Ring item codes stardew valley

This is a list of every ring item code in Stardew Valley. If you are looking for more Stardew Valley item codes check out our complete list.

ring Item Codes

NameSpawn Code
Amethyst Ring[529]
Aquamarine Ring[531]
Burglar’s Ring[526]
Crabshell Ring[810]
Emerald Ring[533]
Glow Ring[517]
Glowstone Ring[888]
Hot Java Ring[860]
Immunity Band[887]
Iridium Band[527]
Jade Ring[532]
Jukebox Ring[528]
Lucky Ring[859]
Magnet Ring[519]
Napalm Ring[811]
Phoenix Ring[863]
Protection Ring[861]
Ring of Yoba[524]
Ruby Ring[534]
Savage Ring[524]
Slime Charmer Ring[520]
Small Glow Ring[516]
Small Magnet Ring[518]
Soul Sapper Ring[862]
Sturdy Ring[525]
Thorns Ring[839]
Topaz Ring[530]
Vampire Ring[522]
Warrior Ring[521]
Wedding Ring[801]

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