How to Change Stardew Valley Shane’s Sprite?

Would you like to change how Stardew Valley Shane looks in the game? Once you get a proper Stardew mod, you will be able to change his sprite without any issues. Below you will find some of our suggestions for the best ways to change how Shane’s sprite looks in this game.

Stardew Valley Shane’s sprite mod

Why would you want to change Stardew Valley Shane’s sprite?

You have probably already noticed that there are tons of Stardew Valley mods out there.

However, why are players looking for ways to change how NPCs look in the game? Let’s take a look at that for a moment.

First of all, some players have been looking for ways to change the gender of some specific NPCs (for example, Shane). Once you get the right mod, you can swap genders of your favourite NPCs just for the fun of it.

Also, some players would like to change the style of the current NPCs. Not that anything is wrong with the way they look, but there can always be some upgrades. For example, why not make some NPC have shorter or longer hair in Stardew Valley? Why not upgrade their clothes? All of that can be achieved if you add a mod or two to your game.

As you can imagine, changing a Stardew Valley character’s sprite is not that complicated if find a suitable Stardew mod. That’s why we have gathered some great mods that will change Stardew Valley Shane’s sprite.

All mods have their own unique benefits, so just choose whichever would work the best for your game! Whether you are just looking for a way to change Shane’s style into more anime or you want to change his gender, below you will find mod suggestions for that.

Stardew Valley Shane Sprite: Shane Girl MOD Ver.R

Have you ever heard of the Shane girl MOD ver.R? If this is the first time you are hearing about it, then you are in luck! It’s actually one of the most known Stardew Valley Shane mods! It has more than 100k view on NexusMods, so you know plenty of players are loving it! Let’s take a look at what this mod can give you.

As you can see from the image above in this guide, it adds a female version of Shane’s character. Of course, it also changes his sprite in the game. This mod will be great for you if you are looking for some bigger changes in the game, as it can be a great addition if you are tired of this character being male.

The graphics are high-quality, so there is no way we wouldn’t include this Stardew Valley Shane sprite mod in the list. Check out this mod and see if you like it. 

Baechu Sprites (Sam Sebastian Emily Shane)

If you are looking for a way to upgrade multiple Stardew Valley NPC sprites, then this mod might be the best solution for you. Let’s take a look at what this mod can give you in the game.

New Shane’s sprite

This mod comes not only with a Stardew Valley Shane sprite, but also with upgrades for other NPCs.

As of right now, the creators has prepared these options:

– Sebastian Sprite
Sam Sprite
– Emily Sprite
– Shane Sprite
– Shane_JojaMart Sprite
Kent Sprite
– Beach Sprites

There are more plans for the future, so this seems like a great mod to get for your game.

Cale Henituse Replaces Shane Portrait and Sprite Mod by EvellynYuri

Okay, this one is quite different!

Take a look at what this Cale Henituse Replaces Shane Portrait and Sprite mod can give you:

As you can see, this version is very different from the rest! It has a unique style and great graphics, so it really depends on your personal preferences.

Of course, since we are talking about changing the Stardew Valley Shane sprite, let’s take a look at how it looks in the game:

Stardew Valley Shane sprite

This is a great option if you want a rather major upgrade and like this sort of style. While this might not be for everyone, it’s still a great option that deserves a spot here thanks to its great graphics and creativity!

Which mod are you choosing to change the Stardew Valley Shane sprite? These are all great options, so feel free to pick your favourite!

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