Stardew Valley’s charm as an indie farming simulator is undeniable, partly because it is so much more than a simple farming sim. With enemies to defeat, animals to raise, and fish to catch it is a wonder that someone could also take time out of their busy day to find love. Yet, when the player’s character first arrives in Pelican Town one of the first quests is to meet everyone in the quaint village. Out of the 28 villagers you are tasked to meet, 12 of them are romanceable! With all of them having different lives, personalities, and interests; it can be overwhelming to try and narrow down who is the best person to marry.

This guide details the very best overall character to romance in Stardew Valley. While some characters have an incredibly rich story, others have stronger post-marriage gifts. Some villagers are easier to romance, and others might fit in better on your farmstead. There was a lot of criteria to take into account, and overall the best Pelican Town local to marry was already a fan-favorite.


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Abigail’s Six Heart Event

It is not hard to see why Abigail is a community favorite either. Among all the Pelican Town natives, she easily has one of the more interesting personalities. That being said, her interests align with the player’s as you will get to have a jam session together underneath a pine tree in the rain and even adventure into the mines.

Abigail’s Story

When you first meet Abigail, she lives in the General Store with her father, Pierre, and her mother, Caroline. As you get to know her, her relationship with her parents becomes clearer. They have some very old-fashioned views that severely clash with Abigail’s interests and hobbies. Her mother even comments that she wishes Abigail would dress more appropriately and did not dye her hair because she likes the color Abigail’s hair is naturally.

Once you have enough friendship built up with Pierre though, the friction between Abigail and her parents makes more sense. Pierre will confess to you that he is worried that Abigail is not his biological daughter. Afterward, the Wizard will tell you that he thinks one of the Pelican Town villagers is his daughter. Add that on top of the fact that Caroline mentions that she used to take secret walks to the Wizard’s Tower and the situation seems a little worrisome for Pierre.

Her two best friends are Sam and Sebastian. She is the drummer in their band together. Also, if you do not ask Sebastian or Abigail to dance at the Flower Dance, then the two of them will dance together.

Post-Marriage Gifts

Abigail’s post-marriage gifts are a big reason why she is the best marriage candidate in Stardew Valley. Her gifts have great utility, are expensive, and have great buffs. On rainy days, Abigail may give you solar essences, bat wings, void essences, fire quartz, or amethysts. These are the least expensive and helpful things, but all can be used in crafting, gifting, or just sold for gold.

On days when Abigail stays inside the farmhouse, she might give you a cherry bomb, a bomb, a fried mushroom, or crab cakes. Bombs are fantastic to utilize while in the Mines. Also, both fried mushrooms and crab cakes are perfect dishes for adventuring, buffing either attack or speed and defense.

Meanwhile on rainy nights, you might receive different soups: parsnip, tom kha, trout, chowder, or lobster bisque. Tom Kha soup buffs your farming skill (+2) and max energy. Who does not love a little extra energy in the day? Trout soup and chowder buffs your fishing skill (+1). Lobster Bisque buffs your fishing skill (+3) and max energy.

Loved Gifts

Another reason why Abigail is the best marriage candidate is that her loved and liked gifts are relatively easy to obtain. Because of this, it is not that hard to develop a romantic relationship with her fairly quickly. She loves amethyst and pumpkins which are both easy to obtain in the first year. Amethyst nodes can be found on any level of the Mines and pumpkins are farmed in the fall season.

The gift she is probably known the most for though is quartz. This clear crystal is an incredibly common item found in caves and mines that you should always have in abundance. When you give her a quartz as a gift she will said “Hey, how’d you know I was hungry? This looks delicious!” The ability to consume crystals has to count towards some coolness points.


Abigail is overall very relatable, quirky, adventurous, and free-spirited. When she feels disrespected by her parents she is quick to argue and act rebelliously. During her two heart event, she shows her true gamer side when she gets angry at her game of Journey of the Prairie King. She then asks for your help, triggering a mini-game where the two of you get to play together. Plus she owns a sword and is tougher than any of the other villagers. This is proven by the fact she will join the player adventuring in the Mines.

Heart Events

All of Abigail’s heart events unveil more about her story and personality. Honestly she has some of the most fun heart events, and if you do not want spoilers about her story skip the rest of this section.

Her heart events always include things that both the player and Abigail enjoy together. This is part of the reason why it seems like this romance is so strong. From playing co-op games to making music in the rain to talking about adventuring, all of the events are a blast.

Whether it is getting to watch her struggle with embarrassment as her spirit board reveals a message she has feelings for you or she is saving your life from a monster, you can rely on Abigail to not just be there for you but to make you smile.

Fitting In On The Farm

Abigail, even before romance, is a character that talks about how nice it would be to live on the farm. She mentions in the summer season about how nice it would be to live in an old farmhouse “like you” and discusses how she loves older buildings. Then once you have 8+ hearts with her, she will even say “I could actually see myself becoming a farmer some day… but how would that ever happen??” and she will laugh.

After marriage, she keeps her up-beat and imaginative personality, adding a small area behind the farmhouse where she will occasionally be found practicing her flute. Like other characters, she will also add a room of her own to the house, attached to the bedroom. This is where she keeps her pet guinea pig named “David Jr.”.

Abigail’s flute practicing area


Overall, Abigail is the best person to marry in Stardew Valley. She is one of the easier villagers to romance early, and gives great gifts after marriage. Once she moves into the farm, she fits in perfectly and does not lose her individuality. Her personality and story are fun to play through and learning more about her/her family’s secrets are interesting and exciting. Whether or not you are trying to optimize your playthrough, or you are in it just for the story, Abigail will not let you down.

If you are looking to get married in Stardew Valley, but do not know how, check out our marriage guide.

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