What happened? | “An Explosion Was Heard in the Night” explained

If you are lucky enough, there is a chance that when you go to bed, you may get some text at the bottom of your screen stating how there was a large explosion heard by your farmer overnight. While this can seem very eerie and strange, it is nothing to be feared. In fact, it actually is fantastic news! A meteorite has crash-landed onto your farm somewhere, which sounds scary at first, but when broken, it gives some mighty rewards worth even the slight damage to your fences or rare plants…okay maybe not that much. But with how rare this random event is, it is still a sight worth screenshotting!

What is a Random Event?

There are multiple different random events in Stardew Valley that have a chance of occurring every night on your farm. Some of these farm events have a few requirements such as having certain buildings, animals, or just having enough space for something to spawn. With that, ConcernedApe programmed the game to where each event has a certain percentage chance of occurring each night, including the probability of nothing happening at all!

Here are some other random events in the game and their percentage chances:

  • The Crop Fairy: Unless it is the Winter season or raining, there is a 1% chance that the crop fairy will appear. It will pick one crop to cast a spell on, which will cause it as well as crops in a 5×5 area around it to become harvestable. (The crop fairy will not affect Wild Seeds)
  • The Witch: There is a 1% chance of a witch coming to your farm and choosing a random coop or slime hutch to cast a spell on.
    • CoopThe witch will leave a void egg inside, which can be used to incubate into a void chicken.
      • If 100% Perfection has been achieved, then there is a chance for the witch to leave behind a golden egg, which can be incubated to hatch a golden chicken.
    • Slime Hutch: The witch will turn all slimes into black slimes. This can be avoided if a Wicked Statue is placed inside.
  • A Strange Capsule: If you are at least past year one, there is a 0.8% chance for a strange capsule to appear somewhere on your farm. A UFO sound will play at night and the capsule will pulsate. After three in-game days, the capsule will be seen broken, suggesting that possibly an alien escaped out of it!
  • The Stone Owl: There’s a 0.5% chance that a Stone Owl statue will appear somewhere on your farm. An owl sound will play during the night to hint at its appearance. This is the rarest event in the game and it makes for a very pretty decoration, so be sure to treasure it! (Note: This statue is not the same as the Stone Owl Statue sold at the Night Market magic shop despite sharing the same name)

The Meteorite’s Location

An explosion was heard in the night

If you get the iconic message about the explosion overnight, then it would be good to have an idea as to where it could be. The meteorite has only a 1% chance of being chosen as a random event and it will spawn in a 3×3 area and if there’s a 2×2 area within its vicinity where there is no water, placed objects blocking movement, resource clumps, or farm animals. If these requirements are met, then the event will happen.

When playing Stardew Valley on PC, the best and most common way to find the meteorite is by taking a farm-wide view screenshot by using the camera icon located in the bottom of the options menu. Otherwise, your best bet is to simply roam around your farm on the hunt for this massive purple space rock. Good luck!

(Tip: Keep in mind that the meteorite could land on your crops, so it may be wise to leave your rare and ancient plants in your greenhouse to avoid this.)

Mining the Meteorite

Once you find the meteorite, it is time for the big event! With a golden or iridium pickaxe, you can mine a meteor for some valuable resources and minerals. This includes the rare Iridium ore, when placed in a furnace will make Iridium bars which are useful for upgrading tools to their maximum potential. In fact, one meteor will give you six Iridium ore, 2 geodes, and 6 stone.

To make a golden pickaxe to mine the meteorite, you are going to need at least 5 gold bars and 10,000g delivered to Clint’s Smithy. It takes 2 whole in-game days to upgrade a tool, but don’t worry! The meteorite never despawns, so you can take as much time as you need or even have it as a decoration on your farm! Either way, this meteor is quite a worthy sight!

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