Wren’s Expanded Greenhouse: Installation , Features, and More

Is your ideal greenhouse in Stardew Valley a spacious and customizable one? If you’re looking for a mod offering these benefits, try Wren’s Expanded Greenhouse. Here we made a review introducing its features, functionality, and more!

A player in Wren's Expanded Greenhouse in Stardew Valley.
More farming space for a hardworking farmer!

It takes tons of Pantry bundles to complete in Stardew as you’ll need uncommon items you can find for a limited time. That’s why having the Greenhouse with lesser space can be disappointing – despite its capability for handling out-of-season crops.

A single space counts for farming. The trick is to use high-tier crops and make them yield better results. But what if you can reconstruct the Greenhouse with plenty more convenience on your side? In this mod review, you’ll learn about Wren’s Expanded Greenhouse and what it offers to your gameplay.


  • Bigger Greenhouse. With more spaces and extra tiles, you can plant more crops and grow fruit trees. In which more yields mean significant profit.
  • Indoor Spa. No worries about going to the Railroad to enjoy a warm bath. Completing the Pantry set in-game will include the mini-spa that restores your Health and Energy in no time!
  • Cellar Access. After purchasing the final house upgrade, you may enter the Greenhouse from the cellar.
  • Unique Seasonal Background. The original Greenhouse has a rather bland landscape. But with Wren’s EG, you’ll witness the seasonal change of landscapes depending on your farm map!


  • Less room versus other mods. While there are more spacious mods that expand the Greenhouse, Wren’s EG compensates with an indoor Spa and unique landscapes.

Installation Requirements

Mod Overview

Wren’s Expanded Greenhouse is a mod designed for every player’s extreme convenience. It’s evident from the spacious interior packed with amazing views from the back window and a pond. 

If the default isn’t enough, you can customize things to bring the extra spice. For example, you can add a cozy lounge to relax or set up an aesthetically pleasing layout for your crops.

Installation Instructions

It’s easy to add this Stardew Valley mod, especially if you’re on Steam. Here’s the complete procedure for adding this to your PC:

  1. You have to run the game store (STEAM) and click on the game properties.
  2. Browse your local files, and you’ll see the “Mod” folder – it’s where you’ll extract the zipped file, and you’re good to go.

However, you’ll also need Content Patcher since Wren’s EG is dependent on the former.


A compilation of Wren's EG features.
It’s like Caroline’s sunroom!

There are tons of perks to mention when playing with this mod. Almost 90% are for utility, while 10% spark the visual part. Nonetheless, here’s every detail about the features you should look out for when using it in Stardew Valley:

  • Extra Farmland Space. Aside from the main crop area with 15×18 farmland tiles, you can plant in the right wing with six sets containing 3×3 spaces. Also, you can place sprinklers for an automatic watering system. There are also more rooms for trees, artisan equipment, and any machines you’d want!
  • Nearby Watering Can Refill. Save yourself some extra farmland spaces and remove that Well when there’s one inside the Greenhouse. Whether on the swimming pond or near the main crop area, you’ll never run out of supply! But who uses a Watering Can anyways?
  • Indoor Spa. Reaching the Summer can be a time-consuming and lengthy process. Even if you did so, it’d never provide convenience since it’s up in the Mountains. Wren’s EG provides an indoor pool of sorts to relax after farming.
  • Secret Entrance. Accessing the infrastructure is possible from your cellar. If you have one, it’s a great extra for saving time!
  • Rice Irrigation. Aside from having a closer watering can refill, it also offers an irrigation system for your small and big spaces in the Greenhouse.
  • Customization. Want new flooring, framings, and landscapes? How about the insides? Luckily the official mod creators have instructions for you!

How to Use Wren’s Expanded Greenhouse?

A player configuring Wren's EG mod in Stardew Valley.
Check out these configurations to alter your expanded greenhouse!

You don’t have to go through some tedious process to set it up. But if you want to customize its appearance, you may follow this procedure:

  1. Open the mod’s folder and click its config file.
  2. Delete the default feature and replace it with the options below: 
Customizable PartsAlteration DescriptionOptions
FrameChange the color of your Greenhouse glass frame.• Vanilla
• Dark
• Light
• Copper
• Gold
• Iridium
GlassAlter the style and colors of your glass pane.• Clear
• Glossy
• Pinkclear
• Greenclear
• Blackclear
• Blueclear
• Pinkglossy
• Greenglossy
• Blackglossy
• Blueglossy
• Opaque
ExpansionYou have choices in your Expansion. It’s disabled by default, and you may change it based on your preference.• Disabled
• Default
• Plain
• Alternate
• Lounge
• Rows
• Ricepaddy
BackdropChange the background you see outside your Greenhouse.• Auto
• Default
• Forest
• Cliffs
• Rivers
• Beach
• Wilderness
• Image
• Horizon
ThemeAlter the shade of your indoor plantation’s flooring.• Light
• Soft
• Dark
• Default
PoolChange the style of your indoor pool.• Default
• Tidal
• Plain
IrrigationHave an irrigation system by adding water bins to your rice crops’ area.• Small 
• Large
• Both
• None
Big Crop StyleOffers a layout for large crops in Stardew Valley.• Default
• None
• Double
• Fancy
• Grove
• Planters
• Plots
• Rows
Small Crop StyleGives you options to layout your small crops.• Default
• None
• Double 
• Rows

• Planters
• Single
FloorChange your floor’s texture based on your preferences.• Default
• Grey
• Brick
• Wood
• Grass
Season ModeChange the season inside your Greenhouse. Note that choosing “Auto” may have affected some recolors in-game.• Auto
• Spring
• Summer
• Winter
• Fall
Cellar TunnelAdd a secret tunnel from the cellar to your Greenhouse in Stardew Valley.• True 
• False

Gameplay Experience

Playing Stardew Valley with Wren’s Expanded Greenhouse can get confusing at first. It’s an endless exploration and enjoyment of different features that were added upon installation. The only problem, though are seasoned players- it’ll look like an unfair cheat to make Year 1 for beginners better.

However, this farming simulator isn’t competitive. Everyone should remember the golden rule since the game’s goal is for players to enjoy. 

An hour-long of gameplay is beyond impressive both for new and veteran players. But its perks are best experienced by first-timers since the extra space is a huge plus! Even so, more artisan products or fruits to sell!

So far, the mod is glitch-free, but the developer will surely attend to any bug players may find. One suggestion: It’d help if there were more spaces than usual, plus better designs (aside from the customizable menu). Besides that, this mod is one of the bangers from a dedicated fan.


Wren’s Expanded Greenhouse deserves all the love it gives first! Downloading it is free, maintenance costs no additional payment, and the poster is friendly. Ready to provide support to them? Download the mod here.

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