Witch’s Hut: How To Quickly Find This Mysterious Shack

There is a spooky Witch’s Hut in the swamps at the northernmost point of Pelican Town. Want to find it and get inside? This guide will teach you how!

An in-game screenshot of the Witch's Hut in Stardew Valley.
Stardew Valley’s very own Witch Hut.

Where Is The Witch’s Hut?

The Witch’s Hut can be found North of Pelican Town in an area called the Witch’s Swamp. To gain access to the swamp, you must first be able to access the Railroad. Merely stumbling upon the Railroad is not enough, however. You’ll also need to trigger a cut scene with the Wizard in which he will offer you a grave quest.

How To Unlock The Railroad

Not quite sure what we’re talking about? The Railroad in Stardew Valley itself is not available from the start of the game. It becomes accessible after an earthquake clears a blocked passage in the mountains. This will occur on the 3rd of Summer in the first year – every time. Once this event triggers, head on over to the mountain and enter the new area by walking through the newfound passage. It’s located to the west of Linus’ tent, and North of Robin’s house.

No more debris!
Clear passage to the Railroad, on the morning of the third of Summer.

Once at the Railroad, travel northeast until you reach the secret passage to the Swamp. As you can see from the screenshot below, the Swamp area won’t be accessible even now. You must first complete a quest from the Wizard.

The entrance to the Swamp is blocked by an strange object with chicken feet.

The Wizard’s Quest

The Wizard’s quest is called “The Dark Talisman.” As it turns out, the Wizard used to be married to the Witch of Stardew Valley, but they have since split up. However, the Wizard’s ex-wife still has some of his belongings – his special Magic Ink, to be precise. The Wizard needs a henchman to enter the Witch’s Swamp and retrieve the ink.

The Wizard is rarely seen outside his Wizard’s Tower.

To get this quest, you must enter the Railroad area after you’ve finished all of the Community Center bundles or the Joja Community Development Form. This means you won’t be able to access the Swamp, and by extension, the Witch’s Hut, at least until you’ve finished the Community Center bundles or Joja developments. Luckily, we’ve got articles to help you get these done fast.


After you’ve triggered the cut scene, you’ll receive this journal entry in your quest log:

Dealing with ex-spouses can be awkward.

As you can see, your next step is to enter the sewer and talk to Krobus. But wait! Where is the sewers, and who is Krobus? It’s possible that you haven’t unlocked this area or this character just yet. Here’s all you need to know:

Entering the Sewers

There are two ways to enter the Sewers. The first, is through the grate entrance in Pelican Town. The entrance is located between Haley and Emily’s house and the cemetery:

Once you approach the entrance, however, you’ll notice it may be locked. To open the grate to the sewers you first need a Rusty Key. This Wallet item is received as a reward for helping Gunther fill up his Museum with various Minerals, Artifacts, and Gems. You’ll need to donate 60 items before you’ll get the Rusty Key.

You can also enter the Sewers from the Cindersap Forest, but this also requires the Rusty Key. Travel as far southeast as possible in the Cindersap Forest to reach a cliffside. Here, you’ll find a pipe that leads into the Sewers:

Meeting Krobus

There are many dangerous monsters in Stardew Valley, but also a couple of friendly ones! Krobus is one such monster. He can be found in the Sewers as soon as you obtain the Rusty Key, but you can also meet him outdoors during Winter. He can be found at the Bus Stop, and you can follow his snowy footprints toward the playground near the Community Center.

However you found him, he’s important for the Wizard’s Quest now. If you’ve got the Dark Talisman quest in your journal, simply talking to Krobus will advance the quest further.

The Mutant Bug Lair

Krobus will explain you need to go into an area in the Sewers called the Mutant Bug Lair. Simply walk left from where Krobus is selling his items and you’ll find the entrance to this cave.

This unique area is full of mutant grubs and mutant flies. You can run through or fight them to get some Monster Meat and Combat experience. Whatever you choose to do with the critters, you’ll want to eventually reach the chest at the northernmost point of the area. In here, you’ll find the Dark Talisman wallet item.

Finally ours!

The Swamp And The Goblin

With this Talisman in hand, you’ll be able to remove the object that’s blocking the entrance to the Swamp. Simply walk up to the strange green obstacle and click on it for the object to fly away. Inside, you’ll find a teleportation circle that’ll whisk you to the Witch’s Hut.

We’re almost done, but not quite yet. When you enter the Swamp, you’ll find another NPC blocking your path. This Goblin works for the Witch and he won’t let you pass unless you do some trickery. The goblin can’t resist Void Mayonnaise, so if you give him a jar of that, he’ll step out of the way.

Interacting with our friend here starts the Goblin Problem quest.

The Goblin problem

There are several ways to complete your new quest, The Goblin Problem. Void Mayonnaise can be found in two main ways:

  1. By processing a Void Egg into Mayonnaise using a Mayonnaise Machine. This requires you to first have a Void Egg, which you may not.
  2. By fishing the Void Mayonnaise out in the Swamp. There is a 25% chance for you to fish out a jar of Mayo in the Witch’s Swamp itself. This of course requires you to have a fishing rod.

The easiest way to get a Void Egg is by purchasing it from Krobus. The egg is pricey though – 5.000g. You can use the Egg to make Mayo immediately or incubate it in a Big or Deluxe Coop. Incubating it will hatch a Void Chicken, which will provide you with new eggs every day.

Once you’ve got the Void Mayo, go back to the Goblin and gift it to him. He’ll be ecstatic, and leave right away. Now you can just walk up to the Witch’s Hut and enjoy its splendors.

What’s Inside The Witch’s Hut?

The Magic Ink

You’ll find a purple bottle on the table in the Witch’s Hut. This is the Magic Ink the Wizard was seeking. Grab it and give it to the Wizard to finish “The Dark Talisman” questline.

The Three Shrines

There are three large shrines in the room. You can offer a certain something to each shrine and get a reward:

  1. The Dark Shrine of Memory: Offer 30.000g to this shrine to erase the memory of all divorces spouses, making it seem like you and the NPC have never married. This allows you to date and marry the NPC again!
  2. The Dark Shrine of Night Terrors: Offer a Strange Bun to this shrine and the ancient magi-seal that’s been placed on your farm will be lifted. This allows monsters to spawn on your farm after dark. You can offer another Strange Bun to deactivate the seal, as well.
  3. The Dark Shrine of Selfishness: Offer a Prismatic Shard to this shrine and your children will turn into doves and fly away. This allows you to re-marry and have new children, or just stay child-free.

The Red Teleportation Rune

This rune will teleport you straight to the basement of the Wizard’s Tower.

The purple bot of dark magic is what you seek!

Additionally, now that you’ve completed this questline for the Wizard, he’ll offer you his wares. You can purchase a great many wizard buildings from a counter in the tower, such as the Junimo Hut, Water Obelisk, Earth Obelisk, Gold Clock, and more!

You can also use the red teleportation rune in his basement to travel to the Witch. This requires you to reach four hearts of friendship with the Wizard first (hint: He loves Void Essence!).

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