this item, you better start scavenging for it, as it can give you good fortune. In this guide, we’ll discuss everything that you need to know about this new type of ore and the best places to get it!

Facts About Radioactive Ores in Stardew Valley

These ores are primarily obtained from Radioactive Nodes. And as usual, you’ll need a pickaxe when mining for it in Stardew Valley.  While you can sell this loot for 300g, which is quite a catch since most resources are cheap. But its bar counterpart weighs more value, so it’s best to smelt it into bars before marketing them!

Anyway, below are detailed facts about its uses and the best spots to find them.

1. Farming for Radioactive Ore is Challenging

A player hunting for radioactive ores in Stardew Valley.
Have you found any of this resource in either of these places?

Unlike most ores, you won’t easily find it in the Quarry or in the Blacksmith’s Shop. This resource can only be located in the Mines once you encounter the Danger in the Deep Quest. You can also trigger its appearance by activating the Shrine of Challenge on the 120th floor or the Mines. 

Moreover, you can also find it in Skull Cavern upon coming across the Skull Cavern Invasion Quest. Since we’re discussing the deeper and more dangerous mining sites, you better have weapons to protect yourself from tougher enemies!

2. Daily Luck and Buffs

The deeper you venture into the Mines and Cavern, the more chances you have to find a Radioactive Ore. Enhancers such as Luck Buffs and Daily Luck also take part when hunting for these loots. If you wish to learn more about getting “Luck,” click here.

3. Smelting Gives You Radioactive Bars

A player smelting radioactive ores in Stardew Valley.
It’s boring to wait for it to finish smelting.

If you already have a furnace, then you know how to make bars with different pieces of mineral. While in this case, you’ll also need five Radioactive Ores and a chunk of coal for fuel. You subsequently have to wait for it to process for ten in-game hours.

4. Craft Items with It

Like any resource, you can create items with this loot. Below are the crafting recipes it belongs in and a sneak-peak at their uses:

NameDescriptionIngredientsRecipe Source
Hyper Speed-GroStimulates your crop’s leaf production and increases the growth rate of plants by at least 33%. You must mix it into tilled soil.Radioactive Ore (1)
Bone Fragment (3)
Solar Essence (1)
Found at Qi’s Walnut Room for 30 Qi Gems.
Magic BaitIt lets you catch sea creatures found in any season, weather, and time.Radioactive Ore (1)
Bug Meat (3)
Available at Qi’s Walnut Room for 20 Qi Gems.

5. Make New Clothes with It

A player making new clothes in a sewing machine in Stardew Valley.
An bright-colored Turtleneck isn’t everyone’s favorite.

You can also place it in a spool of the Sewing Machine and create a fashionable Turtleneck Sweater. But if you’re not in the mood to make new clothes, you can also use them in dyeing. They make green dye for the dye pots.

6. Use it as A Gift

Unfortunately, not all villagers appreciate this item, but Maru does! She likes this loot, while the rest of the characters hate it.


Did its uses amaze you? If so, go ahead and scavenge for it in the best accessible spots! Note that you can’t use them as ammunition in Sling Shots, unlike other resources. They’re not useful as well in quests or bundles, but there is so much more than completing tasks!

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