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It’s a general understanding that donating is a very nice thing, right? Well, Stardew Valley is keeping that tradition because there are specific bundles that you can donate in the game (such as the Stardew Valley Community Center fish bundle).

In this Stardew Valley guide, we will go over all you need to know about these donations.

What are the Stardew Community Center Bundles?

Once you’re a bit further in the game, you will be asked to give donations of various bundles to contribute to the Community Center. One of those bundles is the Stardew Valley Community Center fish bundle.

Through your donations, the Center will flourish and you will also get a reward! Sounds good so far, right? It gets even better.

Basically, the donations are needed for multiple rooms in the Community Center.

Once you finish a room, you will get a reward instantly. This will be just for you. However, once you finish donating everything that is needed for some room, the whole town will receive something nice, so it will be beneficial for the whole community.

One of the bundles that will be needed to finish a room is known as the Stardew Valley Community Center fish bundle. That’s what we will be focusing on in this guide!

What is the Stardew Fish Tank?

This guide will mostly focus on the donations that are needed for the Fish Tank in the Community Center.

Once you donate everything that is needed for the Stardew Valley Community Center fish bundles, there will be a very useful reward. Of course, we are talking about the fact that a boulder will be removed from the entrance to the Mines. This way, you can get all the coal you need in the game.

So, let’s dive deeper (pun intended) into the fish bundles for Stardew Valley.

Fish Bundles in Stardew Valley

Basically, if you want to finish this whole room with fish bundles, you will need to collect these:

  • Crab pot bundle
  • River fish bundle
  • Specialty fish bundle
  • Lake fish bundle
  • Night fishing bundle
  • Ocean fish bundle

If you’re not yet sure about where to find the fish and what is the best season for this task, you will find all the important information below!

Crab Pot Bundle

We’re starting off with the bundle that require the biggest amount of fish! You will need such items as a lobstercrayfish, crab, cockle, mussel, snail, clam, oyster, and more! Just be patient. It might take some time, but it will be worth it!

So, where can you find these? Well, your best guess would be to look for them in a crab pot!

Stardew River Fish Bundle

Looking for the River bundle? Here’s what you need to know:

You will need to have sunfish, catfish, shad, tiger trout. Most of them can be found quite easily. Just note down that the catfish can be found in the secret woods!

Once you finish this bundle, you will get some bait as a reward!

Specialty Fish Bundle

Now that’s one interesting bundle! You will need a ghostfish, sandfish, pufferfish, and a woodskip to successfully complete it.

Just keep in mind that many of these have a very specific location. For example, the woodskip can be found in the woods (hence the name), the sandfish will only be in the desert, and so on.

Stardew Lake Fish Bundle

Did you manage to catch a largemouth bass, carp, bullhead, and a sturgeon? Well, you’re in luck because that is what you need to complete this Stardew Valley Community Center fish bundle!

Night fishing bundle

In order to complete this fish bundle, you will need a walleyebream, and eel!

If luck hasn’t been on your side yet, don’t forget that the the walleye and the eel can be found in Stardew Valley only when it is raining.

Stardew Ocean Fish Bundle

Now, time for the last Stardew Valley Community Center fish bundle on this list!

For this one you will need a sardine, tuna, red snapper, and tilapia. What’s your reward? If you complete this bundle, then you will receive a warp totem for the beach in Stardew Valley!

Now you’re ready to finish all the Stardew Valley Community Center Fish Bundles and receive your reward!

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